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4/15/2021 Calls for Justice After Another Teen Killed by Police
4/9/2021 Voters Already Saying Yes to Biden's Infrastructure Plan
4/1/2021 So Much For a Transitional Presidency
3/26/2021 The Answer on Guns is Staring Us in the Face
3/19/2021 How Not to Respond to a National Tragedy
3/4/2021 With Gun Violence On The Rise, One Mom Fights Back
3/1/2021 Democrats Bent the Universe Toward Justice Last Week
2/19/2021 Local Republican Boss Says the Quiet Part Out Loud
2/12/2021 Is This America?
2/8/2021 The State of the Nation's Soul
1/20/2021 Biden's Benediction For a Divided America
1/14/2021 Impeachment Isn't About Trump Crossing the Rubicon
1/7/2021 Our Democracy Was Pushed to the Brink
12/21/2020 Three Things That Kept Me Sane in 2020
12/11/2020 Republicans Are Abetting Trump's Coup. Voters Deserve Better.
12/3/2020 Trump is Ignoring a 9/11 Worth of Deaths a Day
11/27/2020 Trump's Taxpayer-Funded Whimper in Pennsylvania Falls Flat
11/13/2020 Republicans in Pennsylvania Following Trump Over the Cliff
11/9/2020 Decency Prevails? Sadly, Millions Don't See It That Way.
11/1/2020 Trump and Republicans Assaulting the Right to Vote
10/26/2020 In Closely-Watch Congressional Race, a Republican Flirts with QAnon
10/19/2020 Democrats Keep Healthcare Front and Center
10/5/2020 Famed Lawyer Warns of Conservative Supreme Court
9/24/2020 So Pat Toomey Cravenly Pivoted on Trump's SCOTUS Pick. Shocking.
9/21/2020 Biden's Grace and Empathy Reminds Us of America's Better Angels
9/14/2020 Losers? Suckers? Terrorists? Anarchists? Meet the Real Folks Behind Trump's Insults.
8/31/2020 Donald Trump and Republicans, In Their Own Words
8/12/2020 Kamala Harris Is America As It Is Now
8/10/2020 Why Some Urban Planners Think We Should Defund Police
7/21/2020 Offering Some Praise For The Pentagon On Flags
7/9/2020 Trump Using Students As Coronavirus Pawns
7/2/2020 Trump's Lawsuit Building The Case For Discrediting The Election
6/22/2020 'I Know My Path': After DACA Ruling, Teen's Future Looks Bright Safe
6/15/2020 Trump Isn't Even Trying To Be Our President
6/3/2020 'If You Want Law And Order, Give Us Justice!'
5/29/2020 In A Post-George Floyd America, It's Time To Listen
5/17/2020 Trump Remains Obsessed With His Predecessor
4/30/2020 This is My Family's Coronavirus Story
4/26/2020 Reopening Isn't Good Enough We Need to Reset Everything
4/21/2020 America's Other Major Public Health Crisis
4/12/2020 Amid a Pandemic, Trump Still At War With Government
4/7/2020 Asian-Americans Feeling the Sting of Hate During COVID-19
3/26/2020 Unlike Trump, America's Governors Are In No Rush To Reopen Their States
3/15/2020 Let's Not Waste The Crisis Of Coronavirus
3/9/2020 Election 2020 Is An Existential Fight For The Nation's Soul
2/25/2020 Democrats Can't Lose Focus on Battleground States
2/17/2020 Yes, Trump's Interference With Our Institutions is That Bad
2/6/2020 History Will Remember Romney, Not His Colleagues
2/3/2020 A Senate Only a Roman Emperor Could Love
1/27/2020 Impeachment Trial is a Civics Lesson, Not Must-Watch TV
1/20/2020 'Second Amendment Sanctuaries' the Right's New Gun Push
1/13/2020 Talking To My Daughter About War and 'Megafires'
1/7/2020 Congress Has to Reclaim Its War-Making Authority
12/26/2019 Why You Need to Worry About Attacks on Obamacare
12/15/2019 What a Pa. Impeachment 25 Years Ago Says About Where We Are Now
12/6/2019 Republicans Promote Know-Nothingness During Impeachment Hearings
11/27/2019 Trump Continues to Manufacture Lies
11/25/2019 America First? Nope, It's Trump First.
