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4/15/2021 The Brown Derby, Hollywood Stars and a Long-Ago Era
4/8/2021 San Diego Teachers Betray Local Students
4/1/2021 Texas Lawsuit Seeks to End Open Borders
3/24/2021 Who's in Charge: Harris, Rice or Biden?
3/15/2021 Willfully Blind White House Ignores Border Chaos
3/10/2021 Honoring Baseball's Hearing-Impaired Players
3/3/2021 Border Failures Grow U.S. Population
2/22/2021 Spring Training and the True Story of the Grapefruit Nickname
2/16/2021 Biden's Problematic Polling
2/11/2021 Congress Dismisses U.S. Working Class Americans
2/4/2021 $15 Wage Hurts Vulnerable Workers
1/28/2021 Put Pete Rose in Hall of Fame Now!
1/25/2021 Biden Amnesty Expands U.S. Labor Market
1/15/2021 Once Again, Soulless MLB is Robbing its Fans
1/5/2021 Tight Asylum Rules Protect the Homeland
12/30/2020 A Rose Bowl Memory
12/22/2020 Born on Christmas: Three Baseball Hall of Famers
12/15/2020 Chinese Spies Subvert Clueless Congress
12/8/2020 That Time Baseball Barnstormed the World
12/3/2020 Georgia: From Red to Purple to Blue
11/24/2020 Trump Goes Down Swinging
11/18/2020 'Scranton' Joe and Immigration
11/13/2020 Pelosi: Dem Heroine or Albatross
11/10/2020 On Veteran's Day, Remembering War Hero and Hall of Fame Pitcher 'Old Pete'
10/28/2020 COVID-19 Ruins Another Tradition Involving Baseball and the White House
10/21/2020 U.S. Immigration is Big News in Central America
10/12/2020 A Beloved Cowboy and His Baseball Team's Long Drought
10/9/2020 Pence's Missed Opportunities
10/1/2020 One Important Issue Overlooked During the First Debate
9/29/2020 Deep State Subverts American Workers Again
9/25/2020 Play Ball: When the Mt. Rushmore Nine Took the Field
9/18/2020 More Americans = Less Wilderness
9/16/2020 Juan Williams: Black Jobs Don't Matter
9/9/2020 Tom Seaver and Baseball's Altered Game
9/3/2020 On Labor Day, Protect U.S. Workers
9/1/2020 Minor League Baseball, a Vanishing American Tradition
8/26/2020 Overpopulation Sparks California Wildfires
8/20/2020 Purple Heart Winner Overcame Long Odds to Pitch in MLB
8/18/2020 Pompeo Subverts Trump's Immigration Order
8/12/2020 Meanwhile, Down on the Border...
8/4/2020 Congress Abandons 30 Million Unemployed Americans
7/27/2020 California, In Ruins, Mounts Recall Against Its Governor
7/22/2020 On Opening Day, Three Cheers For A Baseball Obsessed Former First Lady
7/20/2020 Ted Williams And Tales of Great All-Star Game Performances
7/13/2020 Despite ICE Order, Students Unlikely To Be Deported
7/8/2020 With No Baseball, A Look Back at President Nixon's All-Stars
7/2/2020 Taxpayer- Subsidized Program Displaces U.S. Tech Workers
6/30/2020 On Independence Day, Lou Gehrig Said Good-Bye
6/24/2020 Trump Acts To Defend American Workers
6/22/2020 Trump Administration Announces Overdue Asylum Guidelines
6/15/2020 GOP Joins Big Companies In Push For More Immigrants
6/9/2020 Congress Still Trying To Sellout America's Most Vulnerable Workers
6/4/2020 Like NAFTA, Trump Trade Deal Lacks U.S. Worker Protections
5/26/2020 Panic As Expiration Date on Trump's Immigration Order Approaches
5/19/2020 Mickey Mantle's Mammoth Memorial Day Blasts
5/14/2020 As Unemployment Grows, Trump Still Listening To Kushner
5/11/2020 On Armed Forces Day, Remembering Baseball's First World War I Volunteer
5/7/2020 Congress Wants More Green Cards, Economy Be Damned
5/4/2020 Long Ago, Cubs Trained on California's Catalina Island
4/28/2020 Explained: Why Trump Backpedaled on His Immigration Order
4/24/2020 U.S. Physicians Sidelined For International Doctors
4/16/2020 A Baseball Redemption Story For Our Troubled Times
4/14/2020 Hawaii's Earth Day Challenge
4/9/2020 Trump's Golden Opportunity to Defend American Workers
4/6/2020 Baseball Great Babe Ruth Beat Spanish Flu... Twice
3/31/2020 It Will Take Hawaii Years To Recover From Coronavirus Lockdown
3/18/2020 Baseball Suspended, Fans Won't Miss Lackluster Game
3/11/2020 Latest Fake Immigration Crisis: No Chefs!
