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3/2/2014 RIP Doug Patton - beloved husband, father and columnist
2/5/2014 Where No One Locks The Door
1/30/2014 No Reason To Spend The Evening With BHO
1/23/2014 Cuomo Puts A New Spin On An Old Mantra
1/16/2014 Did Orwell and Jones See Google and Obama Coming?
1/10/2014 Rodman The Perfect Representative For Obama Diplomacy
12/23/2013 Our Hope Remains In Embracing The True Spirit Of Christmas
12/18/2013 Iowa Caucuses Will Not Elevate Paul Ryan to The Presidency
12/12/2013 The Enemy of America is Obama's Friend
12/5/2013 Liberalism is a Religion; Hatred is its Sacrament
11/26/2013 Why I'm Thankful in 2013
11/20/2013 The Fifties Ended on November 22, 1963
11/14/2013 GOP Should Not Be Part of Democrat Hypocrisy
11/7/2013 Passing Thoughts on the Random Scene
10/24/2013 Obamacare Tantamount to Pixie Dust
10/16/2013 Who Will Tell Obama He Has No Clothes?
10/9/2013 Obama's Thuggish Behavior, Part II
10/3/2013 Stunt at WW ll Memorial Shows More Evidence Obama is a Thug
9/27/2013 Obamacare : At Least Dems Are Willing to Fight for It
9/12/2013 Guess Where Those Chemical Weapons Came From Mr President
9/5/2013 The Most Embarrassing President of My Lifetime
8/29/2013 Middle East Mess May Be Exactly What Obama Wants
8/28/2013 MLK Would be Embarrassed By BHO
8/21/2013 Chris Christie Should Switch Parties
8/15/2013 PC Orthodoxy is Destroying America
8/7/2013 Five Years Later, Obama Again Blames Bush
8/2/2013 We Need More Steve Kings in Congress, Not Fewer
7/24/2013 Once a Weiner, Always a Weiner
7/17/2013 Obama, Zimmerman, and Race in America
7/3/2013 Surrendering Privacy From Cradle To Grave
6/26/2013 America Has Ceased To Be Great -- or Good
6/19/2013 Where Are All The Courageous Liberals -- But I Contadict Myself
6/13/2013 Guess Who Is Behind 'Conservative' Radio and TV Ads
6/6/2013 A Congressman With Guts Takes on Obama
5/29/2013 Michele Bachmann, One Of Our Best
5/23/2013 The Danger in DC Is Bipartisanship
5/16/2013 IRS Scandal Another Reason Why We Need The Fair Tax
5/8/2013 American Pravda, A Nation of Lawbreakers and Benghazigate
5/1/2013 More Evil Than Nazi Germany
4/24/2013 Will Rubio Become Yet Another Candidate For Whom I Cannot Vote?
4/18/2013 Witnessing the Death of Liberty
4/10/2013 The Gipper and the Iron Lady Tower over Today's Leaders
4/3/2013 Welcome to Margaret Sanger's Brave New World
3/27/2013 Will John Roberts Betray Us Again?
3/20/2013 Red State Governors Should Be Careful What They Wish For
3/13/2013 McCain and Graham Irrelevant or Dangerous
3/6/2013 Grandpa, Tell Me Again About Freedom
2/27/2013 Obama's Sleight of Hand on Display Again
2/20/2013 What Part of Shall Not Be Infringed Is Hard to Understand?
2/13/2013 Gun Violence Victims Not the Only Ones Who Deserve a Vote
2/6/2013 Here Come The Drones
1/31/2013 Rest in Peace, Boy Scouts of America
1/24/2013 Another Clinton Lies Under Oath
1/16/2013 OneThird Of A Generation Gone in 40 Years
1/9/2013 Unlike Romnesia Obamasterics a Serious Malady
1/2/2013 The View from the Bottom of the Fiscal Abyss
12/27/2012 Newtown A Microcosm Of Government Failure
12/20/2012 If Ever We Needed Christ in Christmas, It Is Now
12/12/2012 Right-To Work In Michigan : 24 Down 26 To Go
12/5/2012 One More Component in Electing a Conservative President
11/28/2012 Will We Ever See Another Conservative President?
11/19/2012 Why I'm Thankful in 2012
11/14/2012 Petraeus' Testimony Will Make Little Difference
11/7/2012 John Galt Calling : Had Enough?
10/31/2012 Meanwhile, Back in Benghazi
10/24/2012 Reviving Hillary's Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy
10/17/2012 When the Cheerleaders Referee the Game
10/10/2012 It's Come Down to Benghazi and Big Bird
10/4/2012 Romney Shows Up; Obama Phones It In
10/3/2012 This is Why We Take Our Constitution Seriously
9/19/2012 Romney Must Do More
9/12/2012 Jimmy Obama, Meet Your Worst Nightmare, Ronald Romney
9/5/2012 Money and Things Do Not a Great Nation Make
8/29/2012 And It's Romney-Ryan in a Landslide
8/22/2012 If I Ran a Super PAC
8/15/2012 Obama's Campaign of 'Division, Anger and Hate Turns Violent
8/8/2012 Lies, Filthy Lies and Obama Lies
8/1/2012 Marriage, Free Speech and Chicken Sandwiches
7/25/2012 100 Million Gun Owners Didn't Kill Anyone Last Week

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