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4/16/2021 Viva Las Vegas... Almost
4/8/2021 Jim Crow on Steroids? Come on, Man!
4/1/2021 Take Me Out to Fewer Ball Games
3/25/2021 Hail to the Punter in Chief
3/18/2021 Biden Didn't Need 100 days to Screw America
3/11/2021 Oprah Hugs the Royal Whiners
3/4/2021 Three Cheers for Texas
2/25/2021 So Far, Biden is All Gloom and No Sunshine
2/18/2021 Thanks For Everything, Rush
2/12/2021 Impeaching Trump Again Was Almost as Dumb as Closing Schools
2/4/2021 Transgender Madness is Destroying Girls Sports
1/28/2021 It's a Scary Time for Conservatives
1/21/2021 With President Joe, It's Divided We Stand
1/14/2021 Time For Trump and Biden to Suck It Up
1/7/2021 The Sad Legacy of Donald Trump
12/31/2020 2021 Can't Be Any Worse, Can It?!
12/17/2020 The Yahoos Who Stole Christmas
12/10/2020 There's No Escape From L.A.
12/4/2020 Teed Off in Los Angeles [corrected]
12/3/2020 Teed Off in Los Angeles
11/19/2020 Thanks For Wrecking the Holidays, Emperor Newsom
11/12/2020 China's Evil Act of War
11/5/2020 Presidential Winners and Losers
10/29/2020 Escape from LA... and Joe Biden
10/23/2020 Trump Tamed is Trump Triumphant
10/15/2020 How Maureen Reagan 'Packed' the Supreme Court
10/8/2020 Looking at the VP Debate
10/1/2020 Shut Up and Debate, Mr. President
9/24/2020 The High Price of Police Protests
9/17/2020 Don't Blame Global Warming For Killer Wildfires
9/11/2020 To Spook or Not to Spook the Public
9/4/2020 America is Not a Land of Racists
8/27/2020 A Tale of Two Conventions
8/20/2020 California Dems Seek Death Penalty for Uber and Lyft
8/14/2020 California Burns While Newsom Fiddles
8/6/2020 No News is Relaxing News
7/31/2020 The Virus Of Anarchy
7/23/2020 God Save America - From Joe Biden
7/16/2020 The Kids Won't Be All Right
7/9/2020 A Timely Family History Lesson
6/26/2020 The Politics Of Upside-Down America
6/19/2020 Where Have The Black Leaders Gone?
6/11/2020 No Police, No Peace
6/5/2020 Protesting The Protesters
5/28/2020 Small Business Owners Face Big Problems
5/21/2020 L.A. Is No Day At The Beach
5/15/2020 Free California
5/7/2020 Power to the People
5/1/2020 California Dictating
4/23/2020 Essential Travel in L.A.
4/16/2020 Time to End the Great Shutdown
4/9/2020 The Positives and Negatives of Being Stuck at Home in L.A.
4/2/2020 Saluting General Trump
3/26/2020 No Hope For Democrats
3/19/2020 Fighting Off The Flu
3/12/2020 The Other Virus To Fear
3/5/2020 The Establishment Strikes Back
2/28/2020 Sick of the Media Hype (updated version)
2/20/2020 Poor Mike
2/6/2020 Winners and Losers
1/31/2020 A Dangerous Impeachment Policy
1/24/2020 The New Rules of Impeachment
1/16/2020 Another Democrat 'Bombshell' Bombs
1/9/2020 (FAKE) WORLD WAR OVER!!!!
1/3/2020 Workers Resist California's Newest Bad Law
12/26/2019 Celebrating a Christmas Ceasefire
12/20/2019 Mother Pelosi's Impeachment Games
12/12/2019 Impeachments 'R' Us
12/5/2019 Behind the Glare of Impeachment, Secretary DeVos Shines
11/21/2019 Making a Sham of Impeachment
11/15/2019 The Impeachment Follies
11/7/2019 Adopting Christian Foster Care
10/31/2019 California Burning
10/10/2019 Raising Our Kids to Hate
10/3/2019 Biden Family Values
9/26/2019 On Ukraine, Let's Do the Time Warp Again!
9/19/2019 Leaving California to the Homeless
9/12/2019 Making Schools Less Safe, California-Style
9/5/2019 America Tunes Out the Demented Dems
8/29/2019 Quit Now, Joe
8/22/2019 What Democrats Need to Learn About Education
8/17/2019 Shooting Down California's Ammo Law [updated]
8/8/2019 Michael Reagan On Vacation This Week
8/1/2019 The Democrats Lost Their Own Debates
7/25/2019 Mueller Report, Part Deux
7/18/2019 Watching the Democrats Shoot Themselves
7/12/2019 Politics Spoiled the Fun of America's Soccer Cup Win
7/4/2019 Who'd Take Ronald Reagan's Side on Immigration?
