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4/12/2021 Philip and the Queen: A Love Story Like No Other
4/5/2021 Georgia Voting Law is No Return to Jim Crow
3/29/2021 Don't Give in to the Pot Decriminalization Culture
3/22/2021 Some Things in the Catholic Church Will Never Change
3/18/2021 Evil Comes in All Colors
3/15/2021 The Pro-Life Case for the COVID Vaccines
3/8/2021 Dr. Seuss Erasure Is Just Beginning
3/1/2021 Speech Standards Must Be Applied the Same to All
2/22/2021 It's Not Humane to Make a Mockery of Death
2/15/2021 It's Too Late to Turn Down the Temperature
2/8/2021 Why Marjorie Taylor Greene Needs to be Shunned
2/4/2021 Why I Have a Problem With Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's Comments
2/1/2021 A True Political Hero For Our Times
1/25/2021 Exposing the Sins of the Technical Catholics
1/19/2021 Heading Down the Dangerous Road to Despotism
1/11/2021 Capitol Riots Weren't About Race
1/4/2021 Don't Use Death as a Political Weapon
12/28/2020 Gender, Politics, and Equal Protection Under the Law
12/21/2020 Eugenics Has No Place in a Civilized Society
12/14/2020 At Christmastime, Let Children Be Children
12/7/2020 Vile is Vile, Regardless of Your Political Party
11/30/2020 White Americans and the Civil Rights Movement
11/22/2020 Closing Down Schools is Not the Solution During Pandemic
11/15/2020 Truth and Reconciliation? Give Me a Break.
11/9/2020 U.S. Must Stand Up For Religious Freedom
11/1/2020 Why I'll Be At My Polling Place on Election Day
10/28/2020 Conservative Female Role Models Take the Spotlight
10/19/2020 Why Abortion is Evil and Must Be Stopped
10/12/2020 Take a Good, Hard Look at the Kamala Harris
10/5/2020 People Have Lost Their Minds on Social Media
9/27/2020 Honoring Women by Supporting Trump's Supreme Court Pick
9/21/2020 No Undecided Voters at This Trump Town Hall
9/17/2020 I No Longer Consider Myself an NFL Fan
9/14/2020 Police Fiasco in the Philly Suburbs an Image of Hypocrisy
9/8/2020 Splitting Hairs With Speaker Nancy Pelosi
8/31/2020 A Moment of Courage Showed Us a Man's Soul
8/24/2020 Cannon Hinnant's Murder is Not About Race
8/20/2020 Dems Hit a New Low With Convention Speech
8/17/2020 Treat Kamala Harris Like a Human Being
8/10/2020 Don't Use 'Karen' To Objectify Women
8/3/2020 Some Do The Jobs They're Paid To Do... Without Fail
7/27/2020 Why Teachers Need To Get Back In The Classroom
7/20/2020 Look To Our 'Leaders' For The Greatest Folly
7/16/2020 Media Shouldn't Ignore Attacks On Catholic Faith
7/13/2020 NFL Player Deserves The Bench Over Bigoted Remarks
7/5/2020 The Strange Case of Justice Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
6/28/2020 Stop Setting Victims Of Discrimination Against Each Other
6/22/2020 Beware The Digital KGB Roaming The Streets
6/14/2020 The Crusade to Erase Washes Over Us
6/8/2020 Why I'm A Proud Member Of Antifa
6/1/2020 Looters And Rioters Are Trampling The Memory of George Floyd
5/26/2020 Why We're 'Not All In This Together'
5/17/2020 When Memories Are What Matters Most
5/7/2020 Using a Mask to Mask Your Feelings
5/3/2020 Life During Pandemic Puts a Strain On All Of Us
4/29/2020 Where's #MeToo On Joe Biden Allegations?
4/26/2020 Now is No Time to Pat Ourselves on the Back
4/20/2020 Banning Elective Medical Procedures but Protecting Abortion
4/14/2020 Charlotte's Web: The Awful Price of This Pandemic
4/9/2020 A Final, Cruel Slap in the Face For Lives Turned Upside Down
3/29/2020 Even a Deadly Pandemic Is Infected With Politics
3/22/2020 Forget Social Distancing, What's Happening Is Criminal
3/9/2020 Shooting Down The Plan To 'Shooting Galleries'
3/1/2020 Thank God for Supreme Court's Look at Same-Sex Foster Parents
2/17/2020 Defending My Church When No One Else Will
1/31/2020 Kobe: A Loving Prayer For a Friend Gone Far Too Soon
1/19/2020 I Don’t Like Meghan Markle. That Doesn’t Make Me Racist.
