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7/2/2020 Dilbert, Dr. Fauci And November
6/26/2020 A Minneapolis Neighborhood's Bold Experiment In Victimhood
6/19/2020 Three Key Lessons In The Demise Of A Cocktail Conservative
6/11/2020 We've Found the Cure for a Pandemic!
6/4/2020 Never a Cop Around When You Need One
5/29/2020 College Football Becomes a Political Football
5/22/2020 Country Club Conservatives Dodge Defending Liberty
5/15/2020 Coronavirus Puts Jesus in Intensive Care
5/7/2020 Don't Confuse U.S. Women's Soccer with the Facts
5/1/2020 Leftists Pretending to Be Pro-Life
4/23/2020 Let's Take Back Our Country on May 1
4/16/2020 Don't Be Conned By Ranked-Choice Voting
4/10/2020 Celebrate the Unsung Heroes of the Pandemic Panic
4/6/2020 When Will 8,130 Deaths Each Year Become a Crisis?
3/27/2020 Perfect Time for Trump to Fight the Other Alien Invasion
3/19/2020 China Virus Quarantine May Kill the Economy
3/13/2020 Media Focused On Blaming Coronavirus On Trump
3/6/2020 Leftists Turn Schools into Thug Sanctuaries
2/28/2020 Appeasement's Damage to Education and Law Enforcement
2/21/2020 Genius Republican Pins Himself to the Mat
2/14/2020 Science Discovers Benefits of Christianity
2/6/2020 Putting a Price on Moral Exhibitionism
1/31/2020 Gun Control Leader Takes a Wrong Turn
1/23/2020 Richmond Proves the Left Hates You and Your Guns
1/17/2020 Conservatives Still Waiting for Anchor Babies Aweigh!
1/10/2020 Virginia a Preview of What Gun-grabbers Would Do Nationally
1/3/2020 Only Murderers Are Allowed to Be Amateurs
12/20/2019 Why Didn't Libraries Check with Redbox First?
12/12/2019 Trump Trips on a Pygmy
12/5/2019 Hospitals Play Pin the Price on the Donkey
11/29/2019 Sports Commentariat Demands More Inequality in College Sports
11/22/2019 Christianity Proves Expendable for Chick-fil-A
11/14/2019 Trump Tip Rule Exploits Workers
10/31/2019 Ghosts of the USDA
10/11/2019 Subsidized Diners Demand We Pay Mandatory Tips
10/3/2019 Church Washed Away by Watered-Down Theology
9/27/2019 Democrats Hoist on Their Own Transcript
9/19/2019 On the Trail of Tears With Federal Bureaucrats
9/12/2019 The Battle for the Future of Conservatism
9/5/2019 'The Hunt' Is Canceled, But the Left Still Pursues Conservatives
8/29/2019 Gun-Grabbers Shoot Themselves in the Foot
8/22/2019 Medical Migrants Head to Mexico
8/15/2019 A Wake-up Call for Snooze Alarm Conservatives
8/8/2019 Female Soccer Players Unite With Hollywood to Demand Pay Cut
8/2/2019 Environmentalists Don't Have to Be Pessimists But It Helps
7/25/2019 Evidently Ahab Mueller Wasn't the Captain of the Pequod
7/19/2019 Federal Employees Want Taxpayers to Keep Their Distance
7/12/2019 Virginia's Blackface Governor Left Red-faced
7/4/2019 Trump Fake Endorsed by a Turk
6/28/2019 Trump's Healthcare Transparency, Round 2
6/21/2019 Food Expiration Dates Are a Conspiracy
6/14/2019 George Soros Continues to Collect District Attorneys
6/6/2019 How Costco Ruined Buying a New Car
5/30/2019 Virginia's Shinola Democrats Still Holding Out
5/24/2019 It's Time for Trump to Take On Mitch McConnell
5/10/2019 Gravity Is No Longer a Political Issue
4/26/2019 Pastor Pete Delivers Another Homily
4/18/2019 The Trump Appointee Who Believed Trump
4/12/2019 Trump and the Roar of the Paper Tiger
4/5/2019 Republican Senator's Backwards Healthcare Reform
3/28/2019 Sanctuary Neighborhood Prepares to Repel Invaders
3/22/2019 Methodists Decide to Believe the Bible
