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4/13/2021 Biden's Supreme Court Commission is About One Thing
3/23/2021 So Much For a Bipartisan Investigation into the U.S. Capitol Attack
3/2/2021 Pelosi Wants To Ruin Capitol Commission Before It Begins
2/9/2021 Two Members of Congress Will Dominate the Next Election
1/21/2021 The Evolution of Mitch McConnell
12/23/2020 What's the End Game of Trump's Desperation?
12/9/2020 Biden's Call to Mask Up Good Policy and Good Politics
11/24/2020 Republicans Can't Allow Trump to Remain the Party's Leader
11/10/2020 Nancy Pelosi Among the Election's Biggest Losers
10/13/2020 Just Give Us An Answer, Joe!
9/28/2020 Biden Right To Sidestep Calls for Court Packing Scheme
9/8/2020 With Polls Steady, Debates Will Be Key for Trump and Biden
8/10/2020 Biden Would Pay a Steep Price For Skipping Debates
7/21/2020 Once Again, Americans Have A Less Than Stellar Choice For President
6/24/2020 Biden Faces A Tricky VP Choice
5/29/2020 Biden's Demeaning Remarks Should Worry Democrats
5/12/2020 Biden Needs To Get Out Of The Basement
4/24/2020 Biden About To 'Feel the Burn' From Progressives
4/7/2020 Fears Grow About Biden's Chances in a Coronavirus World
3/9/2020 Why Top Democrat's Attack On The Supreme Court Matters
2/16/2020 Trump-Style Payback for Bernie
1/28/2020 Hillary Clinton: Go Away
1/6/2020 Impeachment Isn't Exactly the Trial of the Century
12/17/2019 For Good or Bad, Pelosi Owns Trump's Impeachment
11/21/2019 More for Joe Biden To Worry About
10/15/2019 Do the Democrats Need Hillary or Michelle to Enter the Race?
9/18/2019 Pelosi and Democrats Dealing With a John Kerry Moment
9/3/2019 The Media Should Cover Trump, Not Play His Game
8/16/2019 Many Democrats Remain Undeterred by Long Odds and Low Numbers
7/26/2019 Democrats Should've Been Prepared For Disappointment
7/8/2019 Democrats Risk Irrelevancy in Sprint to the Left
6/20/2019 Sarah Sanders Doesn't Deserve the Media's Abuse
5/9/2019 Biden Occupying the Least Crowded Primary Lane
4/11/2019 Is Biden a Creep or a Threat?
4/1/2019 Democrats and the Media Still Licking Their Collusion Wounds
3/13/2019 Democrats Have a Socialism Problem
2/11/2019 The Green New Delusion
1/29/2019 Out of a Large Democratic Field, Can a Woman Emerge?
1/9/2019 Pelosi Keeping Loud New Progressives in Line... For Now
12/4/2018 Bill and Hillary Clinton Just Won't Go Away
11/13/2018 Acosta Flap Proves It's Time to End White House Briefings
10/11/2018 Sadly, Kavanaugh Fight Night Over Yet
9/19/2018 Not Only is a Blue Wave Coming, Its Getting Stronger
8/29/2018 How Democrats Could Hurt Their Chances in November
8/9/2018 Trump's War on the Press Won't End Well
7/16/2018 Dems at Odds Over Trump's Supreme Court Pick
6/27/2018 Civic Discourse Has Tumbled to a Shocking New Low
6/6/2018 Democrats Might Have Reason to Worry About November
5/22/2018 Robert Mueller's Investigation Plods On
5/7/2018 The Stunning Hubris of Nancy Pelosi
4/17/2018 Don't Get Too Cocky, Democrats
3/26/2018 Both Republicans and Democrats Running Against Their Leaders
2/28/2018 The NRA Is On The Run
2/6/2018 Democrats Can Only Go So Far Bashing Trump
12/28/2017 Why Trump Isn't Getting Credit for the Economy
12/12/2017 Time to Change the White House Press Briefing
11/14/2017 For Hillary Clinton, Dreams Die Hard
10/9/2017 Clinton is Flirting With Irrelevancy
9/11/2017 The Democrats Have a Hillary Clinton Problem
8/7/2017 CNN Reporter Wrongly Became Part of the Story
7/11/2017 GOP's New Healthcare Slogan: Retreat and Regret
6/16/2017 Trump's Demeanor Shouldn't Be Surprising
5/8/2017 The Hillary Clinton Rehabilitation Tour
3/20/2017 You're Allowed to Feel Bad for Sean Spicer
2/21/2017 The Fame and Failure of Kellyanne Conway
1/23/2017 A Genuine Contempt for the Media
11/29/2016 Media Unwilling to Understand Why America Voted for Trump
8/1/2016 Why the Media is Failing with Donald Trump
7/28/2015 GOP Primary Already Spinning Out of Control
5/31/2015 Christie Forced to go on the Offensive
5/13/2014 GOP Moves to Protect Itself from Itself
6/11/2013 Spying Scandal Reinforces Fears of National Gun Registry
4/18/2013 Murdered Children Less Important than Inconvenienced Gun Purchasers
3/22/2013 GOP Autopsy an Important Starting Point
1/28/2013 Shifting the Gun Control Debate From Hunting to Black Helicopters
1/8/2013 Gun Ownership and 'We Did It Because We Could' Journalism
12/5/2012 Fiscal Cliff Politics
10/26/2012 Obama Must Face The Possibility Of Defeat
10/5/2012 Sports Analogies and Debate Performances
9/18/2012 Gaffes, Cell Phones and Social Media
8/28/2012 Romney's Winning Message Down For The Count
8/16/2012 Will Medicare Be The Dominant Issue This Election Cycle?
8/1/2012 Romney Tax Return Issue Won't Go Away
7/17/2012 Obama On a Negative Offensive Against Romney
7/2/2012 'Obamacare' Decision a Test for Romney
6/25/2012 Mitt Romney, the Non-Obama

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