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4/13/2021 The Value of Organized Religion to a Representative Republic
4/5/2021 Baseball Strikes Out on Politics
3/29/2021 In D.C., Politics Springs Eternal
3/22/2021 Never Save for a Rainy Day!
3/16/2021 Needed This St. Patrick's Day - Ronald Reagan's Spirit
3/15/2021 The Benefit of Irish Humor
3/8/2021 Looney Times
3/1/2021 Believe It or Not, Money Isn't the Key to Happiness
2/22/2021 The Puppy Solution
2/15/2021 Biden, Social Security, My Retirement and the Wealthy
2/8/2021 Simpler Taxes Long Promised, Never Delivered
2/1/2021 Sledding, Snowmen, Snowballs Needed on Capitol Grounds
1/25/2021 Resisting Girl Scout Cookies' Temptations Harder than Ever
1/19/2021 What America Needs is a Hearty Laugh
1/11/2021 Disgraceful Discourse Ours to Correct
1/4/2021 Companion Animals Bringing More Joy Than Ever
12/29/2020 Longing for Authenticity, Even If Its Fake
12/21/2020 Hoping for a White Christmas This Year
12/15/2020 Viruses and Responses Differ. Human Nature Doesn't.
12/7/2020 COVID Grinch Can't Steal Our Christmas
12/1/2020 Finding the Good in Our Grief with Charlie Brown
11/23/2020 Thankful Despite Cancellation of Family Feast
11/16/2020 COVID-19 Obscures How Great 2020 Really Was
11/9/2020 America 2020: A Good Time for a Nice, Long Sleep
11/2/2020 However this Election Turns Out, You’ll Still Have Your Vote and Voice

10/26/2020 Traditional Halloween Fun Pales in Face of 2020 Reality
10/19/2020 You Know Politics Stinks When Stink Bugs Are an Escape
10/12/2020 The Fate of Gig Workers Could Turn on Ballot Question
10/5/2020 It's Healthy to Laugh in COVID-19's Face this Halloween
9/28/2020 Served Lemons by Coronavirus, Entrepreneurs Make Lemonade
9/21/2020 Autumn's Beauty Should Provide a Chill Pill to America
9/14/2020 Change Voting Age to 16? Try 80!
9/8/2020 Coronavirus, Divisive Politics Have Autumn Optimism in Short Supply
8/31/2020 Census 2020: Accurate Count Essential
8/24/2020 Join COVID-19 Homebuying Rush Develop Common Sense
8/17/2020 The Vanishing Art of Empathy
8/10/2020 The Longer We're Isolated, the Less Productive We Get
8/3/2020 America Means Freedom To Them
7/27/2020 Laughter Really Is the Best Medicine
7/20/2020 Perpetual Anger No Help Amid Pandemic
7/13/2020 Amid Pandemic, Take Pen in Hand
7/6/2020 A Cool Idea Whose Time Has Come Again
6/29/2020 We Grow Wiser By Giving Ourselves To The Elderly
6/22/2020 Kids, Pedal Those Pandemic Blues Away
6/15/2020 The Blessings Of Having A Stubborn Father
6/8/2020 '30 Days a Black Man' Offers Insights into Current Challenges
6/1/2020 One Disruptive Hand Ruins Work Made Light By Many
5/22/2020 Pandemic Restrictions Highlight Blessings We Take for Granted
5/18/2020 Drive-in Theaters Poised to Profit from Pandemic
5/11/2020 Ill-timed Invasion of the Murder Hornets
5/4/2020 Lessons on Homeschooling
4/27/2020 Little Sisters of the Poor Meet Pandemic with Grace Humility
4/20/2020 Spouting Off: How the EPA Made It Harder To Mow My Lawn
4/13/2020 Work-from-Home Productivity Has Come a Long Way Since 1918
4/6/2020 Worrying about My Not-So-Worried Parents
3/30/2020 Pandemic Threatens Musician's Life When We Need His Art Most
3/23/2020 Amid Pandemic, Cyber Scams a Growing Threat
3/16/2020 Learning from My Aunt's Polio Experience
3/9/2020 Just When We Need It Irish Wit Wisdom Abound
3/2/2020 The 2020 Presidential Race: No Laughing Matter
2/24/2020 Kids Have to Make Names for Themselves
2/17/2020 Bringing Chocolate, Peanut Butter, and Americans Together Again
2/10/2020 How to Renew the Dying Art of Romance? Ask Our Elders
2/3/2020 The D.C. Disorder That's Sadder than SAD
1/27/2020 Clarity's Cost: The $5 Million Comma
1/20/2020 Family Landlines Better than Smartphones for Teens
1/13/2020 George Washington's Ignored Example
1/6/2020 A Cut Above: Update Hairstyle, Update Outlook
12/30/2019 Don't Take Cyber Scammers' Bait in 2020
12/23/2019 Amid Such a Clatter, Here's What Really Should Matter
12/16/2019 Why Christmas Nostalgia Is Good for Us
12/9/2019 Let It Snow
12/2/2019 OK, Tail-End Boomer
11/25/2019 The Best Christmas Gifts Don't Come from Stores
11/18/2019 America, Let's Talk This Thanksgiving... After the Mashed Potatoes Fly!
11/11/2019 Driving An 'Underwater' Car Is No Fun
11/4/2019 This Nov. 11, Help Stem Tide of Veteran Suicides
10/14/2019 Today's Bullies Are Online, but So Is Help For Them and Their Victims
10/7/2019 No Escape from Trade Wars' Effects
9/30/2019 'Fall Back' to Putting Life's Small Joys Ahead of Politics
9/23/2019 Make This a Beautiful Day in Your Neighborhood
9/16/2019 Our Cursed 2020 Campaign: 'F-bombs' Away!
9/9/2019 Scholars to Hide Behind 'Fake Names' on Intolerant Campuses
8/30/2019 Americans Unite: The Martians Are Coming!