3/14/2019 Don't Judge a Conservative By His Cover
3/8/2019 Why Voters Like Trump in Spite of His Failures
3/1/2019 What Nixon and Trump Have in Common
2/21/2019 No Business Is Safe from the Left's Ignorance and Envy
2/14/2019 Howard Schultz Could Use a Little Caffeine
2/8/2019 Virginia Democrats Play Last Man Standing
1/31/2019 Why Electing Leftists Is Bad for the Birth Rate
1/24/2019 Another Crop of Illegals Moves North
1/17/2019 That Long Winter at Valley Shutdown
1/11/2019 Why Term Limits Lost and Ranked Choice Voting Will Succeed
1/3/2019 Hospitals Guard Prices Like the CIA Guards Secrets
12/21/2018 Bipartisanship Is Another Word for Ignoring the Base
12/14/2018 America at a Rubicon Moment, and MAGA Isn't Enough
12/6/2018 NFL Star's Fight Against Time and Economics
11/29/2018 CNN's Jim Acosta Elbows Trump Out of the Way
11/15/2018 Four Weeks from Oblivion, GOP Congress Slumbers On
11/9/2018 Mitch McConnell: How to Win Without Doing Anything
11/1/2018 Trump Says 'Adios' to Birthright Citizenship
10/25/2018 The Real Conspiracy Against the Working Man
10/19/2018 Sanctuary Maternity Wards a Leftist Success Story
10/11/2018 Nov. 6 Is the Day Conservatives Go On Strike
10/5/2018 Illegal Aliens Regularly Granted Lawless Benefits
9/28/2018 Ay Caramba! U.S. Illegal Count Just Doubled
9/21/2018 The Left's Do-It-Yourself Authoritarianism
9/14/2018 Transgender Recruiting Plans Include Your Kids
9/6/2018 We Put a Hand Over Our Heart, Nike Puts Thumb in Our Eye
8/30/2018 Democrats, Still the Party of Voter Suppression
8/23/2018 Ahab Mueller Continues to Chase President Trump
8/16/2018 Time for the Rest of Us to Unfriend the Media
8/9/2018 A Heretic Offers Surrender Terms to Christians
8/2/2018 How Dare Catholic Hospitals Protect the Unborn!
7/26/2018 Kavanaugh's Audition to Join Oracles at Delphi
7/19/2018 The Social Cost of Non-Profit Lawyers
7/12/2018 In China, 'Sharp Eyes' and Cicadas
7/5/2018 Time for Conservatives to Go On Strike
6/28/2018 Cold Civil War May Be Heating Up
6/21/2018 Donald Trump Suffers Separation Anxiety
6/14/2018 Leftists Taking Language Instruction from Corporations
6/7/2018 Flying American Airlines Be Prepared to Hold It
6/1/2018 NFL Proves Trump is a Threat to the Leftist Elite
5/25/2018 Starbucks Seeking Volunteers for Sociology Experiment
5/17/2018 What If Obamacare Sold Homeowner's Insurance?
5/10/2018 Mitch McConnell Is Just a Clerk at Heart
5/4/2018 The Left and their Angry Brand of Comedy
4/26/2018 The Constitutional Work-Around for Term Limits
4/19/2018 Starbucks to Manage Concessions for Homeless Encampments
4/12/2018 Mark Zuckerberg's 'Listening Tour' Stops in DC
4/6/2018 Democrat's Latest: Jim Crow Meet Juan Canto
3/30/2018 David Hogg, Child Media Star
3/22/2018 Free Market Term Limits Breakthrough
3/15/2018 Congress Says THIS Time We Really Mean It
3/8/2018 2nd Becomes the 'It Depends' Amendment
3/2/2018 Parkland School Shooting Is Your Government at Rest
2/23/2018 Republicans Avoid Becoming an Election Pinata
2/16/2018 My Genuine Bipartisan Compromise Offer
2/9/2018 God Bless This Abortion Mill
2/1/2018 More Evangelicals Selling Their Soul to Support a Loser
1/26/2018 Beware the 'Conservative' Who Grows in Office
1/19/2018 The Truth About a Government Shutdown
1/12/2018 Pay-As-You-Go Amnesty
1/5/2018 Steve Bannon's Spontaneous Combustion
12/22/2017 Why Do GOP Leaders Surrender the Agenda to the Left?