3/3/2020 Spring Training from Yesteryear
2/27/2020 Mulvaney: U.S. 'Desperate' for More People
2/20/2020 Buttigieg's Bad Immigration Idea
2/13/2020 Nearly All Our Presidents Were Big Baseball 'Bugs'
2/5/2020 Trump Misses Opportunity During State of the Union
2/3/2020 Unraveling California's Quick But Complete Demise
1/29/2020 A Rare Display of Nonpartisanship on Immigration
1/23/2020 Focus on Birthright Citizenship (and its Cousin) Long Overdue
1/21/2020 The Two Baseball Players Who Paved the Way For Integration
1/16/2020 Elitist Ivanka Trump Wants More Skilled Immigration
1/10/2020 Uber is the Latest Cheap Labor-Addicted Employer
1/6/2020 Don Larsen's Perfect Game Remains Undervalued
12/31/2019 The Great Divide: Congress and Voters on Immigration
12/27/2019 California's Population Swells, but Leaders Wants More Immigration
12/22/2019 New Report Points to Massive Immigration Issue
12/16/2019 Baseball Analytics and Sabermetrics Are Older Than You Thought
12/13/2019 Bias Infests Once Respected Magazine
12/10/2019 Labor Report Great News for Trump's Economy
12/5/2019 Proposed DHS Revisions Offer Ray of Hope
11/21/2019 Senate Seeks to Reward Wealthy Foreign Investors
11/13/2019 New Report Paints Dire Picture of Low-Wage Jobs
11/7/2019 Coming Soon: a Borderless U.S.
10/31/2019 World Series Announcers Talk Too Much Say Too Little
10/14/2019 Remembering a Historic Baseball Day
10/6/2019 Thank Congress For Our Massive Immigration Court Backlog
10/2/2019 Trump Cabinet Official Calls For More Guest Workers
9/25/2019 Republican Senator's Immigration Bill is Anti-American
9/19/2019 Lightning Struck a MLB Pitcher. He Got Up and Finished the Game.
9/11/2019 Biden Disregards Environmental Consequences of Immigration
9/9/2019 August Jobs Report Omits Key Data About Future Challenges
9/5/2019 California is Off the Rails and a Disaster Zone
8/29/2019 Labor Day: Four Decades of Dramatic CEO Income Growth
8/26/2019 Trump Administration's New Rule is Pro-Immigrant
8/19/2019 Senate to Consider American Job-Busting Bill
8/9/2019 Lifelong Fan Divorces Baseball, Cites Irreconcilable Differences
8/6/2019 One Simple Change Would Increase Wages, Shrink Labor Market
7/30/2019 Teachers Being Displaced By Backwards Immigration Law
7/25/2019 Trump Correct to Consider Changes To Our Refugee Policy
7/14/2019 A New Summer Brings Predictable Exploitation
7/9/2019 At the Border, the Word is Out: Come One Come All
7/3/2019 Congress Passes Toothless Border Bill As Surge Continues
7/1/2019 Mourning the Death of Holiday Baseball Double Headers
6/26/2019 The Border Crisis: Taking the Long-Term View
6/20/2019 The Anatomy of a U.S. Job Killer
6/11/2019 Immigration and Ice Cream: My Week with a Diversity Lottery Winner
6/7/2019 Is the U.S. Full? No, It's Overfull
5/29/2019 Bad Immigration Bills Advance
5/22/2019 On Memorial Day, Remembering MLB's Fallen WWII Heroes
5/20/2019 Republican Border Bill Would End Human Trafficking
5/15/2019 Kushner's Immigration Plan Would Displace More American Workers
5/13/2019 Long-Term Consequence of Border Asylum Seekers