6/28/2019 The Democrats' Debate Could Have Been Worse
6/21/2019 Michael Reagan On Vacation This Week
6/13/2019 Trump Throws Dirt In His Own Eye
6/6/2019 Great American Stories Never Told
5/30/2019 Mueller's Big Nothing Burger
5/23/2019 The Invasion of America is Not Fake
5/16/2019 Ending Abortion, One Baby At a Time
5/9/2019 Mad House
5/2/2019 Why Vladimir Putin is Still Laughing
4/25/2019 Good Luck, Old Joe
4/18/2019 President Trump's Obstruction of Injustice
4/11/2019 Attacking Trump Will Never End
4/5/2019 DC's Swamp Rats Cling to Their Hoax
3/28/2019 The Reelection of Donald Trump
3/22/2019 Attack of the Desperate Democrats
3/14/2019 The Cheating Parents of California
3/8/2019 Illegals Hurt Latinos Most
2/28/2019 Michael Reagan on Vacation
2/21/2019 Jussie Smollett's Bad Acting
2/15/2019 Damning the Do-Nothings of Congress
2/8/2019 Some Good Reasons to Chuckle
1/31/2019 Sex Trafficking at the Super Bowl
1/24/2019 President Ocasio-Cortez? No Chance
1/17/2019 Avoiding the shutdown - for fun and laughs
1/11/2019 Trump vs the Crazies
1/3/2019 Son of Flake
12/27/2018 Blame Congress, Not the Border Patrol
12/21/2018 Trump's Last Chance for a Wall
12/13/2018 All is Fair in the War on Trump
12/6/2018 Worthy Asylum Seekers - Or Not
11/29/2018 Bad News From California
11/23/2018 Michael Reagan on Vacation
11/15/2018 Escaping the Politics of Anger
11/9/2018 American Politics and Tragedy
11/1/2018 Birthright Citizenship is Wrong for America
10/25/2018 The Democrats Run on Hate
10/18/2018 Vote Against America, Vote Democrat
10/11/2018 The Party of Evil
10/4/2018 Kavanaugh and the President's Big Mouth
9/28/2018 Assaulting Kavanaugh
9/21/2018 Media Ignores Trump's Economy
9/13/2018 Resistance in the White House
9/6/2018 The Democrats' Sad Circus
8/30/2018 Mr Trump's Good Friend Jeff
8/23/2018 Purging the Church's Predatory Priests
8/16/2018 The Media's Trump Crisis of the Week
8/6/2018 Tweet Presidentially, Mr Trump
8/2/2018 Michael Reagan on Vacation
7/26/2018 A Man of God Sins Against My Father
7/19/2018 Putin Wins, Trump Second, Dems Still Nuts
7/5/2018 The Democrats' Socialist Meltdown
6/28/2018 The Crying Kids Game
6/21/2018 Congress is Broken... and Spineless
6/14/2018 Why Fox News is Number One
6/7/2018 A Chance to Save California?
5/31/2018 Roseanne's Dumb Tweet
5/25/2018 The Democrats' Unimpeachable Stupidity
5/17/2018 They Hate, Trump Wins
5/10/2018 The Deal with Singapore
5/3/2018 Who to Crucify? Trump or Barabbas?
4/26/2018 Presidential Morals
4/19/2018 The Sad State of My California
4/12/2018 Getting Assad's Attention, Reagan Style
4/6/2018 To Opioid Hell and Back
3/30/2018 No Michael Reagan column this week
3/22/2018 Fake Storm
3/15/2018 Trumping the North Korea Naysayers
3/8/2018 Trump's Worst Enemy Strikes Again
3/1/2018 Gun Control Starts at Home
2/22/2018 More Love, Not Gun Control
2/15/2018 It's Still Not Guns
2/9/2018 Obsessed with Trump
2/1/2018 I'm Still Cheering For Trump
1/26/2018 Michael Reagan on vacation
1/11/2018 The GOP Can't Get Burnt on DACA Deal
1/4/2018 Calling Out Congress
12/29/2017 Michael Reagan on vacation
12/21/2017 A Holly Jolly Tax Bill
12/14/2017 Alabama Stupidity
12/7/2017 Crashing the DC Men's Club
11/30/2017 ATT, CNN Merger Doesn't Worry Me Like Sinclair
11/9/2017 Fake News from Virginia
11/2/2017 Cut Taxes, Reagan-style
10/26/2017 Hail, the Queen of Collusion
10/20/2017 Outing the Weinsteins
10/16/2017 Trump Is Right About NBC and Comcast
10/12/2017 Anger in America
10/5/2017 Guns & Politics
9/28/2017 Our Jimmy Kimmel President
9/21/2017 Loving Trump's U.N. Speech
9/14/2017 Why NFL Games are Unwatchable
9/8/2017 Michael Reagan on Vacation This Week
9/1/2017 Helping Houston the American Way
8/25/2017 Trump the Future Democrat
8/17/2017 Learn When to Shut Up, Mr President
8/10/2017 The Follies of Appeasement
8/3/2017 Discipling Trump
7/20/2017 Fake Republicans
7/13/2017 Years of Dishonesty Cost the GOP
7/7/2017 Michael Reagan on Vacation
6/29/2017 Tuning Out the Fake News Media
6/22/2017 I Guess Donald Trump Was Right
6/15/2017 Put the Blame on the Trump Haters
6/8/2017 The White House Needs Office Help
6/2/2017 History Lessons for Hillary and the Anti-Trump Media
5/25/2017 American Tourist Dollars Are Feeding Castro's Human Zoo
5/18/2017 Since Day One, Trump Has Hurt Himself
5/11/2017 Changing the Channel on Congress
5/4/2017 A Dirty Late-Night Joke
4/27/2017 Patience is a (Political) Virtue
4/20/2017 Advice for President Trump
4/13/2017 A Subject the Media Should Cover
3/31/2017 Michael Reagan on vacation
3/23/2017 Ratholes of Washington
3/16/2017 Make the Democrats Own Obamacare
3/9/2017 Making American Sausage
3/2/2017 Channeling Donald Trump
2/24/2017 Lessons My Father Could Teach President Trump
2/16/2017 Rookies in the White House
2/9/2017 Relax, Mr President
2/2/2017 Derailing the Trump Express
1/26/2017 Mr Trump, Don't Build That Wall
1/19/2017 Crashing the Inauguration
1/12/2017 Obama's Lost Legacy
12/29/2016 Cleaning up after 'Third Term' Obama
12/22/2016 To the Old Media - Bah Humbug!
12/15/2016 Why Even Have a Border?
12/8/2016 Trump Right to Worry About AT&T, Time Warner Merger
12/1/2016 A Week of Trumpisms
11/17/2016 The Trump Transition Tizzy
11/11/2016 Get a Grip, Losers
11/3/2016 A Vote for Trump
10/27/2016 Criminal-in-chief Hillary
10/20/2016 Trump Trumps Trump
10/13/2016 Trump vs Hillary - Embarrassment vs Evil
10/6/2016 Perfect Pence
9/29/2016 The Not-so Great Debate
9/22/2016 Let Trump Be Trump
9/15/2016 Hillary and Bill - The Old Couple
9/8/2016 Trump or Hillary or ?