1/13/2020 Finally Some Justice for Maligned Covington Catholic Student
1/1/2020 Don't Force Your Sons to See 'Little Women'
12/22/2019 Liberals Overreact to Neil Gorsuch's 'Fox & Friends' Appearance
12/15/2019 Nancy Pelosi Says Catholics Don't Hate... But I Do
12/8/2019 Lisa Page Owes An Apology – To Peter Strzok's Wife
12/2/2019 Trump Was Right to Stand Up For Navy SEAL
11/25/2019 The Booming Voice of Conservative Women
11/17/2019 Disney+ Ruins Classics With New Trigger Warnings
11/10/2019 Catholic Priest Had Every Right to Deny Joe Biden Communion
11/3/2019 George Soros Wading Into Local Race Shows Problematic Influence
10/14/2019 Matt Lauer's right to defend himself is an important part of #MeToo
10/6/2019 Hotel Heroin is Last Thing Any City Needs
9/29/2019 Climate Teen Greta Thunberg is a Political Pawn
9/23/2019 Remembering Loved Ones Lost During Suicide Awareness Month
9/16/2019 Firefighter Lost His Job For Doing Nothing Wrong
9/8/2019 Kavanaugh Hearings Still Offer a Warning One Year Later
8/25/2019 The Bloody Truth About U.S. Immigration Policy
8/13/2019 Chris Cuomo Should Chill Out. 'Fredo' is Not a Racial Slur
8/12/2019 Mental Health Support Doesn't Advance the Guns-and-Racism Narrative
8/4/2019 My Digital Connection With Father Joe
7/28/2019 The Real Injustice of Rapper Meek Mill's Saga
7/22/2019 Planned Parenthood Firing a Reminder of its True Mission
7/14/2019 Shining Light on True Abuse in the Age of #MeToo
7/8/2019 About Men, Women, Interruptors and the Post-Woke Age
7/1/2019 Detained Children Are Being Used As Political Pawns
6/23/2019 Democrats Disrespect Joe Biden By Not Appreciating His Past
6/17/2019 A Visit to My Childhood Home Taught Me How to Grieve
6/9/2019 Drag Queen Story Hour Comes to the Library
6/2/2019 Transgender Bathroom Case Nothing Like School Desegregation
5/27/2019 Pro-Life and Pro-Death Penalty It's All About Protecting the Innocent
5/20/2019 With New Abortion Legislation, America on the Right Track
5/13/2019 Wistful For a Time When Athletes Didn't Crusade For Social Justice
5/5/2019 Biden's Charlottesville Ad Might End Up Helping Trump
4/28/2019 Let's be Honest About the Persecution of Christians
4/21/2019 Erasing Kate Smith Won't Cover America's Hypocrisy
4/16/2019 Notre Dame Cathedral Stayed the Same as the World Changed
4/14/2019 Trump's Immigration Policy Will Only Get Worse
4/8/2019 The Guillotine of Public Opinion Comes For Joe Biden
3/31/2019 Do Democrats Hate Trump More Than They Love America?