5/5/2019 Trump Shouldn't Give Immigration Director the Axe
5/2/2019 Don't Let Robo Umps Ruin Baseball
4/29/2019 Post-Earth Day Thoughts about Sustainability
4/17/2019 Earth Day 2019: Since Moon Landing, Global Population has Doubled
4/16/2019 Matching Program No Longer Meets Doctor Needs
4/9/2019 Immigration Issue Stuck 'On the Table' Following Nielsen's Ouster
4/2/2019 $15 Minimum Wage Imploding
3/28/2019 NY Times Reporter Reveals Her Immigration Stories' Sources
3/26/2019 After 60 Years, Pittsburgh Pirates World Series Hero Retires
3/21/2019 Congress Ignores World Water Day Warnings
3/19/2019 Continued Immigration Hard on Immigrants, Native-Born Alike
3/11/2019 More Immigration is Incompatible with Layoffs, Automation
3/7/2019 Play Ball! Baseball Fans Brace for Big Changes
3/4/2019 Why Immigration Reform Failed in 1986
2/21/2019 Finally! Federal Indictments Against Birth Tourism
2/18/2019 California's Solution to Overpopulation and Inequality? More Immigration.
2/14/2019 The Swamp Swallows Trump
2/7/2019 E-Verify Finally Coming to the Trump Organization
2/4/2019 Immigration Foils Small Classroom Fantasy in Los Angeles
1/28/2019 Baseball Hall of Fame Needs Tighter Standards
1/23/2019 In Federal Court, Exploited Foreign Workers Score Big Win
1/20/2019 Trump Clueless on Legal Immigration
1/15/2019 Proposed MLB-Cuba Deal Spells Trouble for U.S. Hopefuls
1/8/2019 Call to Journalists: Return to Your Professional Standards
12/31/2018 Christmas in New York: A Cautionary Tale
12/24/2018 Paul Ryan's Final Betrayal
12/17/2018 As Deadline Nears, Trump Keeps Banging Head Against the Wall
12/10/2018 Lackluster November Jobs Report Bodes Poorly for 2019
12/6/2018 Babe Ruth: From Shirt Maker to Medal of Freedom Winner
12/3/2018 Bush 41, Hero to Many also Ushered in Cheap Labor Era
11/28/2018 The Displacement of Tech Workers Continues Unabated
11/20/2018 Caravan Nears U.S., Meets Mexican Resistance
11/15/2018 California's Leaders Didn't Learn From Past Deadly Wildfires
11/11/2018 After Midterms, Tech Workers Still Friendless in Congress
11/6/2018 John Glenn: Ted Williams Batted 1.000 for America
10/30/2018 One Senate Candidate That's Prioritizing American Jobs
10/25/2018 Thousands of Migrants Pressing North is Bad for Almost Everyone
10/23/2018 Rewinding Back to 1903 and the First World Series
10/21/2018 Verizon Leaves American Workers in the Lurch
10/16/2018 It's Raining Work Permits for New Immigrants
10/9/2018 Alex Rodriquez: Please Go Away
10/7/2018 Swamp Business Continues as Usual in Washington
10/2/2018 Anatomy of a Flip-Flopper's Re-Election Campaign
9/25/2018 Doubters Challenge Report About Illegal Immigration
9/20/2018 An Influx of Foreign Doctors, but Qualified Americans Shut Out
9/13/2018 Fed Chair Calls Slow Wage Growth 'A Puzzle'
9/9/2018 'Sissified' Baseball Turns Off Fans
9/6/2018 Trillion-Dollar Apple Wants More Cheap Workers
8/30/2018 Labor Day is No Celebration for Struggling Americans
8/26/2018 GOP Swamp Alligators Busy Subverting Workers
8/20/2018 Visa Overstays Problematic for U.S. Tech Workers
8/16/2018 A Stunning Dereliction of Duty By the Feds