9/1/2016 Helping Trump Isn't Easy
8/25/2016 Trump's Bathwater vs Hillary's
8/18/2016 Trump Needs More Votes, Less Applause
8/11/2016 Trump Blows Himself Up Again
8/4/2016 Shut Up For a Month, Donald
7/28/2016 Forgiving John Hinckley
7/27/2016 Donald Trump, the ADHD Candidate
7/21/2016 We Can't Elect a Liar in Chief
7/14/2016 It's Not the Gun's Fault
7/7/2016 The Clinton Curve
6/30/2016 Job Number One — Destroy ISIS
6/22/2016 Hillary's Expensive Jacket
6/9/2016 Bernie's Army of Freeloaders
6/2/2016 Trump Hits on the Media
5/26/2016 Look Who's Crying Now
5/19/2016 Reagan on Vacation
5/12/2016 Trump Still Needs the GOP
5/5/2016 Lots of Luck, Donald Trump
4/28/2016 Going for Broke with Obamacare
4/21/2016 What Trump People Don't Get
4/14/2016 Paul Ryan's 20-20 vision
4/7/2016 Can Donald Close the Deal in Cleveland?
3/24/2016 Don't Dump on the Primary Process
3/17/2016 Reagan on Vacation
3/3/2016 'Soul Murder' in Altoona
2/25/2016 Get Real Angry Trump Voters
2/17/2016 Party of Reagan or Party of Trump?
2/11/2016 The Trump Lane or the Conservative Lane
2/4/2016 The GOP Did Good in Iowa
1/28/2016 It's the Negativity, Stupid
1/21/2016 The White Actors Matter Academy Awards
1/14/2016 The State of the Union - As Usual
1/6/2016 Joking About Gun Control
12/23/2015 Trumpy Christmas
12/17/2015 Watching the Tuesday Night Fights
12/9/2015 No Such Thing as a Trump Republican
12/3/2015 Wimping Out in Paris
11/25/2015 A Country to Give Thanks For
11/18/2015 Winners, Losers and Leaders
11/12/2015 A Good Republican Slugfest
11/5/2015 Cruel Apprentice Where the Boss Is Fired
10/29/2015 Primary Losers
10/22/2015 It's Choosing Time for the GOP
10/7/2015 Time for Sensible Background Checks
9/30/2015 GOP Can't Win in 2016 by Losing Now
9/23/2015 The Pope's Problem
9/17/2015 Scoring the Great Debate
9/10/2015 Huckabee Plays the Fool
9/2/2015 School Days, School Days
8/27/2015 Trump is All Talk
8/20/2015 It's Time to Take on Trump
8/13/2015 Trump, Trumpies & RINOs Trouble the GOP
8/6/2015 No Sale, Mr. Obama
7/30/2015 Dumb as Trump
7/22/2015 No Outrage From Environmentalists About Pot?
7/16/2015 Donald Trump, Fake Conservative
7/8/2015 Trump Towers in 'First Debate'
7/2/2015 The Confederate Flag Flap
6/25/2015 Whining is For Duffers, Not Pros
6/18/2015 Donald Trump's Circus Act
6/11/2015 Clueless & Planless
6/3/2015 What You Need to Know About Child Molesters
5/28/2015 Conservative Christians Miscount
5/14/2015 Escaping Poverty in Kenya and Baltimore
5/6/2015 Why Baltimore Burned
4/29/2015 Another Cover-Up for the Religion of Peace
4/22/2015 Hillary this. Hillary that. All day long.
4/16/2015 Hillary for America? Why?
4/9/2015 Slow-Motion Justice
4/1/2015 The Democrats Win in Indiana
3/26/2015 Republicans Versus Republicans
3/18/2015 Think of the Children!
3/12/2015 The GOP's Stupid Letter
3/6/2015 Do Citizens Have a Lobby?
2/18/2015 Dumb, Dumber and Dumbest
2/11/2015 Living in Obama World
2/5/2015 The Consequences of Your Vaccination Decision
1/29/2015 Quit Wasting Time on Moore, Maher & Dean
1/22/2015 The State of the Bubble Address
1/15/2015 Monsieur Obama MIA
1/7/2015 Quarterbacking Congress
12/17/2014 A Time for Torture
12/10/2014 It's Not About Race
12/3/2014 Ferguson Won't Go Away
11/25/2014 A 'Do-Nothing' Plan for Republicans
11/19/2014 Pipeline Politics
11/13/2014 The American Public Gets Smart
11/6/2014 Riding the Wave
10/29/2014 Quarantine Questions
10/23/2014 Profile, or Die
10/15/2014 Government Malpractice
10/8/2014 Don't Scare Us, Prepare Us
10/2/2014 'Security Breaches 'R Us'
9/25/2014 Homeland the Beautiful
9/18/2014 Piling on the NFL
9/11/2014 The Media's Lynching of Ray Rice
9/3/2014 Decide Something, Mr President
8/27/2014 Rev. Al Gets It Right
8/20/2014 Over-Covering Ferguson
7/23/2014 Hollywood Liberals Stand Down for Israel
7/16/2014 Honoring Our Fathers
7/9/2014 Stinking Border Politics
7/2/2014 Getting Hobby Lobby Right
6/25/2014 The Obamification of America
6/18/2014 The Hard Lessons of Iraq
6/11/2014 Dear Hillary: Run
6/5/2014 It's Time to Say Thank You to Those that Saved the World
5/28/2014 Mass Murder Knee-Jerks
5/21/2014 Innocence Stolen and Unbridled Abuse
5/15/2014 Angry Conservative Birds Need to Flock Together
5/7/2014 Saving the Children – For Real
4/26/2014 Light of Hope Gala Recognizes Heroes of Child Abuse
4/23/2014 American Proud
4/16/2014 Don't Dump Pennsylvania's Governor
4/9/2014 The Talk Radio Party
4/2/2014 The ObamaMedia High-fives ObamaCare
3/26/2014 Travels with POTUS, FLOTUS and the 'Riddler'
3/21/2014 Swallowed by the Streets: A Child's Innocence in Danger
3/19/2014 Deception 1342 of the Affordable Care Act
3/12/2014 Rand Paul Gets It
3/5/2014 Putin, Petroleum and Pantyhose
