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4/2/2017 Britain Takes a Stand for the Idea of Self-Governance
3/15/2017 How a 1960 Paul Newman Film is Relevant to the Refugee Crisis
3/1/2017 Your Right to Burn the Flag
2/22/2017 Washington's Enduring Corruption
2/15/2017 What's Wrong With Teddy Roosevelt's America?
2/7/2017 Leave it to Lovecraft to Explain America
1/31/2017 Donald Trump and the Post-Christian Right
1/23/2017 Race Relations Bogged Down by the Left
1/17/2017 The Quiet Death of an Exiled King
1/10/2017 Time to Revive 1927 Supreme Court Decision
1/3/2017 One Lingering Question Heading into 2017
12/27/2016 For Millions, Christmas Goes On Through January
12/21/2016 A Taboo Christmas Topic: The Historicity of Jesus
12/14/2016 Putting the Zoroaster Back into Christmas
12/6/2016 Would it Matter if Jesus Wasn't Real?
11/29/2016 Is December 25 Really the Birthday of Jesus?
11/23/2016 Land of the Free, Home of the Believers
11/15/2016 Sarah Palin Was Smarter Than the Pollsters
11/9/2016 Trump Win a Crushing Defeat of Globalism
11/1/2016 Hillary's 'Wise Judgment' Claims Reduced to Dust
10/25/2016 Clinton's Tangled Webs in Manhattan and Morocco
10/18/2016 Hillary's Words Don't Match Her Actions
10/11/2016 When Lewd Talk Washes Away Meaningful Facts
10/4/2016 Clinton's Bad Character on Display With Miss Universe
9/28/2016 Hillary's Done Her Fair Share of Lying, Too
9/20/2016 It Seems No One is 'Ready for Hillary'
9/13/2016 The Evolution of Obama's Thoughts on Clinton
9/7/2016 Clinton Wants Voters to Ignore the Facts
8/30/2016 Will Hillary Talk About What Happened in Haiti?
8/23/2016 Why the Media is Biased Against Donald Trump
8/17/2016 Are Hillary Clinton's Policies Patriotic?
8/9/2016 The Rigged Process that Gave Us Hillary
8/2/2016 DNC Hack Reveals a Disdain for Atheism
7/26/2016 Hispanics Don't Back the GOP, but the Reason is Surprising
7/19/2016 Another Week, Another Islamist Terror Attack
7/12/2016 USA Network's Programming Reflects America's Gloom
7/6/2016 America's 14th and 15th Colonies
6/28/2016 'Brexit': What a Real Revolution Looks Like
6/21/2016 Speak the Truth About Militant Islam
6/14/2016 The Long History of Militant Islam
6/7/2016 Is It So Hard To Just Bring People Together?
6/1/2016 William John Howey: A Forgotten American Story
5/24/2016 For Today's Youth, an 1980s Film has the Answers
5/16/2016 Trump, Confederate Flags and Truthfulness
5/10/2016 Militant Fatalism and the 2nd Amendment
5/3/2016 Whatever Happened to Due Process?
4/26/2016 13 Years Later, Reassessing 'Mission Accomplished'
4/20/2016 A Common Misperception About Gun Control
4/12/2016 'Three Generations of Imbeciles are Enough'
4/5/2016 The Big Problem with Generation Y
3/30/2016 A North Virginia House Unfit for a King
3/22/2016 Trump and the Death of Reaganomics
3/15/2016 Ted Cruz Just In It For Himself
3/8/2016 Self-Interest is Ted Cruz's Only Interest
3/1/2016 In Defense of Trump University
2/23/2016 Not Very Christian of Pope Francis
2/16/2016 Scalia's Passing Creates a Quagmire
2/9/2016 Beware the Angry Social Media Mob
2/2/2016 We Could Use Ed Koch Right About Now
1/26/2016 I Like Trump, and So Should You
1/19/2016 Cruz Abandoning His Own Constitutional Values
1/12/2016 The Constitution and Ted Cruz
1/5/2016 Cruz and the Decline of Christian Conservatism
12/29/2015 Time for the GOP to Divorce the Christian Right
12/22/2015 Paul Ryan Needs to Go
12/15/2015 Why Trump's Success Makes Sense
12/8/2015 Christmas No Longer a Religious Holiday
12/1/2015 Romney was Right About Obama Voters
11/24/2015 What Happened to Politicians Like Arlen Specter?