11/14/2019 Impeachment Witnesses Are the Heroes We Need Right Now
11/6/2019 Trump and Republicans Are Weak, Even On Friendly Turf
10/15/2019 Mass Shootings Are Still Happening, But They're Being Ignored
9/27/2019 Only Shock About Trump's Actions is That We're Shocked
9/20/2019 There Is Always Hope
9/16/2019 Beto Was Right On Call To Confiscate Guns... Mostly
9/9/2019 Trump's 'Love' For the Troops Not Backed By His Actions
8/29/2019 Nervous Trump Turns Back to His Failed Border Wall
8/22/2019 Can Two Ex-Governors Offer Hope For Consensus?
8/15/2019 32 Seconds to Make the Case for Banning Assault Weapons
8/9/2019 America, It Shouldn't Have To Be This Hard
8/6/2019 With Trump, Forget the Teleprompter
7/23/2019 Trump's Next Target? Food Stamp Recipients.
7/16/2019 Republicans are Complicit in Trump's Racism
7/12/2019 A Play on Trump and Leaked Cables, In One Act
7/1/2019 Biden's Busing Snafu Has Me Thinking of Ted Little
6/20/2019 Trump's Re-Election Campaign Faces Major Problems
6/10/2019 Trump Predictably Took The Low Road in Europe
5/28/2019 She Remembers a Time When Abortion was Illegal
5/20/2019 On 50th Anniversary of Riots, Gay Journalist Looks Back... and Forward
5/10/2019 Lots of Older Cities are Losing Population. Trump's Making It Worse.
5/2/2019 'We Cannot Ignore the Threads' that Connect Acts of Hate
4/23/2019 Trump's New Plan: Boot Families From Public Housing
4/11/2019 Streaming 'Game of Thrones?' You Should Care About Net Neutrality Bill
4/1/2019 Why Are We So Bad At Science?
3/24/2019 There's Will to Act on Guns in America. So Why Don't We?
3/13/2019 Nothing Pro-Family About Influential Conservative Council
2/28/2019 What Two Republicans Tell Us About Today's GOP
2/25/2019 America the Melting Pot? Not So Fast.
2/17/2019 The Front Line in the Abortion Fight is Closer Than You Think
2/8/2019 Trump Makes Predatory Lending Great Again
2/7/2019 Trump Makes Predatory Lending Great Again
1/23/2019 Trump's Fake Photos Mask a Larger Truth
1/10/2019 The Illegal Immigrant Story Trump Isn't Telling You
1/7/2019 What Would Jefferson Think of the Government Shutdown?
12/12/2018 Pelosi Gives Trump an Important Civics Lesson
12/5/2018 Will Trump Listen to Lindsey Graham?
11/28/2018 Bush-Appointed Judge Credits Roberts for Standing Up to Trump
11/21/2018 A Break from the Political Grind, One Album at a Time
11/16/2018 You Didn't Lose the Amazon Lottery. You Dodged a Bullet.
11/13/2018 Spending My Childhood With Stan Lee
10/29/2018 In One Pennsylvania City, a Street By Street Fight for Every Vote
10/16/2018 Control of the House Runs Through Pennsylvania
10/10/2018 Trump Goes Full Trump in Yet Another Pennsylvania Rally
10/5/2018 'Self-Made' Trump was a Millionaire in Elementary School
9/30/2018 Kavanaugh Wasn't On Trial. He Was interviewing To Work For Us
9/23/2018 Trump Jr. Rallies the MAGA Faithful in Pa.
9/6/2018 Having Adults in the White House is Supposed To Be Normal
8/30/2018 The Congressional Race that Trump is Sweating the Most
8/26/2018 5 Recommendations For Your Labor Day Weekend
8/20/2018 'Wrecked': Abuse Survivors On Their Connection to Church
8/7/2018 Under Trump, It's Easy To Like Ike
8/3/2018 The Trump Show Returns to Pennsylvania
7/26/2018 In Doing Nothing, Sometimes, You Do Everything
7/25/2018 New Polling Shows More Trouble for Republicans
7/17/2018 Jeffrey Lord, Off CNN, Still Defending Trump
7/12/2018 Congress Too Weak to Stop Trade War
7/3/2018 Journalists Aren't So Different From Our Readers
6/25/2018 Let Sarah Sanders Eat in Piece
6/21/2018 Trump Wants Credit. Don't Give Him Any
6/12/2018 Trumpian Values on Display Both Here and Abroad
5/30/2018 Sadly, Roseanne is a Victim to Some
5/24/2018 Once Again, Trump Goes After His Own Voters
5/22/2018 Trump-Approved Candidate in Trouble in Pennsylvania
5/9/2018 For a Builder, Trump Likes Wrecking Stuff
4/25/2018 Swamp Drained? How, Exactly?