2/26/2014 It's the Desert, Stupid
2/19/2014 The Bill & Hillary Blame Game is For Losers
2/12/2014 Obamacare and Work Ethic
1/31/2014 Monsters Hiding in Plain Sight
1/29/2014 Lots of Laughs but Sad Commentary
1/21/2014 The Super Bowl and Sex Trafficking
1/15/2014 Our Clueless President
1/8/2014 Our Irrational Immigration System
12/18/2013 Focus on Winning
12/11/2013 The Truth About Ronald Reagan and South Africa
12/4/2013 Earning Our Trust
11/27/2013 Giving Thanks, Keeping Hope
11/20/2013 Oprah Take Off Those Black-and-White Glasses
11/13/2013 Take Advantage of Obama's Great Gift
10/30/2013 United Against Obamacare
10/23/2013 Take Aim at the Real Enemy
10/16/2013 Weaker by the Week
10/9/2013 Government by Tantrum
10/2/2013 A Blessing for the GOP
9/25/2013 The Cynical Budget Game
9/18/2013 Idiots Against Guns
9/11/2013 A Case of National Whiplash
9/4/2013 Presidential Dithering
8/28/2013 Obama's Blundering Incompetence
8/21/2013 The Butler from Another Planet
7/31/2013 Evil Never Sleeps
7/24/2013 Honest Discussion Needed
7/17/2013 The Zimmerman Soap Opera
7/10/2013 Pay Attention to Egypt
7/3/2013 A Nation of Dummies
6/26/2013 The Race Card
6/19/2013 Mexico Held Back by Corruption
6/12/2013 Father's Day Message
6/5/2013 Reform the Tax Code
5/29/2013 Underreporting in Obamaland
5/22/2013 Weathering the Politicians
5/15/2013 Imagine
5/8/2013 Learn from History
5/1/2013 Out of the Closet and into Identity Politics
4/24/2013 Lessons Learned in Boston
4/17/2013 Gosnell's Clinic of Horrors
4/10/2013 Remembering Margaret Thatcher
4/8/2013 Provocative? Yes. Hateful? No.
4/3/2013 Renew our Founding Principles
3/27/2013 Churches:Time to Fight!
3/20/2013 New Song, New Singers
3/13/2013 A Catholic Pope, Revisited
3/6/2013 Getting Wise to Government Lies
2/27/2013 Get Out of the Weeds
2/20/2013 The Real Answer to the Immigration Question
2/13/2013 State of the Union : Failure
2/6/2013 Pedophilia is the Problem
1/30/2013 Arrogance isn't the Answer
1/23/2013 Mickelson Chokes
1/16/2013 Obama Ignores the Rational Answer
1/9/2013 Junk Laws
1/2/2013 Waiting for the Sequel
12/19/2012 Gun Control Won't Prevent Tragedy
12/12/2012 Misdirected Anger
12/5/2012 Restoring Confidence
11/28/2012 Republican Suckers
11/21/2012 Reaching Out
11/14/2012 GW was MIA
11/7/2012 GOP Turns Sure Victory into Defeat
10/31/2012 A Tale of Two Presidents
10/24/2012 The Me-Me President
10/18/2012 Choose Success
10/10/2012 Romney Can Close the Deal
10/3/2012 The First Debate
9/26/2012 Time to Get Mad
9/19/2012 The Blamer in Chief
9/12/2012 Chevy Volt : Solyndra on Wheels
9/5/2012 Four More Years of Failure?
8/29/2012 Let's Agree to Win
8/15/2012 Paul Ryan : A Bold Smart Choice
8/6/2012 Michael Reagan - God Save Us from King Obama
8/1/2012 Want Hope? Make a Change.
7/18/2012 Don't Eat Campaign Dirt
7/11/2012 There You Go Again
7/4/2012 Where Will Washington Stop?
6/27/2012 Rubio's Time Will Come
6/20/2012 It's Nice to be Emperor
6/13/2012 The Designated Leaker
6/6/2012 GOP Has Latino Options
5/30/2012 The Great Obama Blunder
5/23/2012 White House Website Gone Wild
5/15/2012 Businesses Must Fight
5/9/2012 Only Obama is Better Off
5/2/2012 Destroying the California Dream
4/24/2012 Backward Banking
4/17/2012 Blame Congress for the GSA Scandal
4/10/2012 Not So Fast There, Mr. Obama
3/27/2012 Isn't That Nice?
3/21/2012 Gong, Gong, Gong!
3/14/2012 Saving California
3/7/2012 Cool It, America
2/29/2012 When Will it Stop?
2/21/2012 Whitney's Death Should be a Lesson
2/14/2012 Make a Difference for Foster Children
2/8/2012 A Little More Heat
1/30/2012 Savaging Newt
1/23/2012 They Pick and Choose Which Ox to Gore
1/17/2012 The Emperor Barack
1/11/2012 Some Inconvenient Facts
1/4/2012 Iowa Votes
12/20/2011 Americans Angry at Senate Sycophants
12/13/2011 Has the Right Gone Mad?
12/7/2011 Newt is Right
11/29/2011 Barney Frank : Good Riddance
11/18/2011 Child Rape Deserves the Ultimate Punishment
11/14/2011 Don't Be a Paterno : When a Child is Abused, Here's What to Do
11/8/2011 GOP Field in Flux
11/1/2011 No Shame
10/26/2011 Flat Tax or Flat-Out Dead
10/19/2011 Are They Crazy?
10/12/2011 Pampered Protesters
10/4/2011 Amanda Knox A Cautionary Tale
9/27/2011 Get Serious!
9/20/2011 Hang Together or Hang Alone
9/13/2011 The Truth Will Out
8/31/2011 Professors Don't Have All the Answers
8/24/2011 United States Must Lead in Libya
8/16/2011 Obama Could Learn From Ronald Reagan
8/9/2011 Blame Obama
8/5/2011 Obamanomics :The Gift that Keeps on Giving
7/26/2011 Legal Guns Would Make Norway Safer
7/14/2011 Stop Obama's Attack on Christianity
7/6/2011 History Books Get Gay Makeover
6/29/2011 "Now is Not the Time to Go Wobbly"
6/23/2011 Jon Who?
