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8/5/2020 Too Many of the Wrong Tests and None of the Right
6/23/2020 COVID-19: The Nursing Home Disease
6/15/2020 CBO Won't Hide Biden's Government Takeover of Health Care
5/14/2020 Unmasking AARP As A Front Group
4/28/2020 Coronavirus Failures Show Folly of Government-Controlled Medicine
4/21/2020 Enjoying Fast Internet During the Lockdown? Thank Trump's FCC.
3/5/2020 Reject a Government Takeover of Consumer Lending
2/14/2020 MAGA Companies Power Trump Stock Boom
11/27/2019 Trump Should Veto Greedy Green Act
11/20/2019 Transparency for Big Tech The Least-Bad Option
9/3/2019 Trump Should End Tax Pelosi Also Once Wanted to Kill
8/19/2019 Why Milton Friedman Rightly Opposed Drug Policy
7/1/2019 The Fake Democratic Health Care Debate
6/23/2019 WWI Era Law is Hurting Puerto Rico
5/14/2019 Let Electric Vehicle Subsidies Die on Schedule
3/27/2019 In Defense of Payday and Small Dollar Loans
2/25/2019 Sick of Cable TV Fees? The FCC Could Help.
2/10/2019 Trump's FCC Could Make WiFi Great Again
1/2/2019 Don't Import Foreign Price Controls - Break Them
12/1/2018 What Trump Should Do About Electric Vehicle Subsidies
11/15/2018 Senate Republicans Are Blocking Trump Appointments
10/15/2018 Democrats Voted to Take Health Care Away from Millions
9/11/2018 Mulvaney Should Lift Cloud from Student Loan Trusts
8/5/2018 Trump is Right to End Obama's Fuel Economy Scheme
7/26/2018 GOP Can't Appease the Left By Caving on Key Issues
6/25/2018 Nanny Bloomberg Wants to Tax the World's Poor
6/14/2018 Democrat Net Neutrality Plan is Really About Raising Taxes
5/15/2018 Farm Bill Should Reform More Than Food Stamps
5/3/2018 Democrats Exploit McCain Absence for Stunt Vote
4/10/2018 New Strategy Offers Trump a Much Bigger NAFTA Win
4/4/2018 FCC Should Open Up Faster, Better Wi-Fi
3/18/2018 FDA Tobacco Policy Faces Key Test
2/25/2018 Congress Should Make Relief Permanent
12/20/2017 A Triple Victory for the American People
12/6/2017 The Net Neutrality Noise Machine Turns Violent
9/14/2017 Republicans Have a New Heath Care Bill Worth Considering
8/11/2017 GOP Leaders Should Welcome Move to End Obamacare Bailout
7/7/2017 Democrats Will Be Tested as Menendez Finally Stands Trial
5/21/2017 Trump Should Keep His Promise to Cancel Obama Climate Deal
4/26/2017 A Remarkable First Hundred Days of Regulatory Reform
4/18/2017 The Net Neutrality Noise Machine
3/30/2017 What the FCC Privacy Rule Is Really About
3/27/2017 Trump Should End Illegal Obamacare Exemption
12/29/2016 It's Time to Rein in Regulators
11/17/2016 Trump Should Let Senate Kill Obama's Climate Treaty
9/22/2016 Obamacare, Not Drug Prices, to Blame for Record High Costs
9/14/2016 New York's Bizarre Nuclear Bailout
9/6/2016 United Nations Joins Dishonest Pipeline Protest Mob
8/12/2016 Taxpayers at Risk as Obamacare Crumbles
8/5/2016 Bureaucrats to Dump Billions in Student Loans on Taxpayers
7/12/2016 A Warning on Drug Pricing from Bill Gates
6/28/2016 Broken Regulatory Process Turns Democracy Upside-Down
5/19/2016 Facebook Scandal a Warning for the Future of the Internet
5/3/2016 Congress Must Stop Obamacare Bailout Scheme, Again
3/29/2016 End Unauthorized Federal Spending
3/7/2016 GOPers Agree on REINing in Regulators
2/21/2016 A Plebiscite on the Supreme Court
1/29/2016 Vape Regulation Could Kill the Industry
1/15/2016 A Big Dish of Cronyism
1/7/2016 Every Driver Should Care About the Iowa Ethanol Debate
12/23/2015 The Free Speech Silver Lining in the Budget Cloud
11/11/2015 Our Science-Denier-in-Chief
10/27/2015 A Small But Real IRS Reform That Must Pass
10/2/2015 Boehner's Earmark Ban a Great Achievement
9/22/2015 Don't Let Hillary Shift Blame for Obamacare's Failures
8/25/2015 Democrats Threaten Shutdown for Higher Spending
8/6/2015 Stop Obama's Clean Power Grab
7/17/2015 Senate Could Destroy Your Car's Trade-in Value
7/9/2015 Is Congress Up to the Job?