12/15/2017 #MeToo Movement Should Have More Love for Mike Pence
12/7/2017 Virginia Politicians Surprised Drivers Object to Destination Tax
11/30/2017 I'm Glad I'm Not an Alabama Voter
11/10/2017 Virginia Election Determined by Angry Swamp Creatures
11/3/2017 Any Chance Conservatives Will Finally Fight Back?
10/26/2017 Ever Wondered Why Hospitals Don't Give Estimates?
10/19/2017 Virginia Governor's Race Is the Establishment's Revenge
10/12/2017 Who Wants to Borrow McConnell's Slightly-Used Majority
10/6/2017 Another Misfire From the Gun Control Crowd
9/28/2017 Millionaires & Billionaires Fighting 'Oppression'
9/22/2017 Kaepernick: When Taking a Knee Is All About Me
9/15/2017 Afghanistan Strategy Is the Only Hope for Education Reform
9/8/2017 DACA: Delayed Accountability for Contemptuous Aliens
9/1/2017 Temple to Journalist's Self-Regard Falls on Hard Times
8/25/2017 Discovery of Trumpophobia Would Help Deplorables
8/18/2017 'Draining the Swamp' Isn't a Part-Time Job
8/3/2017 Way Past Time to Let Congress Enjoy Obamacare
7/27/2017 Trump's Military Ban on Transgenders Sensible and Scientific
7/20/2017 Losing the House to Win the Future
7/14/2017 'Gde myaso?' Russian for Where's the Beef?
6/30/2017 The Only Time Maxine Waters Cares About Borders
6/23/2017 Let Washington Politicians defend Themselves
6/16/2017 Siri Plans to Stop Taking Orders and Start Giving Them
6/9/2017 NFL End Zones Don't Need More Showmanship
6/2/2017 California Reinvents Medical Tourism
5/26/2017 Michelle's Legacy Is in the Dumpster
5/18/2017 Now I Know Why They Pack Sardines in Oil
5/11/2017 Why Expecting Subway Passengers to Pay Is Discrimination
5/5/2017 Movie Theater Madness
4/27/2017 United Passenger Wasn't Roughed Up in Vain
4/20/2017 Men Competing on a Woman's Team?
4/13/2017 United Package Tours Now Include Hospitalization!
4/7/2017 Sometimes Saving Money Is Rocket Science
3/31/2017 'Climate Science' isn't Science. It's Religion
3/24/2017 Big Week for Taking the Temperature of Trump
3/17/2017 Climate Change Doesn't Affect NWS Forecasts
3/9/2017 GOP Replaces Obama Meddling with Ryan Meddling
3/3/2017 Business Learns Trump Giveth and Trump Taketh Away
2/24/2017 Federal Judges Rewrite the 2nd Amendment
2/17/2017 Future Is Cloudy With Occasional Trump Gusts
2/9/2017 Trump's Wall Can Be a Memorial, Too
2/2/2017 Virginia Baptist Leaders Busy Betraying Their Base
1/27/2017 Ordering Dinner With a Side of Sanctimony
1/20/2017 The Federal Government Requires Amputation
1/16/2017 Trump Isn't Going to Play by the Media's Rules
1/6/2017 Shortest Letter in the Bible Solves Illegal Immigration Problem
12/23/2016 They're Making a List & Checking It Twice
12/16/2016 Affirmative Action for Ex-Cons
12/9/2016 Football Flashback to An Earlier Era
12/2/2016 Flyers Progress from Passengers to Freight
11/28/2016 NFL Owners Can Afford to Build Their Own Stadium
11/11/2016 I Was 100 Percent Wrong About Donald Trump
11/4/2016 Don't Encase Your Children in Bubble Wrap
10/28/2016 Sorry Liberals, but Not Every Law Targets Minorities
10/21/2016 Hillary Reveals Herself as a Tin-Pot Dictator
10/13/2016 Republican Party Now Controlled by Depend Caucus
10/6/2016 Missing the Connection Between Politicians and Consequences
10/3/2016 You Can't Make Trump What He Isn't
9/23/2016 Why the First Presidential Debate May Decide the Election
9/16/2016 What's the Point of Having a Majority If GOP Doesn't Use It?
9/9/2016 Target's 'Solution' Adds Uncertainty to Bathroom Etiquette
9/2/2016 Tim Kaine, Catholic of Convenience
8/26/2016 Why Can't Quanah Parker's House Be Saved?