8/26/2019 Social Security's Looming Shortfall
8/19/2019 Unleashing Entrepreneurs Good for Us All
8/12/2019 Social Media? More Like Anti-Social Media
8/5/2019 Little Sisters Home an Oasis of Joy, Peace, Calm in Troubled World
7/29/2019 Elderly, Beware: Scams on Rise
7/22/2019 Our Childish Politicians Need Kindergarten Lessons
7/15/2019 It's a Computer Bag, Not a Man Purse!
7/8/2019 Humor the Cure for What Ails America
7/1/2019 Buy a Home! You'll Benefit - But Be Miserable
6/24/2019 Alleged Would-be ISIS Bomber Could Have Lived American Dream
6/17/2019 Our National Debt Is Out of Control, But Nobody Seems to Care
6/10/2019 My Remarkably 'Unremarkable' Father
6/3/2019 Hey, America! We Need Another Baby Boom!
5/27/2019 Time to Retire Social Security Numbers
5/20/2019 Honor the Fallen by Hiring Veterans
5/13/2019 'Do Over' Proms Pursue Perpetual Adolescence
5/6/2019 Why I Hope to Become Just Like My Ma
4/29/2019 Doggone Discourse Better Focused on Real Problems
4/22/2019 'Trading Up': Daughters, Sons Can Build Careers Debt-Free
4/15/2019 Bribing Kids' Way into the 'Easy Life' Robs them of True Happiness
4/8/2019 Hope 'Springs' Eternal for Civil Discourse
4/1/2019 Tax Time: Better to Laugh than Cry
3/25/2019 God Chose Her to Be a Beggar
3/18/2019 Erasing Capitalism? Consider the Pencil First
3/11/2019 Irish Stereotypes No Joking Matter
3/4/2019 Why 'Springing Forward' Takes My Dad Weeks
2/25/2019 Donations to Pay Down U.S. Debt Pointless
2/18/2019 Living the Cord-Cutting Dream
2/11/2019 Sunday Set to Remind: 'Be Kind'
2/5/2019 Time to Embrace Cursive Handwriting Again
1/28/2019 Tech Making 'Car Guys' Endangered Species
1/21/2019 Relax, People! They're Just Cookies!
1/14/2019 It's Up to Us to Realize Dr. King's Dream
1/7/2019 Alexa, Why Won't You Reply to My Father?
1/1/2019 Resolutions Our Politicians Won't Keep
12/21/2018 Joy, Wonder, Laughter Children's Christmas Gifts to Adults
12/17/2018 All Along, Google's Been Googling Me
12/10/2018 I'm Dreaming of a Debt-Free Christmas
12/3/2018 Good Grief! Critics Miss Christmas Specials' Points
11/26/2018 Concierge Doc Shows Way to Lower Health-Care Costs
11/19/2018 Give More Thanks - It's Good for You
11/12/2018 Effective Wit a Dying Art in Politics
11/5/2018 Smaller American Towns Connect in Ways Washingtonians Don't
10/29/2018 After Pittsburgh's Synagogue Tragedy, Start with Mister Rogers
10/22/2018 After Saudi Visit, 'Freedom' Just another Word for Home Sweet Home
10/15/2018 Dietary Scientists, Make up Your Minds!
10/8/2018 Failing U.S. Citizenship
10/1/2018 Jokes Abound, But Political Divide No Laughing Matter
9/24/2018 Spendthrift Idioms Define Congress
9/17/2018 Government Grounds for Gobbledygook
9/10/2018 Recalling 9/11: We're Not So Divided After All
9/3/2018 The Higher Tech Gets, the Ruder We Get
8/27/2018 School Lunch Bell Signals Another Round in Fight
8/20/2018 Why Homeownership Pressure Is Good
8/13/2018 Americans Too Worried to Vacation
8/6/2018 Home Alone No Way to Work
7/30/2018 D.C. vs Pittsburgh
7/23/2018 Wearing Out Longevity's Welcome
7/16/2018 Be Civil, by George!
7/9/2018 Summertime Dinner Calls Long Overdue
7/2/2018 Illuminating Independence
6/25/2018 Confusing Facts & Opinions
6/18/2018 We Need to Embrace the Wit and Wisdom of Will Rogers
6/13/2018 The Incredible Power of Fathers
6/11/2018 Skilled Trades Beat Degree Debt
6/4/2018 For Happiness, Head for the Hills
5/29/2018 Left Behind at the Drive-in Theater
5/24/2018 For Memorial Day - Serving Those Who Serve Us
5/21/2018 The Evolving American Prom
5/14/2018 Longing for the Old, Wooden Stereo Console
5/10/2018 For Mother's Day, Embracing Our Lost Sense of Humor
5/7/2018 An Apology to My Niece on Her College Graduation Day
4/30/2018 The Growing Art of American Cursing
4/22/2018 Facebook Knows What about Me?
4/16/2018 Tax-Time Q&A
4/9/2018 Cost Is What Ails Health Care
4/2/2018 Nuclear Fusion Is Federal Bloat's Silver Lining
3/26/2018 Narcissism & the Republic - 'Me the People?'
3/18/2018 Ready to Support Socialism - Come 2035
3/11/2018 Time to Nurture America's Irish-Inspired Sense of Humor
3/4/2018 Never Time for Daylight Saving
2/26/2018 So Long, Foods of My 1970s Childhood
2/15/2018 George Washington's History? It's Complicated
2/12/2018 For Valentine's Day - We Need to Relearn the Art of Romance
2/5/2018 Actually, Things Are Pretty Good and Getting Better
1/29/2018 Lighten up Critics, it's Groundhog Day
1/22/2018 Hey Feds, Take Your Ethanol Mandate and Shovel It!
1/16/2018 Washington is My Only Hope Against Girl Scout Cookies
1/8/2018 Frigid Winter SAD for Anti-Trumpers
1/1/2018 Why My Father Shuns Social Media
12/26/2017 Reformed, But Not Simplified
12/18/2017 A Christmas Dream Inspired by Irving & Bing
12/11/2017 Cheers to Lower Beer Taxes
12/4/2017 Charitable giving - It's an American Tradition
11/27/2017 Identify Theft Calling
11/13/2017 Some of the Devil's Best Work
11/8/2017 Veterans Day by the Numbers
11/6/2017 If We Can't Discuss Issues, How Can We Solve Them?