6/26/2015 Congress Must Help Obamacare Victims the Court Ignored
6/16/2015 Liberals Mocking Obamacare Case Have a Big Problem
5/22/2015 EPA Plan to Ban Coal Hits Major Roadblock
5/8/2015 Learning from Obamacare's Spectacular Failures
4/26/2015 Congress's Bipartisan Obamacare Fraud
4/16/2015 Postal Service Headed for Disaster
4/10/2015 End the Taxpayer-Funded Lobbying Scam
3/31/2015 Unhide the EPA Global Warming Tax
3/18/2015 Death Tax Repeal is Long Overdue
3/13/2015 Democrats Have a Corruption Problem
3/5/2015 A Great Week for Regulators
2/24/2015 Obamacare Architect's New Lie to the Supreme Court
2/17/2015 Obama's Plan to Regulate the Internet Risks Content Control
2/9/2015 Court Can Save Millions from Illegal Obamacare Taxes
1/29/2015 The EPA's Unconstitutional Highway Funding Threat
1/21/2015 States Should Force Federal Gas Tax Cut
1/13/2015 End Oil Protectionism
1/6/2015 Keystone Fight Is About Much More
12/19/2014 Fix Medicaid's Perverse Funding Formula
12/5/2014 Questioning the Architect of Obamacare Deception
11/13/2014 Obama's Plan to Regulate and Tax the Internet
11/5/2014 First, Kill the Filibuster
10/28/2014 Price Controls Reward Special Interests And Slow Innovation
10/20/2014 A Stark Contrast in Iowa
10/3/2014 Lower Unemployment, No Thanks to Democrats
9/25/2014 Democrats Will Never Fix Obamacare
9/18/2014 Opponents of Internet Regulation Flip the Script
9/9/2014 Democrats to Repeal First Amendment
8/28/2014 Don't Dare Call Them Socialists
8/22/2014 Truly Transcending Obamacare
8/12/2014 A Big New Tax Coming to Your Internet Bill
7/31/2014 Tapes Expose the Truth about Obamacare
7/21/2014 The Biggest Hypocrites in America
7/16/2014 Lois Lerner's Illegal Instant Message Trick
6/23/2014 The Jailbird Architect of Obama's Global Warming Plan
6/6/2014 Senate Still Obsessed with Tax Hikes
6/2/2014 Pollution and the English Language
5/22/2014 Obamacare's Economically Destructive Welfare Expansion
5/11/2014 Neutrality Nuts Won't Be Happy Until Government Controls the Internet
4/29/2014 FCC Cronyism Stiffs Taxpayers and Destroys Jobs
4/18/2014 Time to Get Tough on India Stealing Our Stuff
4/8/2014 Democratic Budget Exposes New Obamacare Lie
4/1/2014 Attacking Cancer Patients Doesn't Fix Obamacare
3/10/2014 Don't Wreck Medicare Part D
2/27/2014 Telecom Act Is Overdue for Rewrite
2/20/2014 Will Democrats Let the IRS Silence Liberal Groups?
2/3/2014 Fight Global Warming: Approve the Pipeline!