6/16/2011 The 11th Commandment is Alive and Well
6/8/2011 Anthony Weiner, Hypocrite
6/2/2011 Mr Obama, Stop Your Holy War Against Christian and Jews
5/23/2011 Memo to Arnold and the Media -- There Are No Illegitimate Kids, Just Illegitimate Parents
5/17/2011 An Honored Guest
5/10/2011 NLRB vs Boeing -- Tyranny vs Freedom
5/2/2011 The Day of Reckoning Arrives
4/26/2011 Obama: Running on an Empty Tank
4/19/2011 Ryan vs. Obama
4/12/2011 No CRs in 2012
4/6/2011 The Great Budget Train Wreck
3/29/2011 A So-So Presidential Speech
3/22/2011 Mad Dog of the Middle East
3/8/2011 Mr. President: Lead or Get out of the Way!
3/2/2011 This Isn’t Mere Duplication; It’s Unbridled Idiocy
2/22/2011 Remember PATCO!
2/16/2011 Budget or Card Trick?
2/8/2011 Where the Liberal Money Goes
2/1/2011 Super Bowl:The Untold Story
1/26/2011 Platitudes Platitudes Platitudes
1/19/2011 Ronald Reagan -- Our First Black President?
1/11/2011 A Fool With a Badge is Still a Fool
1/5/2011 Turnabout is Fair Play
12/29/2010 Uncle Sam : Hands off the Internet!
12/22/2010 The Real Outrages
12/16/2010 Kitchen is not a Dirty Word
12/8/2010 Stop, Don't START!
11/30/2010 Call it Treason
11/23/2010 Hands Off
11/17/2010 Off To a Good Start
11/10/2010 Saving the Golden State
11/2/2010 Repeal It Now!
10/27/2010 Ronald Reagan was the Tea Party
10/20/2010 Don't Call Me Madam
10/12/2010 Why Did I Bother?
10/5/2010 It Takes More Than Speechifying
9/27/2010 Lights Out
9/21/2010 Why Does Obama Hate Tax Cuts?
9/15/2010 A Great Awakening
9/8/2010 Got A Problem? Just Spend More Money You Don't Have
8/30/2010 Thanks for the Reminder, Glenn
8/24/2010 Obama Making Everybody Angry
8/17/2010 Obama's Choice: Boy Scouts or Islam
8/11/2010 Let 'Em Eat Soup
8/4/2010 Michael Reagan
7/28/2010 Behind the Leaked Documents
7/21/2010 Anywhere But Here
7/8/2010 The Science of Stupidity
7/1/2010 A Summer of Discontent
6/23/2010 The Hypocrisy of the Left -- A General Crisis
6/20/2010 A Father's Day Message
6/10/2010 An Administration Adrift
6/2/2010 A New Red Storm Rising?
5/27/2010 The Politics of the Gulf Oil Spill
5/19/2010 How Would You Like Your Tea -- Sweetened or Unsweetened?
5/13/2010 The Power of Incumbency ... No More
5/5/2010 Loose Lips Can Still Sink Ships
4/29/2010 Public Pensions -- The Quietly Growing Unfunded Mandate
4/22/2010 Another Assault on Capitalism
4/14/2010 The Diplomacy of Change is Failing America
4/7/2010 Time to Pay the Piper? The First Hint of a European-Style VAT
3/31/2010 Appeal to our Sensibilities
3/24/2010 Game On!
3/18/2010 Life Before Politics
3/10/2010 America's Security Put in Peril by Failing Schools
3/3/2010 Reconciliation -- Playing Parliamentary Games with America's Future
2/24/2010 The Promise of Scott Brown Gone Bad? Not Really ...
2/17/2010 A Grassroots Movement Ronald Reagan Would be Proud Of
2/10/2010 Time to Revolt Against the Revolution
2/3/2010 The Winds of Political Change
1/27/2010 The Second American Tax Revolt
1/20/2010 Today, Brown is Golden
1/13/2010 Haiti : A Country in Need of Our Help
1/6/2010 Terror in the Skies Requires Real Action on the Ground
12/30/2009 A 2010 New Year's Resolution for My Fellow Republicans
12/23/2009 Passage by Pork Rather than Good Public Policy
12/17/2009 The Haze of Copenhagen
12/9/2009 Harry Reid, Uncensored
12/2/2009 Getting it Right? A Half-Hearted Afghanistan Strategy Revealed
11/25/2009 Louisiana Purchase, Part Deux
11/19/2009 Stimulus Equals Deception
11/11/2009 A Lost Message and a Lost Opportunity
11/4/2009 What a Difference a Year Makes!
10/30/2009 Fall of The Berlin Wall Celebration
10/28/2009 A Fresh Change and a New Beginning? The November 2009 Elections
10/21/2009 Afghanistan Guantanamo Bay -- An Administration Without a Plan
10/14/2009 A Prize for Hope
10/8/2009 An Overlooked Crisis
9/30/2009 Time for President Obama to Get Behind the General Consensus on Afghanistan
9/23/2009 Newspaper Profitability -- Is it Critical to our Democracy
9/16/2009 The Politics of Race -- Flames Fanned by a Former President
9/9/2009 When Should a Thousand Words Give Way to Silence
9/3/2009 New Coalitions for a New Age
8/26/2009 The Failure to Administer Justice -- Another Lockerbie Tragedy
8/19/2009 The Passing of a Legend
8/11/2009 America's Wounded Warriors -- Honor Courage and Sacrifice
8/5/2009 Funding the President's Healthcare Program Plans to Increase Middle-Class Taxes
7/30/2009 Acting Without the Facts -- A Presidential Pattern Emerges
7/21/2009 Mr President Keep the Change
7/15/2009 The Upcoming Fight for Life
7/7/2009 Mission Now Accomplished
7/1/2009 New Independence Push -- 233 Years Later
6/24/2009 Mr Gorbachev Would You Please Consider Tearing Down This Wall
6/17/2009 Nationalized Health Care The Tax Shuffle
6/10/2009 Efficient Nationalized Health Care Not So Fast
6/3/2009 The Fight for Life
5/27/2009 The Future of Affirmative Action
5/20/2009 Terminating the Terminator
5/13/2009 Tax Increases -- Coming Soon to a Theater Near You
5/6/2009 Forget Bush, Not Reagan
4/29/2009 Once a Democrat Always a Democrat
4/22/2009 A Couple of Book Reviews
4/15/2009 The Obama Administration Says We're Dangerous Rightwing Extremists
4/8/2009 Mr Obama's Traveling Circus
4/1/2009 Killing The Goose That Lays The Golden Eggs
3/25/2009 Don't Get Angry Get Even
3/18/2009 A World Gone Mad
3/11/2009 Obama's Stem Cell OK Can Kill
3/5/2009 This Tiger Is Not Dead
2/25/2009 Where's the Beef?