10/30/2017 GOP Congress Must Remember Why It Was Elected
10/23/2017 Inappropriate Halloween Costumes
10/16/2017 On Polio and Pulling Together
10/9/2017 My Dad, Hef & Real Wealth
10/2/2017 All Politics, All the Time?
9/25/2017 Spending Other People's Money
9/18/2017 20 Trillion Reasons to Address National Debt Right Now
9/11/2017 Desperate for Tax Reform that Simplifies
9/5/2017 Humbled by Harvey, Americans Help
8/28/2017 Free Speech in All its Peaceable Glory
8/21/2017 Vigils Welcome: Let Us Pray
8/14/2017 Money and the Pursuit of Happiness
8/7/2017 Living to 125 Too Much of a Good Thing?
7/31/2017 Why Washington DC Is Not as Livable as Pittsburgh
7/24/2017 Turn Off D.C.'s AC
7/17/2017 Credit-Card Debt Explained
7/10/2017 Americans in Need of a Vacation
7/3/2017 Today's Kids Need a Taste of Parents' 1970s Summertime
6/26/2017 For the Fourth of July, Let's Have Some Common Sense
6/20/2017 Politically Correct Summer Camp
6/14/2017 For Father's Day - Grateful for an Old-School Dad
6/12/2017 Teens' Summer Jobs Becoming Thing of the Past
6/5/2017 Ensuring High School Grads are Equipped for Citizenship
5/30/2017 Beware of Distracted Drivers this Summer
5/24/2017 Small Gestures Key to Honoring Their Sacrifice
5/22/2017 Missing the Old Neighbors
5/15/2017 Surviving the American Prom
5/11/2017 Mothers the Key to All That's Good & Great in This World
5/8/2017 Fake Dirty Jeans: Just $425 in Real Money
5/1/2017 Guys Don't Let 'Gender-Fluid' Fashion Leave You Holding the Bag
4/24/2017 Time to Make it 'Get To Work Daughters Sons' Day
4/13/2017 For Tax Day - Taxing Quotations
4/10/2017 Bugs for Dinner
4/3/2017 Rural Folks Living What 'Preppers' Seek
3/27/2017 With TSA, Indignity Security's Price
3/20/2017 Sharpening Health Care? Consider the Pencil.
3/12/2017 We Can Use a Little Irish Humor Now
3/7/2017 Needed This St Patrick's Day - Ronald Reagan
3/5/2017 Washington, D.C. Has Little in Common with Namesake
2/27/2017 All Our Stuff's No Key to Happiness
2/17/2017 Whose Day Is it Anyway?
2/9/2017 When There Was Romance
2/6/2017 Still Searching for a Diet Panacea
1/31/2017 Why Groundhog Day Must End
1/30/2017 The Sky's the Limit for Skilled Trades
1/23/2017 Your Gift Can Pay Down US Debt - Like Trump
1/16/2017 Millennials Need to Own Homes
1/9/2017 A Trillion Reasons US Debt Is Incomprehensible
1/2/2017 Why Minding Manners Matters
12/26/2016 End Heroin's Devastation in 2017
12/19/2016 If the Mainstream Media Covered Jesus' Birth
12/12/2016 Office-party Christmas Spirit Runs Afoul of Political Correctness
12/5/2016 If Virginia O'Hanlon Had Asked Fidel Castro about Santa Claus
11/28/2016 Wisdom the GOP Ignores at Its Peril
11/21/2016 How to Survive Thanksgiving- Dinner Politics
11/14/2016 Why 'Deplorables' Elected Trump
11/7/2016 The Worst Is Yet to Come
10/31/2016 ObamaCare Q&A for Dummies
10/24/2016 The Jerry Springer Election
10/17/2016 Dead People ARE Voting
10/10/2016 Suffering from Election Stress Disorder
9/26/2016 The Comeback of Cursive
9/19/2016 Hillary Summons the Dead for Advice
9/12/2016 Pondering the Regrettable History of Taxation
9/6/2016 Teaching the Young How to Vote
8/29/2016 America's Lost Love Affair with Cars
8/22/2016 Yet Another Regrettable Outcome of the 2016 Election: Divorce
8/15/2016 How to Get Americans to Watch the Olympics
8/8/2016 A Comatose Man Wakes to the 2016 Election
8/1/2016 When Parents Go Rogue at Sporting Events for Kids
7/27/2016 If Bill Clinton Becomes 'First Guy'
7/25/2016 How the Trivial & Entertaining Mask Real Issues
7/18/2016 Late-Night Comedians on Trump & Clinton
7/11/2016 Nostalgic for the Drive-in Theater
7/6/2016 Dinner Bells and Other Lost Sounds of Summer
7/5/2016 Beware of Distracted Drivers this Summer
6/27/2016 Remembering Our History One War Memorial at a Time
6/20/2016 Memories of a 1970s Dog
6/16/2016 For Father's Day – The Apple Core and the Toilet
6/13/2016 The Benefits of Not Working from Home
6/6/2016 The Right to Conceal & Carry in Washington D.C.