8/12/2018 Refugee Industry Heads to Capitol Hill
8/7/2018 Trump's Wall is the Wrong Priority
7/30/2018 Earth Overshoot Day Offers Sustainability Lessons
7/25/2018 Prospects for Reducing Rush-Hour Traffic 'Dim'
7/23/2018 Some 600 Detained Migrants Are Pregnant
7/19/2018 Melting Down over ICE
7/15/2018 As Population Rises, Leaders Ignore the Obvious
7/10/2018 All-Star Game Memories: Mark 'The Bird'
7/9/2018 Visa Holders Homeward Bound
7/5/2018 Supreme Court Decision Tightens Labor Market
7/2/2018 The Day Wartime London Stopped to Watch Yanks Play Baseball
6/28/2018 On Independence Day, America Struggles to Remain Sovereign
6/26/2018 Permanent Family Separation, an American Tragedy
6/19/2018 Ryan's Parting Betrayal: Biggest Amnesty in US History
6/17/2018 Jerry Brown, 'California Dreamin,' Faces Reality Check
6/12/2018 Immigration Fraud Abuse Tip Line Lighting Up
6/6/2018 Bush Sr Reminisces about His College World Series Days
6/5/2018 To 2018 Graduating Class, Beware Jobs Market Landmines
5/31/2018 A Homeland Security Announcement that Flew Under the Radar
5/23/2018 Congress' Memorial Day Goal: Give Millions Amnesty
5/20/2018 Obscure Federal Program Displaces Workers
5/15/2018 AP to Reporters Stop Using 'Chain Migration'
5/10/2018 Feds Sanction Slave Labor, 21st Century Style
5/9/2018 The Day My Mother Went Fishing with Ted Williams
5/7/2018 NAFTA 2.0 Poses Major Threats to US Workers
5/2/2018 State Department Shuts Out Kids from Summer Jobs
4/29/2018 All Eyes on Supreme Court With Trump v Hawaii
4/25/2018 The Central American Caravan: What You Should Know
4/23/2018 How Honolulu Transformed From Utopia to Urban Muddle
4/16/2018 On Earth Day, Congress Whistling Past the Graveyard
4/13/2018 Ruth Comes to Pittsburgh, Then Goes to Sing Sing
4/11/2018 Dismal Jobs Report Lost Amid Breaking News
4/3/2018 Opening Day for Visa Petitions
3/21/2018 Nervous Tech Giants Ramp Up Lobbying
3/15/2018 The Immigration Ponzi Scheme
3/7/2018 The West is Losing Natural Area at an Alarming Pace
3/1/2018 Illegal Immigration Declines, Forcing Wages Up
2/19/2018 After Hurricane Maria, a Catch-22 for Puerto Rico
2/11/2018 Congress Indifferent to Puerto Rico's Tragedy
2/7/2018 Lingering Woes in Latest Jobs Report
1/31/2018 Trump, Congress Ignore Unsustainable Population Growth
1/26/2018 Baseball Says 'No' to Cheaters
1/23/2018 Overpopulation Driving California's Affordable Housing Crisis
1/19/2018 Wages are Definitely Declining Under Trump
1/16/2018 Foreign Labor Hurts Black Americans
1/8/2018 Record Immigration Means More Job Competition
1/1/2018 Meet Your Surgeon, the Robot
12/29/2017 For Californians, 2018 Looks Like a Rough Year
12/21/2017 Schumer, Pelosi Back Surrender on DACA - For Now
12/18/2017 Americans Back to Work, but at Lousy Jobs
12/14/2017 Swamp Insider: 'With Trump You Never Know'
12/8/2017 My Warm Winter Nights with Roberto Clemente
12/4/2017 'Help Me, Dad'
12/1/2017 Americans Can Bake Hamburger Buns!
11/14/2017 Congress Obsesses over Amnesty
11/9/2017 Should Day Baseball Return to the World Series?
11/7/2017 Why Should U.S. Have a Lottery for Citizenship?