2/19/2009 Where the Money Isn't
2/11/2009 Requiem for a Republic
2/3/2009 When Crimes Become Mistakes
1/28/2009 Unclogging the Liberal Pipeline
1/21/2009 Great Orator Poor Speech
1/14/2009 Smart Power or Just Dumb Policy
1/7/2009 Stimulating Bankruptcy and Chaos
12/31/2008 Barack in Limbo
12/23/2008 Hissy Fits from the Left Grumbling from the Right
12/17/2008 If I Were President
12/11/2008 The Daley Machine Goes National
12/3/2008 Christmas is Not a Holiday -- It's a Birthday
11/28/2008 Change is Changing
11/20/2008 Quo Vadis GOP
11/13/2008 The Republican Party is a Grass-Roots Party
11/6/2008 Why McCain Lost
10/29/2008 You Can't be Half-Socialist
10/22/2008 Not The Time For On-The-Job Training
10/16/2008 If The Reagan Era is Dead - Who Killed it?
10/9/2008 Why Ayers Matters
10/1/2008 Whodunit ?
9/24/2008 Get It Right
9/18/2008 Pinning the Tail on the Donkey
9/10/2008 Obama Implodes
9/4/2008 Welcome Back Dad
8/28/2008 A Gathering of Clowns Acrobats and Con Men
8/20/2008 Governing is Above Obama's Pay Grade
8/14/2008 Dreamers vs Realists
8/7/2008 Fight or Die
7/31/2008 It's Mea Culpa Week
7/24/2008 Bush Should Strip Sanctuary Cities of Federal Funds
7/17/2008 The Real Party of Special Interests
7/10/2008 Bye-Bye Jesse
7/3/2008 It's Time for Rage
6/26/2008 Liberty Wins a Big One
6/19/2008 Tear Down That Wall
6/12/2008 McCain Four More Years of Mumbling?
6/4/2008 Is This Our Future?
5/28/2008 A Matter of Loyalty
5/21/2008 Playing the Victim Card
5/14/2008 To The Democrats You're Just a Groupie
5/8/2008 The Other Obama
5/1/2008 Put The Blame Where It Belongs
4/24/2008 Jimmy Carter A National Embarrassment
4/17/2008 Saving the Children is Our Job
4/10/2008 Congressional Democrats The Other Insurgents
4/2/2008 Haditha The Collapse of a Liberal Fiction
3/27/2008 When Travel Is Experience
3/19/2008 It's Not Compassion -- It's Wright-Wing Racism
3/13/2008 We're Picking on the Wrong Perp
3/6/2008 The Emperor Has No Clothes
2/28/2008 McCain Cold-Shoulders Warm-Up Host
2/21/2008 Times Executes a Well-Timed Ambush
2/13/2008 Ronald Reagan Would Back McCain
2/7/2008 Show Us The Shining City On The Hill
1/31/2008 John McCain Hates Me
1/24/2008 Newt A GOP Dark Horse
1/17/2008 Environmental Terrorism and the Price of Oil
1/10/2008 A Party Turned Upside-Down
1/3/2008 Why Huckabee Stumbles and McCain Surges
12/27/2007 Memo to Reid Pelosi Co
12/20/2007 Smart Strategy is No Accident
12/13/2007 Primary Nonsense
12/6/2007 Where's The Shining City
11/28/2007 Child Abuse Worsens as Families Change
11/21/2007 Speak English Get Ahead
11/15/2007 Waving the White Flag
11/9/2007 To Pat Robertson, Rudy Giuliani is the Lesser of Two Evils
10/31/2007 Democrats Get Off Hillary's Back She's All Ours
10/25/2007 Playing the Blame Game
10/18/2007 Promises Promises
10/10/2007 Where's the Fire
10/5/2007 People of Deceit
9/28/2007 It's All About Money
9/20/2007 It's Not Hillarycare It's Hillarycon
9/12/2007 Tough Love -- Remembering My Mom Jane Wyman
9/6/2007 A Few Questions for Fred Thompson
8/29/2007 The Craig Affair Rampant Hypocrisy
8/23/2007 Just Shut Up Go Home and Take Your Kid with You
8/8/2007 The Other Reagan Doctrine Keeping the Lid On
8/2/2007 In The Company of Heroes
7/27/2007 The Hollywood Culture Takes Over
7/19/2007 Danger Democrats at Work
7/12/2007 A Culture War of Words
7/5/2007 Pardon Me But
6/28/2007 Don't Trust Washington
6/21/2007 Be Careful Crossing Kennedy's Bridge
6/14/2007 Going Down with the Ship
6/7/2007 Don't Just Pick A Champion Stand With Him