5/29/2016 Celebrating the Freedom to Picnic this Summer
5/25/2016 Why to Avoid Excessive Prom Spending
5/23/2016 The Little Sisters of the Poor & the Fight for Freedom
5/16/2016 Premium Handmade Cigars Go Up in Smoke
5/9/2016 Marriage Trends and My Mother
5/2/2016 Our Growing Rudeness and Incivility
4/25/2016 Needed: Some Will Rogers' Sanity
4/18/2016 Why Dirt Is Good for Kids
4/11/2016 Why I Snapped at a Bernie Supporter
4/4/2016 Needed: Another Earl Hamner
3/28/2016 The Only Move to Make if Trump Wins
3/21/2016 Transient Americans & My Parents' House
3/14/2016 St Patrick's Day Brings Needed Levity
3/8/2016 How Ronald Reagan Celebrated St Patrick's Day
3/7/2016 If Bill Clinton Becomes 'First Guy'
2/29/2016 Why We Want Our Politicians to Lie
2/22/2016 Hey Bernie, the Robots Are Coming
2/15/2016 How to Prevent Candidates from Spreading the Common Cold
2/8/2016 The Keys to Health and Happiness
2/1/2016 Immoral Girl Scout Cookies
1/25/2016 Surviving The Winter Blues
1/18/2016 Why Kids Need to Sled Alone
1/11/2016 Mastering the Fourth Industrial Revolution
1/4/2016 Modern Men Need to Embrace Their Dads and Granddads
12/28/2015 2016 Resolutions: Hey, Federal Government, You First
12/21/2015 Merriment, Generosity Define Christmas
12/14/2015 Open Season on Healthcare Consumers
12/7/2015 Civil Discourse Needed to Address Terrorist Threat
11/30/2015 Declining Religious Belief
11/23/2015 Lots to Be Thankful For
11/16/2015 Critical Thinking Needed
11/9/2015 Veterans Day By the Numbers
11/2/2015 What's the Beef?
10/26/2015 The Blessings of a Traditional Family
10/19/2015 Politically Correct Halloween Costumes
10/12/2015 Pampered College Nitwits
10/5/2015 The Decline of American Greatness
9/28/2015 Obama Confesses to Pope Francis
9/21/2015 The Cause of High College Tuition
9/14/2015 The Single Life
9/8/2015 To Revive America, Resuscitate the American Entrepreneur
8/31/2015 Preparing for the Worst
8/24/2015 America's Heroin Epidemic
8/18/2015 Facebook Fatigue
8/17/2015 Hot & Cold: Air Conditioning's Mixed Blessing
8/10/2015 Renting, the New American Dream
8/6/2015 Politically Correct Summer Camp
8/3/2015 Weak Recovery Has 'Staycations' Here to Stay
7/27/2015 Americana on a Bun
7/20/2015 How to Rack Up Debt
7/13/2015 The Consequences of Short Attention Spans
7/6/2015 Free-Range Parenting Getting Costly
6/29/2015 Independence Day's Importance
6/24/2015 Why Spy on France?
6/22/2015 Hairy Women, Hairless Men
6/17/2015 For Father's Day, Counting Our Blessings
6/15/2015 Defaulting on Personal Responsibility
6/8/2015 The Power of Plain Language
6/1/2015 Why Conservatives Give Better Graduation Speeches
5/25/2015 Journalism's Sorry State
5/18/2015 For Memorial Day - Special-Needs Students Honor Veterans
5/13/2015 Excessive Prom Spending
5/11/2015 Schooling Millennials
5/8/2015 For Mother's Day: Spreading the Art of Laughter
5/4/2015 Where's Dad?
4/27/2015 Legal Monkey Business
4/20/2015 Toasting a Long Life
4/14/2015 My Father's 1959 Tax Return
4/13/2015 Aging America Staying Put
4/6/2015 Tax-Time Misery
3/31/2015 Springtime in Washington
3/30/2015 Reasoning with Iran
3/23/2015 Lamenting Loss of Family-Owned Grocery
3/16/2015 No Way to Celebrate St Patrick's Day
3/9/2015 Food Intervention, Government Style
3/2/2015 Overreaching in Plain English
2/23/2015 Snow's Silver Lining
2/15/2015 Awaiting Our Next George Washington
2/11/2015 The Swimsuit Issue
2/9/2015 Valentine's Day Advice for Wary Women
2/2/2015 Why Unemployed Men Don't Do Housework
1/29/2015 For Groundhog's Day - An Interview with Punxsutawney Phil
1/26/2015 Millennials Buy into Homeownership
1/19/2015 Why We Need a Better Sense of Humor
1/15/2015 On Handwritten Letters
1/12/2015 A Slippery Slope
1/5/2015 In Praise of Big Families
12/29/2014 Thanks North Korea
12/22/2014 Healthy Job Performance Review
12/17/2014 Praying for a White Christmas
12/15/2014 The Downside of Living Alone
12/8/2014 A 2014 Gift of the Magi
12/1/2014 A Charlie Brown Christmas Miracle
11/24/2014 Merci America!
11/21/2014 For Thanksgiving - Pass the Civility
11/17/2014 I've Been Stupid, but Not THAT Stupid!
11/10/2014 Up in Smoke
11/7/2014 For Veterans Day -- Tomb of the Unknowns
11/3/2014 Why Millennials Hate Voice Mail
10/27/2014 Beat Ebola Like Polio
10/21/2014 A 1970s Halloween
10/20/2014 Needed: More Independent Contractors
10/13/2014 Obama Critics Too Late, Not Too Little
10/10/2014 Exploring Christopher Columbus
10/6/2014 What Women Want
9/29/2014 On Religion and Morality
9/22/2014 Home Cooking as a Burden Hard to Swallow
9/14/2014 Obama Learns of Pearl Harbor
9/8/2014 Hovering Over College Kids
9/1/2014 The Taste of Government Control
8/27/2014 On Window Fans and Air Conditioning
8/25/2014 It's Good to Have to Get Things Done
8/18/2014 When Government Teleworkers Don't Work from Home
8/10/2014 Expect Less, Be Happy
8/4/2014 Let Boy's Be Boys this Summer
7/28/2014 Teens Not Working Doesn't Work for America
7/23/2014 The Lost Sounds of Summer
7/21/2014 An Oath for Obama
7/14/2014 About Those Dirty Little Sisters of the Poor
7/7/2014 The Right to Paid Vacation
6/30/2014 Fourth of July Fast Facts
6/25/2014 Eddie & the Fourth of July
6/23/2014 A Defensive Response
6/18/2014 Why Americans Dislike Soccer
6/16/2014 When Government Runs Health Care
6/9/2014 How to Live with Your Parents
6/5/2014 For Father's Day: Why Dads Are Essential to Kids
6/2/2014 Dogs Can't Root Out Root Cause of Stress
5/28/2014 Speech to the Best Graduating Class Ever
5/26/2014 Why Spy, China?