4/19/2018 No, I Don't Hate Conservatives. I Disagree With Them
4/11/2018 Congress Not Up to the Task of Taking On Facebook
4/3/2018 Sinclair's Pro-Trump Bent Deserves Scorn. Its Anchors Do Not
3/29/2018 Small Change By Trump Could Have Huge Impact
3/20/2018 Conservative Justice Gave Democrats a Path Back to Power
3/14/2018 Trump is Stocking White House With Yes-Men
3/6/2018 'You Sit in a Corner and Pray You Don't Get Shot'
2/22/2018 Do You Trust Trump on Gun Control?
2/14/2018 Trump Wants New Bridges Without Paying For Them
2/8/2018 Donald Trump: Banana Republican
1/31/2018 Trump the Unifier? Don't Buy It
1/26/2018 Warning: 24-Hour News Causes Truth Decay
1/16/2018 One Year In, Trump Remains His Own Worst Enemy
1/9/2018 The Part-Time Presidency of Donald Trump
12/19/2017 Christmas Traditions are the Best, Eh
12/19/2017 Five Great Things a Weird 2017 Produced
12/5/2017 No, Trump Doesn't Stand Above the Law
11/27/2017 A Glaring Loophole for Fugitives
11/14/2017 A Prayer for Peace That Calls Us to Act
11/10/2017 Important Caveat For Dems After Election Night Wins
11/6/2017 Another Mass Shooting, More 'Thoughts and Prayers'
10/25/2017 Trump Just Keeps Digging
10/12/2017 Trump Slams Fake News By Making Three False Claims
10/9/2017 Trump's Bigly Lie to the LGBTQ Community
10/3/2017 The Worst Mass Shooting... Until the Next One
9/26/2017 The NFL Beat Donald Trump at His Own Game
9/20/2017 Beyond Trump - Can Americans Survive Each Other?
9/13/2017 Where Was This Hillary Last Year?
9/6/2017 A Cowardly White House Using Dreamers as Human Shields
8/30/2017 No Action By Trump on Opioid Epidemic
8/24/2017 Two Trump Policies At Odds With One Another
8/21/2017 Charlottesville and the South's Complicated Relationship With Its Past
8/15/2017 You Can't Be An American And Fly The Confederate Flag
8/13/2017 Colonial Williamsburg More Important Than Ever
8/8/2017 Americans are Proud to be Getting Dumber
8/3/2017 Trump Ditches 'Real America' for Wall Street
7/27/2017 Trump's Transgender Ban is a Disgusting Political Trick
7/24/2017 An Afternoon of 'Straight Talk' with John McCain
7/19/2017 From 'I Alone Can Fix It' To 'I Won't Own It'
7/12/2017 Things are Very, Very Bad for Donald Trump
7/10/2017 Good Luck Reaching Your Elected Officials
7/5/2017 Republicans and Democrats Pushing Back Against Trump
6/29/2017 It Should Be An Interesting July 4 for Republicans
6/23/2017 Republicans are Out of Ideas on Health Care
6/22/2017 Gerrymandering and a Disney-Shaped Philly District
6/14/2017 Russiagate’ is Obscuring Everything, Including Gun Legislation
6/6/2017 Supreme Court's Maverick Could Be Trump's Worst Nightmare
5/31/2017 Griffin's Stunt the Latest Slide into Incivility
5/26/2017 Stop and Notice the Dimming of a Very Weird Star
5/23/2017 Face it, Trump Voters. You Got Played.
5/17/2017 The GOP's Faustian Bargain with Trump
5/8/2017 State Lawmakers Launch a Free-Speech Crackdown
5/5/2017 The Best Art Has Always Been Political
5/1/2017 What Did Trump Think He Was Getting Into?
4/24/2017 100 Days In, Who's Winning Again?
4/17/2017 20 Years After His Death, a Few Thoughts About Mike Royko
4/10/2017 Trump Shouldn't Overlook Violence Against Christians
4/5/2017 Trump's Answer on Syria: It's Obama's Fault
4/2/2017 All is Well in Trumplandia
3/28/2017 Trump's Still Winning Bigly
3/24/2017 Congress Hits Ctrl-Alt-Del on Your Privacy
3/22/2017 President Trump's Loyal Hall Monitors
3/14/2017 Trumpcare: Helping the Rich, Stiffing the Poor
3/7/2017 There Will Never Be a Trump Pivot. Ever.
3/1/2017 Trump's Speech: The Highs and the Lows
2/24/2017 Pence's Response to Anti-Semitism Raises a Question
2/20/2017 Seriously and Literally Listening to Trump
2/14/2017 Trump Aide Said Something Dangerous on Sunday
2/8/2017 Trump Declares War on the Judicary
1/30/2017 Trump's Ban a Win for ISIS
1/23/2017 The Alternative Facts Administration
1/20/2017 Welcome Back to Fortress America
1/17/2017 Which United States does Trump Intend to Govern?