5/31/2007 Pandermania On The Left
5/24/2007 The Real Ronald Reagan
5/16/2007 Onward Christian Soldiers -- The Jerry Falwell Legacy
5/10/2007 Going Wobbly
5/3/2007 Profiles in Cowardice
4/26/2007 None Dare Call it Sabotage
4/19/2007 Gun Laws Kill
4/12/2007 The Walls Between Thompson and the White House
4/5/2007 National Health Care Can Kill
3/28/2007 Bill Clinton Weakened America
3/22/2007 The Imperial Mr. Gore
3/15/2007 Who Hates America
3/8/2007 Politics Should be a Kid-Free Zone
3/1/2007 An Inconvenient Fraud
2/21/2007 Voyeurism Unleashed
2/15/2007 Casting the First Litmus Stone
2/8/2007 Who Is Blocking What
1/24/2007 Now it's Shawn Hornbeck's Parents Abusing Him
1/18/2007 The Reason Why
1/11/2007 Iraq Getting Down and Dirty
1/4/2007 Wrong Answers
12/28/2006 Death Does Wonders for Legacy
12/21/2006 Running Against the Right Hillary
12/13/2006 Bush Winning or Saving a Legacy
12/7/2006 Feeding the Alligator
11/30/2006 Democrat Iraq Weakness is Bush's Strength
11/24/2006 It's Not a Quagmire It's a Muddle
11/16/2006 Democrats' Suicide Impulse Emerging
11/9/2006 Republicans Lost Because They Lost Their Way
11/1/2006 John Kerry The Kamikaze Kid
10/26/2006 Stem Cell Research - A Little Truth Wouldn't Hurt
10/19/2006 The Outing Game
10/12/2006 Go to the Source for the Facts About the Border Fence
10/5/2006 All Is Not Lost For The GOP
9/27/2006 Let's Dare Call it Treason
9/21/2006 How Many Divisions Has the Pope
9/13/2006 Iraq It's Kill or be Killed
9/6/2006 A Little Straight Talk Wouldn't Hurt
8/29/2006 Katrina Revisited
8/24/2006 English - The Vanishing Language
8/16/2006 A Comedy of Errors
8/9/2006 Decent Men Need Not Apply
8/2/2006 Had Enough
7/26/2006 Shilling for the Enemy
7/19/2006 A Time to Crow
7/13/2006 Democrats Using Dead Americans as Campaign Props
7/6/2006 Stem Cell Research Science or Politics
6/29/2006 Treason on West 43rd Street
6/22/2006 A Time for Rage
6/13/2006 Brothers Under the Skin
6/7/2006 A Message To GW From San Diego Voters
5/31/2006 Replaying Vietnam
5/25/2006 The Divine Right of Congress
5/17/2006 No
5/11/2006 GOP Better Hope It's The Economy Stupid
5/4/2006 Pumping Gas
4/27/2006 Filling Demagogues' Tanks
4/19/2006 It's All Jimmah's Fault
4/12/2006 Illegal Immigration - The Poison Fruit
4/6/2006 The USA - Love It Or Head South
3/29/2006 American Tax Payers Will Pay Any Earthquake Bill
3/22/2006 Let Bush Be Bush
3/15/2006 Don't Do That To Children
3/9/2006 Let's Play Ball
3/1/2006 Who Is A Xenophobe
2/22/2006 Riding Toward A Fall
2/15/2006 Bruised Egos
2/8/2006 Funeral Or Hate Fest
2/2/2006 Congressional Pork and Swinish Behavior
1/25/2006 Driven To Madness
1/18/2006 How To Be Losers
1/11/2006 Stop Talking About Ronald Reagan and Start Acting Like Ronald Reagan
1/4/2006 Jack In The Box
12/29/2005 Democrats Barking Up The Wrong Tree
12/21/2005 Pull A Reagan Mayor Bloomberg
12/15/2005 December 15 2006 - A Time For Rejoicing
12/7/2005 Another Sneak Attack
12/1/2005 Disabled Vets Face a New War
11/23/2005 GOP Thanksgiving Turkey
11/16/2005 Bush Needs To Slug It Out
11/11/2005 Win Lose or Draw
11/2/2005 Let's Play The Liberals' Game
10/28/2005 Put On The Gloves Mr President
10/19/2005 It Wasn't Racism in Toledo; It Was a Thugfest
10/13/2005 Whose Side Are We On
10/5/2005 Farrakhan Ignores The Real Racists
9/29/2005 Stop The Spending - Stop It Now
9/21/2005 The Real Clinton Legacy Chinese Condoms
9/14/2005 A Memorial to Political Correctness
9/7/2005 Will Somebody Say Thank You
8/31/2005 The Blame Game
8/24/2005 Who Does Cindy Really Hate?