5/20/2014 For Memorial Day - Tomb of the Unknowns
5/19/2014 Not Missing Out This Time
5/12/2014 On Rudeness and Incivility
5/5/2014 Home Ownership for the Birds
4/28/2014 Phone Addiction Not So Smart
4/22/2014 Exploiting the American Prom
4/21/2014 We Want Politicians to Lie
4/14/2014 Longing for Tax Freedom
4/9/2014 My Father’s 1959 Tax Return
4/7/2014 Privacy? Surely You Jest!
4/1/2014 Springtime in Washington
3/31/2014 Obama Confesses
3/24/2014 Obama Talks to Putin
3/17/2014 Government Advice on Affording ObamaCare
3/11/2014 For St. Patrick’s Day — The Value of Irish Humor
3/10/2014 Old-Fashioned Baby Names Make a Comeback
3/5/2014 FIRST Step Toward America's Future
3/3/2014 Men, Your Love Life Needs a Pickup (Truck)
2/24/2014 A Dieting Cookie Addict's Plea
2/18/2014 The Swimsuit Issue
2/17/2014 Losing Ourselves in Snow & Cold
2/12/2014 For Valentine's Day - a Return to Romance
2/10/2014 Discouraging Work
2/3/2014 Why Americans Want Smaller, Cozier Houses
1/31/2014 Why Groundhog Day Should Be Outlawed
1/27/2014 It's Later Than Men Think
1/20/2014 Forward and Back with the iPhone
1/13/2014 Little Sisters vs Goliath
1/6/2014 Elegy For The Incandescent Bulb
12/30/2013 Obama Channels Nixon
12/23/2013 The Key To New Year's Resolutions
12/16/2013 Looking Forward this Christmas
12/11/2013 A Christmas Toy Story - Back To The Basics
12/9/2013 Gender Differences Hard Wired
12/2/2013 Dog Days of Obamacare
11/25/2013 Why There's Lots to Celebrate this Thanksgiving
11/18/2013 Bill Clinton, First Guy
11/12/2013 Obamacare Backlash No Surprise
11/8/2013 Veterans Day -- Quiet Sacrifice
11/4/2013 Letter From Washington
10/28/2013 Satirical Halloween Costumes
10/22/2013 Why Spy on France?
10/21/2013 Does Obamacare Cover Sticker Shock?
10/14/2013 The Real Deficit's in Leadership
10/8/2013 The Perils of Nasty Netiquette
10/7/2013 Incomprehensible Sums
10/1/2013 Needed Blue-Collar Horse Sense
9/30/2013 Size Matters
9/24/2013 Ostentatious Baby Names
9/23/2013 Why Duck Dynasty Viewers Flock
9/16/2013 Health Really Is Everything
9/9/2013 A Pencil's Point
9/9/2013 It's (No Longer) A Jeep Thing
9/3/2013 A New Yorker's View of Gun Control
8/27/2013 Regulation Without Representation
8/26/2013 Why Obamacare Is Good For Me
8/20/2013 Good Old Neighbors
8/19/2013 Fidel Goes To Confession
8/14/2013 Rudeness And Miss Manners
8/12/2013 Why I Sometimes Long For The Cold War
8/7/2013 Great Minds on Government
8/6/2013 Marriage is Alive And Well - For Some
7/30/2013 Summer Camp
7/29/2013 Age(s) of Happiness
7/23/2013 My David Cassidy Hair
7/22/2013 Recess For Kids and Adults
7/16/2013 The Window Fans
7/15/2013 Rooting Out Government Leakers
7/9/2013 Lessons From The Photo Box
7/8/2013 An Education in Debt
7/1/2013 For The Fourth of July -- Declare Independence From Government
6/26/2013 Dinner Bells And The Other Lost Sounds of Summer
6/24/2013 Catholic School Incisive, Not Divisive
6/18/2013 He's Not a Hitter, He's a Baby Sitter
6/17/2013 Immaturity and the Modern Male
6/10/2013 Countering Government Intimidation
6/7/2013 For Father's Day
6/3/2013 The Games Behind the Olympic Games
5/28/2013 Demonstrate Loyalty and Support
5/21/2013 Man Bags For the Modern Male
5/20/2013 Scandal Advice From The Master
5/14/2013 Big Spenders
5/13/2013 Speech To The Best Graduating Class Ever
5/8/2013 100 Years is Enough For Me, Pal
5/6/2013 No-Fault Internet Addiction
4/30/2013 Why American Sensibility Is 'Distressed'
4/29/2013 Reverse Psychology vs The Nanny State
4/23/2013 Beware the American Prom
4/22/2013 That's America to Me
4/16/2013 The Wit and Wisdom of Will Rogers
4/15/2013 The Higher Our Tech The Ruder We Get
4/8/2013 Financial Responsibility, Obama Style
4/2/2013 Taxing Quotations
4/1/2013 A Political Dropout Confesses
3/25/2013 Springtime In Washington DC
3/25/2013 Not the Devil But Silver-Tongued
3/19/2013 Grocery Night
3/18/2013 Income Tax 101
3/12/2013 How NOT to Honor St. Patrick
3/11/2013 The Many Woes of Telecommuting
3/5/2013 Needed This St Patricks's Day : Ronald Reagan
3/4/2013 My Mother and Father School the Senate
2/28/2013 Navigating the Second Amendment
2/25/2013 Are Humans Getting Dumber?
2/19/2013 Facebook Fatigue
2/18/2013 Smoked By ObamaCare
2/12/2013 For Presidents Day - George Washington Makeover
2/11/2013 The Cut Is In The Mail
2/5/2013 Valentine's Day - When There Was Romance
2/4/2013 Say it Ain't Joe
1/28/2013 Privacy? What Privacy?