11/2/2017 Political Correctness at the Root of NYC Attack
10/30/2017 What 65.5 Million Non-English Speakers Means For America
10/25/2017 To NFL Kneelers, Let's See a Show of Hands
10/24/2017 More Border Patrol Agents Needed to Curb Opioid Crisis
10/18/2017 There's No Argument About Babe Ruth
10/16/2017 California Wildfires Rage On, But So Does Construction
10/9/2017 California Just Forced ICE to Step Up Removals
10/3/2017 Finally! ICE Targets Sanctuary Cities
9/28/2017 The Eye-Popping Cost of Illegal Immigration
9/26/2017 Writing from the Swamp, Where Questions are Many
9/21/2017 Trump's 'Hire American' Order Has Stalled
9/18/2017 Unscrupulous Employers Fake Out White House
9/12/2017 Irma Was Devastating, But More Profound Tragedies Await
9/5/2017 Sprawl Kills – Literally
9/1/2017 A Labor Day Wish - More Jobs for Americans
8/29/2017 Missing the Point By Focusing on Arpaio
8/24/2017 Ivanka Jared Luring Donald into Immigration Swamp
8/22/2017 Trump Disbanding His Own Jobs Initiative Was a Good Thing
8/15/2017 Can You Pass an Immigration Quiz?
8/3/2017 Less Immigration Means More American Jobs, Higher Wages
7/31/2017 After White House Shake Up, Deep State on the Run
7/27/2017 Trump Voters to Prez: Kiss and Make Up with Sessions
7/25/2017 Illegal Immigrant Lawyer Hires Illegal Immigrant Lawyer
7/18/2017 GOP Senator is Delaying One of Trump's Nominees
7/13/2017 Feigned Outrage Over Trump's Election Commission
7/11/2017 Zuckerberg for President? Not on his Platform
6/26/2017 Identity Theft an Overlooked Wrinkle of Illegal Immigration
6/20/2017 Trump Going Forward and Backward on Immigration
6/15/2017 On Father's Day, Grieving Dads Left Wondering
6/8/2017 Outside the Beltway, No One Cares about Russia
6/5/2017 In the Cities and in the Suburbs, Population Booming
6/1/2017 Making California a Sanctuary for the Deserving
5/24/2017 On Memorial Day, Remembering the Values Our Soldiers Died For
5/23/2017 A Rare, Refreshing, Positive Column about Trump!
5/16/2017 'President' Kushner's Company Touts Visa Scam
5/10/2017 Trump's Base to President: 'It's Getting Late Early'
5/5/2017 Americans Yawn After Sanctuary Restaurants Close
5/2/2017 Open Borders Means More Gang Violence
4/27/2017 Trump's Bad Day
4/24/2017 'Dealmaker' Trump Flip-Flops on Dreamers
4/19/2017 Limiting Population Growth Key to a Healthy Future
4/11/2017 Trump's Immigration Grade: 'A' and 'F'
4/5/2017 What '60 Minutes' Missed About Foreign Worker Program
3/31/2017 A Final Warning to Tone Deaf Sanctuary Mayors
3/23/2017 Immigration Rallies Target the Wrong Audience
3/15/2017 Mayor Tells President Trump to Go Fly a Kite
3/7/2017 Trump's Revised Refugee Order Should Withstand Court Challenge
3/3/2017 Behind the Jeff Sessions' Witch Hunt
2/28/2017 A 'Dangerous' Change: New Sheriff Releasing Criminal Aliens
2/21/2017 Immigration Protests Often Hurt Participants
2/13/2017 An Immigration 'Hardliner' Confesses
2/10/2017 California Moves Further to the Left
1/31/2017 Keeping the Nation Safe Requires Tough Action
1/25/2017 Trump Reneging on Major Campaign Pledge
1/6/2017 Population Clock Ringing Urgent Wake up Alarm
12/29/2016 Another Job Americans Won't Do: Work on a Cruise Ship
12/22/2016 Obama, not Trump, Sold DREAMers Out
12/6/2016 Ohio State Slasher Prompts Major Refugee Questions
11/30/2016 High Noon for Sanctuary Cities
11/17/2016 About that Wall...