3/17/2019 Fox News Host Tucker Carlson Shouldn't Apologize
3/10/2019 Democrats Fail to Take Stance Against Anti-Semitism
3/5/2019 A Reminder of America From Inside an Immigration Office
2/25/2019 In Robert Kraft Case, Don't Forget Who the Real Victims Are
2/18/2019 Class Warfare Driving Ocasio-Cortez and the Rest
2/10/2019 For This One Sentence, Trump Earns Praise
2/5/2019 One Reason Why Some People Voted for Trump
1/29/2019 Andrew Cuomo Rejects the Fundamental Values of His Faith
1/21/2019 Toxic Masculinity is a Myth
1/13/2019 Why I'm Ready to Buy a Gun
1/7/2019 Memories of an Unforgettable Man
12/16/2018 Women's March Organizers Need Divine Inspiration
12/2/2018 A Final Salute to a Good, Decent Man and Statesman
11/25/2018 Betsy DeVos Deserves Credit for New Rules
11/18/2018 Longing for the Comforts of Home This Thanksgiving
11/11/2018 Jeff Sessions Deserved Better
11/4/2018 Why Trump Shouldn't Mess with Birthright Citizenship
10/28/2018 Trump Calls For Common Sense on Gender
10/15/2018 Graffiti By Social-Justice Warriors Was a Hate Crime
10/7/2018 When We Officially Abandon Civil Discourse
9/30/2018 Kavanaugh Creates #MeToo Moment For Accused Men
9/23/2018 Bert and Ernie Supposed to Teach ABCs, not LGBTQ
9/17/2018 America Has Always Been Great
9/9/2018 Watching Brett Kavanaugh, and I Like What I'm Hearing
9/3/2018 Some of the Many Priests Who Did Good, Not Evil
8/26/2018 The Hypocrisy of #MeToo and Female Solidarity
7/29/2018 What the Fairy Godmothers Gave Me
7/15/2018 Most Children Just Want To Go Home
7/10/2018 Will There Be a Supreme Court Justice Who Looks and Thinks Like Me?
7/1/2018 Thank God Justice Kennedy is Stepping Aside
6/24/2018 I'm Conservative, But Don't Assume You Know What I Believe
6/17/2018 Jeff Sessions' Asylum Decision Hurts Women Most in Need
6/10/2018 Tragic Celebrity Suicides Should Be a Reminder to Listen
6/1/2018 Name-calling Other Women Makes Samantha Bee the Other C-word
3/25/2018 Protecting One Group's Rights Can End Up Harming Another
2/25/2018 One Republican Senator Setting a Good Example
2/9/2018 It's Madness to Surrender in the War on Drugs
11/3/2017 NYC Attacker Was Here Legally. So Why Attack Immigrants?
9/29/2017 The Difference Between Kaepernick and a West Point Grad
9/18/2017 Political Correctness Runs Amok in Sports Media
9/8/2017 They'll Coming After Statues of Columbus Next
8/22/2017 The Left's Hypocrisy on Race and Charlottesville
7/31/2017 Scaramucci: The Italian Stereotype We've Been Trying to Ditch
6/28/2017 Supreme Court Strikes Blow for Religious Liberty
6/13/2017 Cosby Taking the Hit For Men Who've Wronged Women
6/2/2017 Can We Start Showing Some Respect for Melania?
5/18/2017 For Some, Immigration is a Second Chance at Life
5/5/2017 House GOP to the Sick: Suffer More
4/7/2017 On Addiction, Don't Forget Victims of the Addicted
3/26/2017 Accommodating Transgender People at Expense of Others
3/9/2017 Hypocrisy When it Comes to the Bidens and Religion
1/20/2017 Celebrate your Freedom to Oppose President Trump
1/13/2017 Navigating the Seas of Racial Differences
12/16/2016 America Turns Away as the World Ends
12/9/2016 Unsubstantiated Anti-Trump 'Hate Crime' Allegation Taints University
11/20/2016 Privileged College Kids Don't Understand
11/11/2016 Trump Told Forgotten Folks They Mattered
10/14/2016 Clinton Must Disavow Anti-Catholic Emails
9/30/2016 As Election Issues Go, Fat Shaming is a Lightweight
9/23/2016 Charlotte Protesters Aren't Patriots, They're Criminals
9/16/2016 Gary Johnson Wouldn't Appreciate My Trip to Rome
9/2/2016 Trump's Immigration Speech Sounds Good, But Rings Hollow
8/26/2016 Trump Camp's Latest Move is to Bash Catholics