1/29/2014 Correct Spelling, Canceled
1/24/2014 Don't Let Insurers Shift Risk to Taxpayers
1/14/2014 Clinton- Appointed Judges Strike Down Illegal Obama Net Neutrality Order
1/2/2014 Make Obamacare Voluntary
12/17/2013 Minimum Wage Hammers Youth
11/27/2013 The Lie Obscured Something Monstrous
11/22/2013 Dems Go Nuclear; Revenge Comes in November
11/8/2013 State Health Care Websites are Failures, Too
11/5/2013 How Many Health Plans are 'Substandard'? Nearly All of Them
10/28/2013 Obama Knows Nothing
10/22/2013 Health Care Law is a Moral Failure
10/8/2013 There's Nothing Wrong With Standing Up For Taxpayers
9/23/2013 Elections have consequences, New Jersey edition
9/5/2013 Repealing the individual mandate is a budget deal winner
8/27/2013 Uncircle the Firing Squad
8/16/2013 India's intellectual property failures demand Obama's attention
8/7/2013 Cory Booker's Record of Economic Failure
7/22/2013 Don't Fall for Health Care Hard Sell
7/15/2013 Reid Goes Nuclear for Union Bosses
7/8/2013 What if Romney Suspended Obamacare?
6/30/2013 Obama's War on Coal Goes to the Senate Floor
6/24/2013 An American Infrastructure Success Story
6/7/2013 Repeal Don't Expand Ethanol Mandate
5/25/2013 IRS Scandal Shows Importance of Privacy Protections
5/16/2013 The Government Can't Be Trusted With Our Health
5/9/2013 Obama Agenda Undermines Medical Innovation
5/3/2013 FCC Must Run Honest Auctions
4/25/2013 Obama's FAA Harm Offensive
4/19/2013 Lobbyists versus Sick People
4/14/2013 NLRB Bill Key Test for the Senate
4/4/2013 Will Senate Democrats Really Cut the Death Tax
3/29/2013 Repeal the Mandate Tax
3/22/2013 Obamacare is Crumbling
3/15/2013 Carbon Tax Fight Looms
3/7/2013 Medicare Needs More Competition Not Less
2/24/2013 Government Spending Hurts People
2/13/2013 What a Difference 50 Years Makes
2/8/2013 End the Bed Tax Scam
1/30/2013 Obama's Act of Constitutional Disobedience
1/24/2013 Dodd-Frank is an Unconstitutional Disaster
1/18/2013 No Budget, No Debt Ceiling Hike
1/10/2013 Googling Cronyism
1/3/2013 The Senate is the Problem
12/21/2012 Back to Plan A
12/3/2012 Obama Offers More of the Wrong Medicine for Medicare
11/20/2012 Googling Obama's Reelection
11/13/2012 If It's 2008 Again, That's OK
10/31/2012 Recession or Real Recovery
10/18/2012 Gas Prices Are Up Because of Obama's Offshore Ban
10/12/2012 The Debate Between Obama's Promises and His Record
9/27/2012 Obama's Tax Hikes Will Make Deficits Worse
9/21/2012 The FCC's Psychology of Abundant Regulation
9/14/2012 Che and the EPA
9/7/2012 Obama Did Let Detroit Go Bankrupt
8/30/2012 Stop Burning Food During a Drought
8/23/2012 Congress Has Real Work to Do in September
8/15/2012 Medicare: Putting Seniors Before Bureaucrats
8/3/2012 A Clear Contrast on Wind Subsidies
7/27/2012 Farming For Food Stamps
7/19/2012 Medicaid Patients Not Uninsured Crowd Emergency Rooms
7/5/2012 IRS Health Care Power Grab Tramples States
6/29/2012 Emotional Roller Coaster on the Supreme Court Steps
6/21/2012 Pipeline Death By a Thousand Studies
6/8/2012 A Senate Referendum on Obama's War on Coal
6/1/2012 ALEC bullying shows what DISCLOSE Act is about
5/25/2012 Obama Should Blame Himself Not The Court
5/17/2012 Phony Student Loan Issue Obscures Real Fight Over Spending
5/11/2012 Obama's Gas-Powered War on Coal

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