11/9/2016 Trump Win Predictable, but not to Pollsters
10/25/2016 Obama Throws a Bone to Enforcement Advocates
10/19/2016 Students Mock Mom Whose Child Was Killed by Unlicensed Illegal Driver
10/11/2016 Since 1990, the Immigrant Population Has Doubled in the US
9/29/2016 Americans Deserve More Substance in Second, Third Debates
9/15/2016 On the U.S. Northern Border, Increased Threats from Canada
8/11/2016 A Politically Incorrect Look at July's 'Strong' Labor Report
8/4/2016 California Not As Blue As Media Portrays It
7/20/2016 From Coast-to-Coast, Thousands Line Up for Jobs
6/13/2016 Despite Terrorism Ties, Obama Won't Acknowledge the Obvious
5/27/2016 On Memorial Day, a Spotlight on Illegal Immigrants in the Military
5/12/2016 Job-Seeking Teens Face Another Tough Summer
4/22/2016 Easing of Sentencing Laws Could Benefit Criminal Aliens
3/24/2016 Job Growth Doesn't Automatically Create Prosperity
3/10/2016 The Dark Cloud Hanging Over Obama's Jobs Report
1/7/2016 Obama Administration Admits It's Clueless
12/3/2015 Focus on Climate Change a Distraction from Terrorism
11/19/2015 Time for Obama to Reverse Refugee Plan
10/22/2015 Population Projections Should Jolt Americans
10/15/2015 One Big Issue the Democratic Debate Ignored
9/28/2015 Pope Francis' Fuzzy Immigration Math
8/30/2015 American Worker Besieged from all Sides
8/10/2015 Why Puerto Rico's Crash Matters
7/29/2015 Little Honest Discussion about Immigration and Jobs
7/16/2015 The Future of California's 50 Million Residents
7/10/2015 Time to Ban Sanctuary Cities
4/15/2015 A Dry Earth Day for California
3/11/2015 Illegal Immigration Presents Problems For Social Security
3/5/2015 Birth Tourism Industry Accelerating
2/22/2015 How Obama's Overreach Killed Immigration Reform
2/17/2015 Obama, Congress Playing Chicken on DHS Funding Bill
2/8/2015 ISIS Inside the United States?
1/21/2015 State of the Union Offers Little To Middle Class
12/9/2014 Dark Clouds Loom Over Upbeat Labor Report
11/19/2014 Shameless Degrading of US Citizenship Continues
11/6/2014 GOP Rout May Not Deter Obama's Amnesty
9/24/2014 Americans' Wages Stagnant at 1988 Levels
9/11/2014 The Only Person in Mexico Who Can't Get into America
9/2/2014 White House Doesn't Care about American Workers
8/28/2014 Four Ways Amnesty Would Harm Americans
8/10/2014 Americans to Obama: Enforcement Not Amnesty
7/11/2014 Census Data Proves Border Surge Began Years Ago
6/29/2014 One Way or Another, Central American Children Here to Stay
6/20/2014 Six Facts You Should Know About Unaccompanied Minors
6/15/2014 Comical Spin Following the Trouncing of Eric Cantor
6/2/2014 Marine Jailed in Mexico as US Welcomes Illegal Immigrants
5/23/2014 On Memorial Day, America Teeters on the Brink
5/16/2014 Politically Correct 9/11 Museum Ignores Truth
4/25/2014 Bad Penny Boehner Just Won't Go Away
4/18/2014 There Are Better Solutions Than Hiring Teachers Who Came To U.S. Illegally
4/3/2014 Non-Enforcement Name of the Immigration Game
3/31/2014 Population in LA County Hits Unsustainable Record High
3/25/2014 Slippery Road Ahead as Congress Reconvenes
3/14/2014 Ominously, White House Orders DHS to 'Review' Deportation Policy
3/7/2014 Obama as Deporter-in-Chief? Not So Fast
2/16/2014 House: Risk-Reward Calculation Dictates Amnesty Inaction
2/12/2014 Deportation Statistics: Separating Fact from Fiction
2/11/2014 Loosening Immigration Rules May Easy Entry For Terrorists
2/4/2014 Justin Bieber : How He Got Here and Why He Should Be Sent Home
1/23/2014 Gallup Poll : Americans Overwhelmingly Reject Amnesty
1/15/2014 Huge Immigration Bill Would Destroy King's Dream For Blacks And Hispanics
1/10/2014 House Leaders, Chamber of Commerce Double-Team Unemployed Americans
1/8/2014 Since the Recession Ended, US Economy Jobs' Shorfall 79 Million
1/7/2014 ABA, Law Schools Champion Comprehensive Immigration Reform
1/6/2014 California Supreme Court Grants Law License to Illegal Immigrant ; Will Other States Follow?
12/16/2013 Zuckerberg Doubles Down on Immigration; Will His Money Buy Amnesty?