1/28/2013 Obvious Government Tips for Coping with Winter
1/22/2013 The Bike Jump
1/21/2013 Where Common Ground Begins
1/15/2013 The 70's Stereo Console
1/14/2013 Lessons From the 1940 Census
1/8/2013 New Year's Resolutions Fed-Style
1/7/2013 Cliff Not Our Real Crisis
1/2/2013 Fascinating, Not Famous
12/31/2012 Hurricane Sandy Pork
12/24/2012 Abner The Volunteer Dog
12/18/2012 How To Support The Troops Over The Holidays
12/17/2012 Making the Rich Flee
12/11/2012 Beware the Office Christmas Party
12/10/2012 Surviving the Fiscal Cliff
12/5/2012 The Joke's On Men
12/3/2012 Christmas Tree Shopping With Dad
11/26/2012 Why Spy on France?
11/19/2012 Our Money Factory
11/11/2012 C'est la vie America
11/8/2012 Left Behind at The Drive In
11/5/2012 It's a Jeep Thing
10/29/2012 Ahmadinejad Calls Obama
10/22/2012 Biden Confesses Ignorance
10/15/2012 An Interview With Big Bird
10/8/2012 Cyber Attacks to Monitor Investments?
10/1/2012 Timing the American Experience Just Right
9/24/2012 Economic Freedom Heads North
9/17/2012 Candidates' Signature Moment
9/10/2012 What about the War on Men?
9/3/2012 Why I'm a Republican
8/27/2012 My Trials and Tribulations As The Only Boy At An All Girls School
8/20/2012 Genetically Engineered Children
8/13/2012 In Europe, Prosperity on Vacation
8/6/2012 The Right To Go Topless
7/30/2012 Let Voting to Felons, Dogs, the Dead?
7/23/2012 How to Improve the Summer Olympics
7/16/2012 The Dying Art of Cursive
7/9/2012 Prognosis Not Good for HSAs
7/2/2012 Flushing Away Our Freedom
6/25/2012 Failing the U.S. Citizenship Test
6/18/2012 Cool, But Not For Spending
6/11/2012 Time to Police the Government
6/4/2012 If Obama Told the Grads the Truth
5/28/2012 Only Label That Counts
5/21/2012 The Life of JimboBob
5/14/2012 Easy Life in France Just a Dream
5/7/2012 What Are America's Pet Owners Thinking?
4/30/2012 Jackpot Win No Tax Win
4/23/2012 Discovery's Last Flight
4/16/2012 America's Most Desirable Jobs
4/9/2012 My Father's 1959 Tax Return
4/2/2012 President Obama's Healthcare Soliloquy
3/26/2012 No Shame in Moving Back Home With Mom and Dad
3/19/2012 Debt, Deficit Picture One Massive Downer
3/12/2012 Irish Humor to Prime the Pump
3/5/2012 Ask The Tax Prep Expert
2/27/2012 Baby Boomers Dying To Help the Economy
2/18/2012 What a Concept for US Automakers
2/13/2012 The Swimsuit Issue
2/6/2012 Sexes' Differences Good for Valentines Day
1/30/2012 Hey Canada, How About a Trade?
1/23/2012 A Hair Behind
1/16/2012 Digging For Dirt on Romney
1/9/2012 Confusion vs. My Nest Egg
1/2/2012 Tips for Government Teleworkers
12/26/2011 Why We Need Better BS
12/19/2011 Nuns Best Example For Teaching
12/12/2011 Toy Story - Back To The Basics
12/5/2011 Our Taxing Mess
11/28/2011 Me vs. Mother Nature
11/21/2011 Unfortunate Reality (TV)
11/14/2011 Circus of Family Values
11/7/2011 The Real American Dream
10/31/2011 Millionaire Myths
10/24/2011 The Way Halloween Should Be
10/17/2011 Craigslist Capitalism
10/10/2011 A Card For Every Lousy Occasion
10/3/2011 Making it Through The Rain
9/26/2011 What Took Them So Long?
9/19/2011 We Are Innovative Masters
9/12/2011 Taking Rural Refuge
9/5/2011 Anti-Bullying Bullies
8/29/2011 Mancession an Opportunity
8/22/2011 An Experience to Avoid
8/15/2011 Incivility Rising
8/8/2011 Fat Presidents, Lean Governent?
8/1/2011 A Man In Search Of His Mail
7/25/2011 Dog Days for Peta
7/18/2011 Are Cigars Endangered?
7/11/2011 Fidel : No, Virginia
7/3/2011 My Father's Flag
6/27/2011 Good Old Neighbors
6/20/2011 No Illusions about Country Living
6/14/2011 For Father's Day -- Blue Ribbon Dads
6/13/2011 Kids' Summer Ain't What It Used To Be
6/6/2011 Needed -- Washing Machine that Washes
5/30/2011 Vacation? What Vacation?
5/23/2011 Can't Fuhgeddaboud Christie
5/16/2011 Break Out The Bell Bottoms
5/9/2011 Say Your Prayers
5/2/2011 American Spirit Now from Abroad
4/25/2011 Take Your Middle Aged Kid to Retirement
4/18/2011 On The Government's Menu
4/11/2011 Tax-Time Miseries
4/4/2011 Dressed To Kill (Innocence)
3/28/2011 Why The Rich Don't Feel Rich
3/21/2011 A Cowboy Poem
3/14/2011 Irish Need Not Apply
3/7/2011 FIRST Step Towards America's Future
2/28/2011 Warming Causing Cooling?