11/17/2015 The Dysfunctional Iowa Caucuses
11/10/2015 Poverty From a Different Point of View
11/3/2015 Socially Radical Republicans Cannot Win
10/27/2015 No Sugarcoating Paul Ryan's History on Immigration
10/20/2015 Could Medicare be Obamacare's Savior?
10/13/2015 Who Exactly is a 'Real' American?
10/6/2015 The Lingering Problem of Race Relations
9/30/2015 Victimhood Takes Hold
9/22/2015 Could Australia Abandon the British Monarchy
9/15/2015 What Happens When Church and State Get Mixed
9/7/2015 Race and the Civil War
9/1/2015 Is Anybody Still Talking About the Tea Party?
8/25/2015 Social Issues Weighing Down Republicans
8/18/2015 A Defense of Stand Your Ground
8/11/2015 Conservatives Are From Mars, Liberals Are From Venus
8/4/2015 Why is Trayvon Still Considered a Hero?
7/28/2015 Manti Te'o and the Threat of Online Relationships
7/24/2015 Intelligence in 21st Century America
7/15/2015 Fight Over Confederate Flag Light on Facts
7/7/2015 Finding a Balance on Legal Abortion
6/30/2015 Political Correctness and the Confederate Flag
6/22/2015 Time to Reconsider Going to College?
6/16/2015 Past the Left-Right Divide, Real Issues Persist
6/8/2015 Congress Should Focus on Contracting Reform
6/2/2015 Seeking a New Normal on Abortion
5/27/2015 Preventing Amnesty Gone Wild
5/20/2015 Abortion as an Issue in 2016
5/12/2015 Remember Kermit Gosnell? Probably Not
5/5/2015 Tough Times for Christian Conservatives
4/28/2015 Will GOP Learn a 'Legitimate Rape' Lesson?
4/21/2015 Hillary Voters Should Remember the 'B' Word
4/14/2015 For Republicans Lessons from 2012
4/7/2015 Marco Rubio: Style Over Substance
3/31/2015 Zimmerman Prosecutor Feeling the Heat in Florida
3/24/2015 Science and Political Correctness
3/17/2015 Taking a Second Look at Marco Rubio
3/10/2015 The Immortality of Andrew Breitbart
3/4/2015 The Legacy of Hugo Chavez
2/24/2015 Altruism No Substitute for Helping Yourself
2/17/2015 Who Was Joe Paterno?
2/10/2015 Southern Inhospitality: HIV in Dixie
2/3/2015 Thinking Conservatively on School Choice
1/27/2015 On Race, the Left Should Look in the Mirror
1/20/2015 How Neocons Hacked the Conservative Movement
1/13/2015 America is Becoming a Welfare State
1/6/2015 Discrimination Alive and Well in Academia
12/30/2014 Should Politicians Be Sworn in on the Bible?
12/24/2014 Who Cares About America?
12/16/2014 Few People Truly Understand Hanukkah
12/11/2014 Is Being Selfish Really Such a Bad Thing?
12/1/2014 Judgements on Race and Fashion
11/25/2014 Death of a President
11/18/2014 Midterm Elections and The Great Gatsby
11/11/2014 Party of the 99 Percent Undone by Limousine Liberals
11/4/2014 Right, Left and Today's Political Parties
10/28/2014 GOP's Biggest Problem? Multiculturalism
10/21/2014 Is Gay Marriage Good or Bad for America?
10/14/2014 The Only Color that Matters is Green
10/7/2014 Human Intelligence: Nature vs Nurture
9/30/2014 Gun Control has Vanished Without a Trace
9/23/2014 China's One-Child Policy is Destroying America
9/16/2014 A Rational (and Conservative) View of Abortion
9/9/2014 Proof 'Hip Hop Conservatism' is a Loser
9/2/2014 Ferguson and 'A Clockwork Orange' America
8/26/2014 Labor Day: A Historical Perspective
8/19/2014 White vs. Black is Too Simple
8/12/2014 Many American Jews Don't Support Israel
8/5/2014 Americans Love Downton Abbey but Not Real Monarchy
7/29/2014 Religious Bigotry is a Big Problem in the Military
7/22/2014 Catholic Charities Taking Money from Obama to Help Illegal Aliens
7/16/2014 Americans are Losing Their Faith in Religion
7/8/2014 America Suddenly Dreaming Small
7/1/2014 Shattering the American Dream
6/24/2014 The Republican Party is in Serious Trouble
6/17/2014 Will Republicans Learn the Real Lesson of Cantor's Loss
6/10/2014 It's Hard to Find Honor in American Politics
6/4/2014 Social Conservatism Lost in 2012 and Will Lose in November

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