12/11/2013 Since 2009, 11 Million Americans Out of Job Market; Real Unemployment 1.46 Percent
12/9/2013 Environmentally Disastrous Bullet Train May Be Dead at Last
12/5/2013 Even Record Poverty Can't Derail Immigration Reform
11/29/2013 Honest Polling Shows Americans Reject Immigration Reform Amnesty
11/20/2013 Congressional GOP Scramble to Find Votes for Pelosi
11/14/2013 October Employment Report ; Disneyland-Style Fantasy
11/5/2013 Immigration and Automation Will Leave American Workers Desperately Seeking Jobs
10/23/2013 The Worse the Job Market, the Harder the Push for Immigration Reform
10/18/2013 Jerry Brown Dictatorially Defies Federal Immigration Law
10/11/2013 Immigration Advocates Hit New Low on Capital Hill
10/7/2013 New, Compelling Evidence that More Immigration Leads to Higher Poverty
9/30/2013 Illegal Immigrant Lobby to Stage National Demand for Amnesty, Work Authorization
9/20/2013 Congress Rolls Out Carpet for Greedy Zuckerberg
9/17/2013 For California's Illegal Immigrants, a Great Week
9/6/2013 Feinstein Up To Old Tricks; Asks DHS to NOT Deport Farm Workers
8/28/2013 Labor Day : Remembering Cesar Chavez Enforement Advocate
8/27/2013 Administrative Amnesty Prospects Improve
8/8/2013 California to Release Criminals Into Overcrowded Local Communities
7/30/2013 Despite Increasing Poverty and Unemployment, Immigration Advocacy Continues
7/12/2013 Americans March for Jobs
7/10/2013 White House Intervenes Pushes for Bad Immigration Bill
7/8/2013 Senate Immigration Bill Violates Constitution; Blue-Slip Would Kill It
6/28/2013 Self- Congratulatory Gang of 8 Now Faces Reality
6/24/2013 No Amendment Will Save Senate Immigration Bill; S 744 Must Not Pass
6/6/2013 Rubio's Catch-22 : Stay in Gang or Bail to Regain Credibility
5/15/2013 Gang of Eight - Never Have So Few Told So Many Lies
5/6/2013 Senate to Rush Immigration Bill Before Unsuspecting Americans Wake Up
5/2/2013 Immigration Bill Means 33 Million More Workers ; 33 Million More People
4/17/2013 Like A Ton Of Bricks, Immigration Bill Drops In The Middle Of The Night
4/1/2013 Immigrants to March on Washington Demanding Legal Status
3/22/2013 Out of Touch, RNC Advocates Comprehensive Immigration Reform
3/12/2013 Gang of Eight Retreat
3/1/2013 For Clueless GOP, No Amnesty Upside; Staggering Costs Certain
2/21/2013 Obama Pushes Amnesty Harder ; Americans Not on Board
2/18/2013 Blacks Point Out Obvious To Obama : For Them, Amnesty Means Fewer Jobs, Lower Wages
2/8/2013 Amnesty Will Create Millions More Democrats : The Gop Wants This?
1/29/2013 Congressional Amnesty Blueprint Unrealistic Wish List for Radical Democrats
1/23/2013 Eva Longoria : Washington Power Player?
1/10/2013 Ending Birthright Citizenship Should be a Top Priority for Congress
1/8/2013 Bureau of Labor Statistics Job Deception Deepens
12/27/2012 More Immigration Equals Fewer American Jobs
12/14/2012 Group of Eight Plots to Undermine Americans on Immigration
11/28/2012 Welfare Soars, Led by Huge Increases in Immigrant Usage
11/8/2012 Change is Good -- Except in Politics Where Incumbents Always Win
10/29/2012 Playing Major League Baseball : A Job Americans Won't Do?
10/11/2012 Media Debate : Illegal or Undocumented Immigrants?
10/5/2012 While Nation Teeters on Fiscal Cliff, Immigration Policy Imports Poverty
9/26/2012 Identity Fraud Okay with USCIS - For Deferred Action Aliens
9/13/2012 Inadmissible Evidence : Immigration Hurts American Workers
9/3/2012 Obama's Big Gamble On Ethnic Identity Politics : Will It Pay Off?