2/21/2011 Watson for President
2/14/2011 Why We Need Romance
2/7/2011 Shedding My David Cassidy Hair
1/31/2011 Laughing Not To Cry
1/24/2011 Metaphor Madness
1/17/2011 Uncertain For Sure
1/10/2011 Earmarks Miss The Mark
1/3/2011 Fascinating Not Famous
12/27/2010 For New Year’s -- Partying Like It’s 1999
12/19/2010 Christmas Has Become Better Every Year
12/13/2010 Wikileaks Bad News For Humorists
12/6/2010 Our Snapshot of America
11/29/2010 Bad "Feelings" At The TSA
11/22/2010 The Best Thanksgiving Ever
11/15/2010 Ugly Truth About DC
11/8/2010 My Parents Rein in Government Spending
11/8/2010 For Veterans Day - Real Troop Support
11/1/2010 Too Good To Be True?
10/25/2010 Recession? Not in Washington DC
10/18/2010 For Halloween -- Dressing Up in Down Times
10/11/2010 Beltway Lessons
10/4/2010 Mom 1 Phone Scammer 0
9/27/2010 The American Dream
9/20/2010 Wary of The Technology Aware
9/13/2010 We Can Fix What Ails Us
9/6/2010 Beating Ourselves?
8/30/2010 One Born Every Minute
8/23/2010 Same-Sex Marriage
8/16/2010 Eat Easies -- Coming in 2050?
8/9/2010 Needed -- Plain English
8/2/2010 Spending Cuts? You First
7/26/2010 How To Mooch Off Your Parents In A Down Economy
7/19/2010 Needed Blue-Collar Horse Sense
7/12/2010 Navigating the Second Amendment in Washington DC
7/5/2010 The Case For Marriage
6/28/2010 Necessity Mother of Invention
6/21/2010 The Upside to Hiring Independent Contractors
6/15/2010 For Father's Day -- Saving for a Rainy Day
6/14/2010 Getting Americans Interested in the World Cup
6/7/2010 My Sisters Teach Equality to the Women of Afghanistan
5/30/2010 On Fixer-Uppers
5/24/2010 Sex Harassment for Kids
5/17/2010 Ban The Burger Month
5/10/2010 Hey Big Spenders
5/3/2010 For Mother's Day --Spreading the Art of Laughter
4/26/2010 Food Stamps for College Kids
4/19/2010 Pledge of Allegiance Revised
4/12/2010 Enough Chirping
4/5/2010 Springtime in Washington
3/29/2010 Tan and Tax
3/22/2010 Census 101
3/15/2010 Why We Need More Irish Spirit
3/8/2010 The Right to Cuss
3/1/2010 Expert Advice
2/22/2010 Fun Goes Downhill
2/13/2010 Needed More Snow in Washington DC
2/8/2010 Understanding Presidents Day
1/29/2010 For Groundhog's Day - Interview with Punxsutawney Phil
1/25/2010 Simplifying the Tax Code
1/18/2010 Government Work
1/11/2010 Risks and Frisks
1/4/2010 New Year's Resolutions Fed Style
12/28/2009 New Year's Day -- A Truly Wealthy Man
12/21/2009 Pollution a Solution?
12/14/2009 Praying for a White Christmas
12/7/2009 Soft on Manhood
11/30/2009 Socially Conscious Toys for Tots
11/21/2009 For Thanksgiving - Pass the Civility
11/16/2009 Organ Music
11/8/2009 For Veterans Day -- Real Troop Support
11/2/2009 Bad Idea on Tap
10/26/2009 Halloween Freedom
10/19/2009 Pet Deductions
10/12/2009 Driven to Distraction
10/5/2009 A Deadline Only Mom Could Set
9/28/2009 Walk the Walk? Not for Today's Kids
9/21/2009 Speaking of Lying
9/14/2009 An Over "FED" Mind
9/7/2009 Incivility's Origin
8/31/2009 Better BS Needed
8/24/2009 Menu for Reform
8/17/2009 Don't Go Postal
8/10/2009 Hair Would Be Fair
8/3/2009 Au Revoir USA
7/27/2009 Defending the Bureau of Public Debt
7/20/2009 A Bumper Crop for Barack
7/13/2009 The Bike Jump
7/6/2009 Playboy For Sale
6/29/2009 For The Fourth of July - Eddie Gabor's House
6/22/2009 A Real Clunker
6/15/2009 An End to Buffoonish Fathers
6/8/2009 A Pencil's Point
6/1/2009 Summer Musings
5/25/2009 Stimulus For The Dead
5/18/2009 Unhappiness Is What We Need
5/11/2009 Middle Aged and Annoyed
5/4/2009 For Mother's Day - Thankful for an Unenlightened Mom
4/27/2009 Driving Us to Drink
4/20/2009 Facebook Fatigue
4/13/2009 Pyramid Scheme
4/6/2009 Calling Government Motors
3/30/2009 Fried Green Liberalism
3/23/2009 The Unintended Successes of Big Government
3/16/2009 Religion's Virtue
3/9/2009 St Patrick's Day Sanity
3/2/2009 On Saving Detroit and Muscle Cars
2/23/2009 Botching the Digital Switchover
2/16/2009 Guilt Complex
2/9/2009 Stuck in a SAD State
2/2/2009 The Sister We Left Behind
1/26/2009 Going Deep on the Super Bowl
1/19/2009 Here Come The Food Police
1/12/2009 Dissecting The Obama Signature
1/5/2009 Red Ink Did Me Good
12/29/2008 Home Sweet Heart Home
12/22/2008 The Joke's On Men
12/15/2008 Christmas Memories and Greeting Cards
12/8/2008 Trouble at Sunset Acres
12/1/2008 The Gift of the Magi Revisited
11/24/2008 Giving Thanks
11/17/2008 The Truth about Government
11/6/2008 For Veterans Day -- Tomb of the Unknowns
11/3/2008 A New Investment Strategy
10/27/2008 It's All About the Candy Kids
10/20/2008 Blankity Blank Blanks
10/13/2008 Longing For The Clintons
10/6/2008 Taking Stock of Testosterone
9/29/2008 Government Failure as Usual
9/22/2008 Change We Can Spare