8/17/2005 The Chickens Come Home To Roost
8/11/2005 Hatefest In America
8/4/2005 They Do Not Speak Ebonics In Africa
7/28/2005 ACLU vs America
7/21/2005 The Lowdown on a High Court Nomination
7/1/2005 Winning Elections Trumps Winning Wars
6/22/2005 Durbanism At Work
6/16/2005 Michael Jackson Star Power Wins Again
6/9/2005 Not So Fast John Edwards
6/2/2005 A Year Of Memories
5/24/2005 Betrayed By A Gang of Seven
5/18/2005 It Depends On Whose Ox Is Being Gored
5/11/2005 A Word To The Unwise
5/5/2005 It Is Not About Filibustering
4/28/2005 The Mainstream Media : America's Fifth Column
4/21/2005 A Catholic Pope
4/14/2005 Democrats In Denial
4/8/2005 The Timing Was Off In 1976
3/30/2005 Astonishing News Liberal Paper Admits Liberals Dominate US Campuses
3/24/2005 Killing Terri
3/16/2005 Death Wish
3/10/2005 The Rule Of Judges Vs. The Rule Of Law
3/2/2005 Making Heroes Out Of Felons
2/24/2005 Legalized Murder Looms In Florida
2/16/2005 Time For A Few Astericks
2/10/2005 Hitting The Ground Running
2/4/2005 The Democrats Are Dead
2/2/2005 The High Price Of Freedom
1/26/2005 Where Is The Excitement
1/19/2005 Another Day Another Inauguration Another Memory
1/13/2005 In Denial And In Peril
1/6/2005 Touching The Third Rail
12/29/2004 Take That George Bush
12/23/2004 Endurance Wins Wars
12/15/2004 Pencils And Other Lethal Weapons
12/8/2004 The Problem Isn't Kofi Annan - It's The United Nations
12/2/2004 Note To The NAACP - Draft Bill Cosby
11/24/2004 Let's Just Be Correct
11/18/2004 Get Off Their Backs
11/11/2004 Through The Looking Glass
11/4/2004 Stop The Flood
10/27/2004 An October Surmise
10/21/2004 The Lady Of The House Counts Too
10/14/2004 Seeing Dead People
10/7/2004 Iraq/al Qaeda - The Connection
9/29/2004 Mission Impossible
9/22/2004 The Death Of Media Monopoly
9/15/2004 Big Media Get Smaller
9/9/2004 Choosing The Battleground
9/1/2004 Profaning The Pulpit
8/26/2004 A New Low In Democrat Hypocrisy
8/18/2004 Democrats and Double Standards
8/11/2004 Selling America Out To 13 Democrats
8/4/2004 The Implosion Of The Kerry Campaign
7/28/2004 The Sesame Street Convention
7/21/2004 Berger Fries And Wilson Stews
7/15/2004 Chopping Off Their Noses
7/7/2004 Isolate Internet Porn
6/30/2004 It's Not A Campaign It's A Hate Crime
6/21/2004 I'm With My Dad On Stem Cell Research
6/16/2004 Thank You America
6/7/2004 The Long Goodbye Is Over
6/3/2004 Where Are America's Churches
5/26/2004 Making Sausage
5/21/2004 Send Out The Clowns
5/19/2004 The WMDs Found Us
5/13/2004 Democrats Misdirecting Outrage
5/7/2004 Top Democrats Wouldn't Praise American Troops
5/5/2004 The High Price Of Torture
4/28/2004 War Against Whom?
4/23/2004 The Power of Prince Bandar - A Gift From Kerry
4/15/2004 Barking Up The Wrong Tree
4/12/2004 The Shame Game
4/7/2004 The Brave Do Not Wobble
4/2/2004 Liberal Talk Radio Subsidized Propaganda
3/30/2004 The Blame Game Scam
3/24/2004 Chasing Our Tails
3/13/2004 What Is John Kerry Afraid of
3/10/2004 The Making Of A Homophobe
3/3/2004 Not So Fast
2/25/2004 It's Time For Bush Tough
2/17/2004 Immigration Without Borders?
2/12/2004 Loyalty Is A Two Way Street
2/4/2004 Lies And Slander
1/28/2004 It's Time To Strike Back
1/20/2004 Primary Lessons
1/14/2004 It's Not A Campaign It's A Temper Tantrum
1/7/2004 What Makes Democrats Unhappy
12/31/2003 Micheal Jackson Needs Help Lots Of It
12/23/2003 A Malibu Christmas
12/17/2003 The Vast Left Wing Conspiracy Nuts
12/11/2003 Free Speech Is Now Unconstitutional
12/10/2003 What Republicans Want in 2004
12/3/2003 ATale of Two Vists
11/26/2003 It Really Is The Economy Stupid
11/20/2003 If It Feels Good Do It - It's Now Probably Legal
11/13/2003 Free Colonel Allen West
11/5/2003 Americans 1 CBS 0
10/29/2003 Greens Turn California Black
10/22/2003 The Heart of Ronald Reagan
10/15/2003 Warning Signals
10/8/2003 California Speaks Loud And Clear
10/4/2003 An Attempted Assasination
9/24/2003 Family Feud California Style
9/19/2003 Ronald Reagan Lost Iowa and Arnold Can Lose California
9/10/2003 McClintock Should Hang Tough
9/4/2003 Giving Credit Where Credit Isn't Due
8/27/2003 The Faith of Our Fathers
8/20/2003 A Democrat Election; A Republican Primary
7/29/2003 It's Not a Recall, It's a Circus
7/23/2003 The Family
7/16/2003 Justice Department Trashing The Constitution
7/10/2003 Somebody On The Right Screwed Up And Gave The Left An Anti-War Issue To Exploit
7/3/2003 Trashing America
6/26/2003 Why The Forests Burn
6/18/2003 A Church In Disarray
6/11/2003 The Endless Saga of Hillary Clinton
6/3/2003 Road Map To Peace Could Cost US Our Best Friend And Ally
5/28/2003 Who Says We Don't Need A Tax Cut?
5/21/2003 Symbolism Over Substance Kills
5/17/2003 Putting Gay Foxes Into the Boy Scout Chicken Coops
5/15/2003 The Fear Peddlers
5/9/2003 Democrats' Panic Getting Out of Hand
5/5/2003 Media Attack Dogs Shocked, Shocked At Bennett's Gambling
4/30/2003 This Time Around Let's Not Be Stupid
4/23/2003 Oil For Corruption
4/17/2003 Listen To Tim Robbins Whine
4/13/2003 CNN The Mother of All Cover-Ups
4/9/2003 A Statue Came Down and Liberal Lies Along With It
4/3/2003 It's Time To Say We're Sorry
3/28/2003 The US Media - Saddam's Last and Best Hope
3/25/2003 Call it Hate and Blame the Haters
3/21/2003 Demonstaring For Karl Marx
3/14/2003 A Show About Nothing
3/9/2003 Jimmy Carter Bane of US Presidents
3/5/2003 Profiles In Stupidity
2/27/2003 The Axis of Idiocy
2/20/2003 Liberal Talk Radio - An End Run Around the Law
2/14/2003 No Conservatives May Apply
2/6/2003 On My Father’s 92nd Birthday
2/1/2003 They've Gone Home
1/28/2003 What More Proof Do They Want
1/21/2003 Remembering Two Mothers
1/13/2003 When Governors Play God
1/9/2003 Democrat’s Secret Plan Exposed: Undermine America
1/3/2003 "Shut Up and Keep Driving"
12/19/2002 "It's Not About Lott"
12/16/2002 Gore Read The Handwriting on the Wall – It said “Go”

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