1/13/2017 The Circus is Now the Standard
1/10/2017 About that Meryl Streep Takedown
1/5/2017 This Isn't the Chicago I Knew
12/22/2016 It's Not What You Say It's How You Say It
12/20/2016 An Exercise in Democracy for Some
12/16/2016 Is it Christian to Root for Dylann Roof's Death
12/13/2016 Donald Trump's Amerika
12/8/2016 Repeat After Me: Santa is Not White
12/1/2016 The Populist and His Crew of Billionaires
11/28/2016 Tweeter in Chief
11/22/2016 Make our (Costly) Infrastructure Great Again
11/15/2016 Trump Will Have a Hard Time Draining the Swamp
11/9/2016 In Victory, A Side of Trump I Didn't Expect
11/3/2016 Take a Deep Breath and Vote Hillary
10/31/2016 One Bit of Good News for Hillary Clinton
10/27/2016 Hillary Clinton's Problem
10/24/2016 Trump Buries Ideas Behind Insults and Attacks
10/20/2016 Trump's Banana Republicanism On Display to the World
10/12/2016 Republicans Have Only Themselves to Blame
10/10/2016 A Bruising, Surreal 90 Minutes Between Trump and Clinton
10/5/2016 Hillary Clinton Channels Her Inner Seinfeld
9/27/2016 Millennials on the Debate: 'We're Picking Between Who's the Worst'
9/21/2016 No, You're Not Going to be Killed by a Refugee
9/13/2016 Trump Does Hold the Edge in Deplorable Supporters
9/8/2016 Compared to Clinton, Trump Seems Lost at Sea
8/30/2016 America Needs More Like Kaepernick, Not Less
8/24/2016 Hillary Hardly a Champ for the Working Class
8/18/2016 Don't Expect a Kindler, Gentler Trump
8/16/2016 Two Campaign Controversies Voters Shouldn't Shrug Off
8/10/2016 No Walking Back Trump's Comments
8/5/2016 Trump's Tanking Numbers Hurting Other Candidates
8/2/2016 Can Trump's Negativity Win Him Pennsylvania?
7/27/2016 A 102- Year-Old's View of Hillary's Historic Moment
7/25/2016 Can Hillary Convince Voters She's the Optimistic Candidate?
7/21/2016 The Reluctant Embrace of Trump
7/12/2016 Black and White and Traffic Stops
7/5/2016 The One Truth About Benghazi
6/29/2016 Trump's Latest Insult is Everything You'd Expect It Would Be
6/24/2016 Congress Failed On Guns Twice in One Week
6/21/2016 See You At the Next Mass Shooting, Congress
6/12/2016 You're Either With Trump, Or Against Him
6/6/2016 Trump: Only White Men Can Judge Me
6/3/2016 What Is Paul Ryan Thinking?
5/31/2016 Trump and the Tin Foil Hat Brigade
5/24/2016 The Last Sane Republican in Washington
5/18/2016 Bernie Supporters are an Embarrassment
5/13/2016 Trump's Entire Act is a Masquerade
5/9/2016 Hillary's Lingering Email Problem
5/4/2016 Trump Could Be the Next Herbert Hoover
4/27/2016 Pennsylvania an Electoral Keystone Once More
4/19/2016 From Obama to Trump: What We've Lost in Just 12 Years
4/15/2016 A Lesson My Daughter Taught Me About Teeth and Magic
4/13/2016 Sanders Faces Tough Challenge in Pennsylvania
4/7/2016 Hillary Clinton Needs Pennsylvania
3/29/2016 Presidential Race Taking a Toll on Voters
3/21/2016 My 10-Year-Old Acts More Like an Adult than Republicans
3/16/2016 Sanders Burns Out Versus Hillary
3/7/2016 We're Not Being Overrun by Illegal Immigrants
3/2/2016 Christie's Face Spoke Volumes
2/25/2016 With Trump, GOP Abandoning Their Principles
2/23/2016 A Tale of Two Political Dynasties
2/17/2016 Scalia's Death Heating Up Senate Race
2/8/2016 Fear and Loathing in New Hampshire
2/2/2016 Iowa Reveals Problems for Clinton Trump
1/27/2016 Trump Supporters Have One Trait in Common
1/22/2016 The Holy War: Trump vs Cruz
1/19/2016 American Politics a Reflection of Ancient Rome

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