8/12/2016 Decreasing Abortions... and Tattoos
8/8/2016 Chastity Backlash Breaks Out Among Christians
7/28/2016 Both Parties Should Adopt the Barbara Bush Rule
7/22/2016 Here Come the Robot Buses
7/14/2016 Obama Insults the Bereaved in Dallas
7/7/2016 Comey and the FBI Blink After Email Investigation
6/30/2016 Maine's Unpretentious First Lady Takes a Real Job
6/24/2016 Orlando and the Imaginary Wave of Islamophobia
6/15/2016 Britain Edges Towards World's Biggest Breakup
6/9/2016 Great White Leftists Know What's Best for Red Man
6/2/2016 Bernie's Political Jujitsu Loses Leverage
5/26/2016 Resistance to Tolerance Is Futile
5/16/2016 For Rent: Donald Trump
5/10/2016 Roadside Hook-Up Results in Slow Bern
5/3/2016 Ruining the Movies One Text at a Time
4/26/2016 An Education in Driver's Ed
4/19/2016 From the Stalls of Montezuma: A New Front in Culture War
4/13/2016 Now Humans Are Just Along for the Ride
4/5/2016 Trump Incoherence Spreads to Pro-Life Supporters
3/30/2016 Another Way Citizens Pay for Illegal Aliens
3/15/2016 Republicans Advocating Mob Censorship
3/8/2016 Let's Hope the Crazies Don't Have Eleven Missiles
3/1/2016 Two Words that Would Seal the Deal for Trump
2/23/2016 What's Next? Voting Absentee from Prison?
2/17/2016 A Leftist and Her Money Are Soon Parted
2/9/2016 Trump Tizzy in Virginia Long Before Primary
2/2/2016 Porn and the 'Addictive as Cocaine' Cliche
1/26/2016 Will the GOP Kill Trump With Kindness?
1/20/2016 The Typo that Bloated a Nation
1/13/2016 Sudden Jihad Syndrome's Related Pathology
1/5/2016 Google Designs the Self-Absorbed Car
12/23/2015 Helping Your Wife This Christmas
12/15/2015 Soft Landing for a Politician Is on Top of Taxpayers
12/8/2015 Democrats Reassuring Perpetrators Instead of Victims
12/1/2015 Over $1 Million to Figure Out Why Babies Won't Eat?
11/24/2015 Hashtag Can't Change the Reality of Abortion
11/17/2015 Are We Still a Nation of Laws?
11/10/2015 San Francisco Too Expensive for Socialists to Live There
11/4/2015 Robot Cars: The Return of the Sunday Driver
10/28/2015 How Many Betrayals Before the GOP Base Revolts
10/21/2015 Russia Is Worried About Obama's America
10/14/2015 Another Leftist Issue Where 'Choice' Results in Death
10/7/2015 Turning the Tables on Verizon
10/2/2015 Time to Move from Intangible Hero to Tangible Candidate
9/29/2015 The Increasingly Likable Donald Trump
9/23/2015 Mr. Ed Gives Better Lifestyle Advice than the Media
9/16/2015 Profiting from Kim Davis' Example
9/10/2015 Kim Davis Problems Are Just Beginning
9/3/2015 Anti-Gay Clerk is Helping Same-Sex Marriage
8/27/2015 Does Beach Crowding Mean People LIKE Warm Weather?
8/24/2015 EPA Discovers Water Flows Downhill
8/11/2015 The (Marbled-Mouth) Donald
8/4/2015 Meet Mom & Dad, the Libido Extinguishers
7/28/2015 Obama's Unilateral Surrender Foreign Policy
7/21/2015 Obamaphone Meets the Obamanet
7/15/2015 Why White Lives Don't Matter to Obama
7/9/2015 Apple's Politically Correct Censorship
6/30/2015 The Powder Room Police
6/24/2015 Salon's 'Big Lie' About Guns and Mental Illness
6/16/2015 Rachel Dolezal's Complexion Problem
6/9/2015 Polls Gleefully Say the Darndest Things
6/3/2015 Socialism isn't Helping Venezuela Much
5/28/2015 Bystander Nation
5/20/2015 Does This Ballistic Vest Make Me Look Fat?

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