9/15/2008 Campaign Jokes Are Telling
9/8/2008 She's a Pittsburgh Girl
9/1/2008 Me For President
8/25/2008 Grateful For A Do-Nothing Congress
8/18/2008 School Lunch Dough
8/11/2008 Chinese Hot Dogs
8/4/2008 Regulation without Representation
7/28/2008 Shaping Up our Fat Kids
7/21/2008 Fannie Freddie and the Daybed
7/14/2008 Food and Gas Pains
7/7/2008 Gone to the Dogs
6/30/2008 Fourth of July -- A New Declaration of Independence
6/23/2008 Healthy Help Wanted
6/16/2008 Bugged By Global Warming
6/9/2008 For Father's Day - Son of a
6/2/2008 Winning the War on Fat Kids
5/26/2008 SUV For Sale
5/21/2008 For Memorial Day -- Quiet Sacrifice
5/19/2008 Grandpa Shacks Up
5/12/2008 Needed -- Will Rogers
5/7/2008 Mother's Day -- Don't Take Her For Granted
5/5/2008 Banking On Food
4/28/2008 Gross National Happiness
4/21/2008 American as Tag and Dodgeball
4/14/2008 Tortured By Taxes
4/7/2008 Male Alimony
3/31/2008 Old School Values
3/24/2008 Lessons From The Photo Box
3/17/2008 May the Easter Bunny Live
3/10/2008 How Not To Honor St Patrick
3/3/2008 Material Kids
2/25/2008 For The Love of Obama
2/18/2008 SI Gets Semi-Naked
2/11/2008 For Valentine's Day - Wooing The Modern Male
2/4/2008 It's Taxing Without Rudy
1/28/2008 Sub-Prime Illiteracy
1/21/2008 Edison's Dim Bulb
1/14/2008 Why Girl Scout Cookies Must Be Banned
1/9/2008 Moving In The Right Direction
1/7/2008 A Dog Named Abner
12/31/2007 Nature Lessons
12/26/2007 100 Years is Enough For Me Pal
12/24/2007 Cable News Covers the Birth of Christ
12/17/2007 Makeup For Men
12/10/2007 Bickering to Save the Earth
12/3/2007 Beware of the Office Christmas Party
11/26/2007 The Trial of Santa Claus
11/19/2007 A Thankful American
11/12/2007 What Does Hillary Want
11/5/2007 Soaking Taxpayers
10/29/2007 Mother Of All Landlord Taxes
10/22/2007 Contemporary Halloween
10/15/2007 Fred Thompson's Wife
10/8/2007 Tom Brady's Kid
10/1/2007 Health Savings Account Is A Beautiful Thing
9/24/2007 Bullies Technology and Bullets
9/17/2007 Men Women And The Housework Enigma
9/10/2007 Pampered College Kids
9/4/2007 On Rudeness and Miss Manners
8/27/2007 On Handwritten Letters
8/22/2007 On Picnics and Social Connectedness
8/20/2007 On Sailboats and Womens Equality Day
8/13/2007 How Ethanol is Ruining My Social Life
8/6/2007 On Big Families
7/30/2007 Baby Names
7/23/2007 Tapped Out On Bottled Water
7/16/2007 On Big Houses
7/9/2007 My Terrorist Doc
7/2/2007 If Washington Crossed The Delaware in 2007
6/25/2007 Will Rogers on Congress
6/18/2007 Summer Camp
6/13/2007 For Father's Day
6/11/2007 American Morality
6/4/2007 The Ugly Truth
5/29/2007 He's Not a Hitter He's a Baby Sitter
5/23/2007 For Memorial Day - A Veteran's Spirit
5/21/2007 Crying At Work
5/17/2007 If Osama Were to Speak to the Grads
5/14/2007 The Clinton Marriage
5/9/2007 For Mother's Day - A Mother's Determination
5/7/2007 Barbecue Sins
5/2/2007 Exploiting The American Prom
4/30/2007 Uninformed Americans
4/26/2007 The Waltons - Grocery Shopping and Thursday Night
4/23/2007 Distressed - American Sensibility
4/16/2007 Needed - Stereo Console
4/9/2007 Why Spring Taxes Me
4/2/2007 War Games
3/30/2007 Foreclosed Common Sense
3/26/2007 Year 2027 - Designer Babies
3/19/2007 Taxing Quotations
3/12/2007 Needed -- More Irish Humor
3/6/2007 Needed This St. Patrick's Day - Ronald Reagan
3/5/2007 Craving Fame
2/26/2007 Wild Woolly Affair
2/22/2007 Cold Hard Science
2/19/2007 A Clever Tax Scheme
2/12/2007 For Presidents Day - George Washington Makeover
2/7/2007 For Valentine's Day - When There Was Romance
2/5/2007 The Handwriting of Bush Reid and Pelosi
1/29/2007 No Respect No Respect at All
1/26/2007 Why Groundhog Day Should Be Outlawed
1/22/2007 Women Without Husbands
1/19/2007 Privacy What Privacy
1/15/2007 On Meter Maids and Democrats
1/8/2007 My Addiction To Trans Fats
12/31/2006 Another New Year Resolution - Tech Etiquette
12/27/2006 New Year's Resolution - Ownership Society
12/18/2006 Cupcake Ban
12/14/2006 What Kids Really Want For Christmas
12/11/2006 For The Contemporary American Male Man Bag
12/1/2006 Good Grief It's Christmas
11/17/2006 The Real Thanksgiving
11/6/2006 Veterans Day Column - The Veteran's Soul
10/23/2006 Ban On Halloween
10/3/2006 Columbus Day Oct 9th - Exploring Christopher Columbus
9/19/2006 Conspiracy Theory
8/30/2006 Labor Day - I Wish I Were French
8/8/2006 Dinner Bells
6/25/2006 The Fourth Of July - Hot Diggity Dog
6/14/2006 For Father's Day - The Apple Core And The Toilet
5/23/2006 For Memorial Day - Guards of Ageless Honor
5/8/2006 For Mother's Day - Hardest Job of Them All
3/13/2006 The Value Of Irish Humor

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