8/19/2016 For My Dad, I Won't Vote for Either
8/12/2016 Donald Trump has Crossed the Line of Decency
7/28/2016 At the DNC, No Mention of ISIS
7/22/2016 The RNC Gave Us a New Definition of the Bully Pulpit
7/15/2016 Paul Ryan Reflects Real Republican Values
7/8/2016 If Nothing Else, FBI Chief Exposed Clinton's Incompetence
7/1/2016 I'm Voting for Trump to Save the Supreme Court from Clinton
6/24/2016 The Things We're Not Allowed to Compare Abortion To
6/17/2016 Parents of Gator Victim Deserve Prayers, Not Criticism
6/13/2016 Blaming 'The Other' for Orlando
6/10/2016 I Cannot Fully Forgive Muhammad Ali
6/2/2016 Mom to Blame in Gorilla Tragedy
5/26/2016 Not About Race, Yet Still Black and White
5/20/2016 Show Police the Respect They Deserve
5/13/2016 Trump's a Creep, but He's Not a Misogynist
5/6/2016 Why 'Frozen' Character Shouldn't be a Lesbian
4/29/2016 Ted Cruz, the Desperate Magician
4/22/2016 Candidate's Qualifications, Not Gender, are Most Important
4/15/2016 Politics Aside, Trump Seems Like a Good Dad
4/8/2016 Sorry, But Women Who Have Abortions are Murderers
4/1/2016 Trump's Aide Was Wrong, But It's Not Abuse
3/25/2016 Be Careful What You Ask For When Talking Trump
3/18/2016 A Miscarriage of Justice at Duke
3/11/2016 Nancy's Reagan's Mission Was Her Husband
2/28/2016 Race the Next Oscar Snubject
2/19/2016 Obama's Disgraceful Snub of Scalia
2/15/2016 How Justice Scalia Changed My Life
2/8/2016 What Republicans Get Wrong About Amnesty
2/1/2016 Authorities Got It All Wrong in Planned Parenthood case
1/25/2016 I Can No Longer Support Sarah Palin
1/15/2016 Political Correctness Taking Over Philly
1/7/2016 Sad that Obama Needs to Defend His Tears
1/4/2016 Bill Cosby and Due Process
12/21/2015 Talking Race in the Cookbook Aisle
12/11/2015 Donald Trump, the Anti-Christian
12/4/2015 I'm Anti-Abortion, Thus Anti-Murder
11/30/2015 Age of Offense Reaches New Low
11/22/2015 Both Sides Half Right on Refugees
11/16/2015 Now It's Liberals Pushing the 'War on Christmas'
11/10/2015 Undressing the Bounds of Gender Awareness
10/29/2015 Click to 'Like' Ben Carson
10/22/2015 Angry Hillary Hates All Conservatives
10/16/2015 Defining Courage
10/11/2015 Don't Let Social Media Ruin Your Self-Esteem
9/25/2015 Pope Francis and the Defense of the Unborn
9/17/2015 Miss America Wrong to Apologize to Vanessa Williams
9/13/2015 Conservative Hypocrisy on Kim Davis
8/30/2015 If Yesterday's News Came Today
8/23/2015 Debunking the 'Anchor Baby' Myth
8/14/2015 Criticizing a Woman Isn't Always Misogynistic
8/6/2015 First Anniversary Has Me Missing Mom
7/31/2015 Kids Don't Care Who Their Scoutmaster Goes Home To
7/24/2015 Planned Parenthood Revelations Disgusting
7/17/2015 Judge Not? Not a Chance
7/10/2015 Cosby Mea Culpa: I was Wrong
7/5/2015 No Legit Precedent for Gay Marriage
6/29/2015 Religious Groups Now Open to Lawsuits
6/19/2015 Frankly Rachel Dolezal is 'Passing' Me Off
6/12/2015 Jenner Not a Hero for Becoming Caitlyn
6/5/2015 Not Buying Jenner's Vanity Fair Act
5/29/2015 Shutting Down Conservative Discourse
5/22/2015 Opening the Door to Summer
5/15/2015 Politicizing a Disaster
5/8/2015 A Motherless Mother's Day
4/30/2015 What's the Appropriate Word for a Baltimore Vandal?
4/16/2015 Sometimes Genocide Really is Genocide
4/13/2015 What Not to Say About Female Politicians
4/10/2015 Avoiding Seeing Things as They Really Are
4/3/2015 Tolerance is a Two-Way Street
3/26/2015 Black (and White) Lives Matter
3/19/2015 Pawns in the Power Struggle Over Abortion
3/13/2015 Teen's Death is Our Tragedy
3/6/2015 No Compassion in Aiding Suicide
2/26/2015 Olbermann: The Once and Former King

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