8/20/2012 Immigrant Welfare Abuse, Dependency Hits Americans in The Wallet
8/6/2012 July Jobs Report: 'Worthless and Misleading'
7/19/2012 Obama and Romney Should Read The Wall Street Journal to Learn About American Job Loss
7/2/2012 US Immigration Policy : If You Catch Aliens (Unlikely) Release and Reward Them
6/26/2012 Supreme Court's Arizona Decision : Enforcement Wins (No Matter What You Read)
6/18/2012 Obama's Betrayal
6/8/2012 Dream Act, Other Immigrant Entitlements Officially Dead
5/29/2012 With Congress Willfully Blind Americans Subsidize Aliens' Tax Rebates
5/18/2012 American Workers Displacement
4/23/2012 The Crucial Hispanic Vote, Debunked
4/16/2012 On Earth Day Family Planning is the Key to a Green Society
4/5/2012 Homeland Security Announces Its Latest Alien Forgive and Forget Program
4/4/2012 California's Bullet Train a High Speed Trip to Disaster
3/27/2012 Evidence That Higher Immigration Fuels Long Term Population Growth
3/16/2012 The Discouraging Untold Story Behind the February Jobs Report
3/9/2012 By Early Spring, This Year's Summer Jobs for College Kids Are Gone
2/29/2012 White House Moves to Eliminate Funding For Immigration Enforcement
2/11/2012 Why Import Engineers?
1/25/2012 Florida, More DREAMing Even As Tuitions Soar
1/6/2012 Capitol Hill's American Worker Subversion Intensifies
12/5/2011 Last Week's Improved Economic Reports, Crunched Realistically
11/30/2011 Red Cards : The Latest Amnesty Nonsense
11/23/2011 Individual Taxpayer ID Numbers Enable Aliens To Collect Billions
11/18/2011 Soaring International Enrollments at US Colleges Bypass American Kids
11/13/2011 Republicans Debate - But Not About Immigration
10/27/2011 Napolitano's Uphill Climb Against The Facts
10/24/2011 On Immigration Both Parties Move to the Left
10/12/2011 Jerry Brown : Pack Your Bags
10/5/2011 Perry's History Lesson
9/23/2011 Perry Insults DREAM Act Critics; Nomination Chances Fast Slipping Away
9/19/2011 Bachmann Inches Up
9/16/2011 While Republicans Dawdle over Obama's Amnesty the Other Side Digs In
9/5/2011 9/11 : My Night on the Border
8/30/2011 Obama And His Illegal Alien Family
8/19/2011 Obama Stakes Re-Election on Immigration Policy
8/8/2011 Offshoring - How's it Working Out for You?
7/28/2011 Senator Schumer's Distortion : Immigration Creates Jobs
7/20/2011 Modest Proposal : Reduce the Deficit Through Strict Immigration Enforcement
7/12/2011 The DREAM Act Collides With the Real World
6/28/2011 Birth Tourism Fraud Exposed in Chinese Mainstream Media
6/22/2011 The Arizona Fires And The Conspiracy Of Silence
6/15/2011 E-Verify Opponents Tilting at Windmills -- National Legislation Coming Soon
5/19/2011 Carlos Santana American Citizen Sides with Hispanic Lobby on Jobs
5/10/2011 The Most Effective Way to End BirthTourism : Deport Duplicitous Women
4/22/2011 Incarcerated Aliens in California Increase Sanctuary Cities to Blame
3/22/2011 ICE Audits Create More Jobs for Unemployed Americans
3/3/2011 How the Student Visa Undermines American Workers
1/24/2011 California’s Staggering Multi-Billion Dollar Cost to Educate Anchor Baby Citizens
1/10/2011 Will The Senseless Act Of A Lone Gunman Also Kill The First Amendment?
12/30/2010 2011: An Immigration Enforcement Era Dawns
12/8/2010 The Dream Act - A Cynical Tool to Recruit Vulnerable Illegal Immigrants to the Military
11/12/2010 Jerry Brown : Is Small Still Beautiful?
10/21/2010 Governor "Moonbeam" Returns
9/21/2010 A Patriot American Reviews Machete
8/25/2010 Is The Anchor Baby Policy Sustainable

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