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2/8/2018 Susan Stamper Brown taking temporary family leave
2/5/2018 The Party of Cray-Cray
1/28/2018 A Backyard Immigration Lesson
1/21/2018 Senator Chelsea Manning? Democrats Should Be Proud
1/15/2018 Democrats' Contribution to Haiti's 'Craphole' Status
1/7/2018 Who Is Crazy?
1/1/2018 Phony Prophets Painting an Alternate Global Warming Reality?
12/22/2017 Suggestions for Liberals in 2018
12/17/2017 An Alaskan Christmas Story
12/10/2017 Christmas Came Early This Year for Conservatives
12/4/2017 Leftwing Evangelicals: An Oxymoron?
11/27/2017 Editor's note: Susan Stamper Brown on vacation
11/13/2017 Democrats Bring Words to a Gun Fight
11/5/2017 Bergdahl and Military Swamp Holdovers
10/29/2017 No Fairness from Special Counsel Stacked with Dem Donors
10/23/2017 Surprise! Big Media Ignores the Real Russian Scandal
10/15/2017 Social Justice is an Oxymoron
10/9/2017 If Democrats Really Cared
10/1/2017 Sick of the NFL? Play Kaepernick-Hole
9/25/2017 Greedy Capitalists Didn't Rape Venezuela
9/18/2017 Global Warmists Need to Lose the Arrogance
9/7/2017 Returning to the Rule of Law is Cruel?
8/29/2017 The Media Desperate to Blame Deadly Hurricane on Trump
8/28/2017 Leftists' Goal Is To Wear Us Down
8/17/2017 Leftists Have Selective Vision Regarding Charlottesville
8/13/2017 Why Believers Support Trump
8/7/2017 Trump Should Drain the EPA Swamp
7/31/2017 Democrats Recycle Dilapidated Message
7/24/2017 Transgenderism in the Military: Normalizing Abnormal
7/17/2017 Why They Hate Him
7/10/2017 Leftists Tormented by Trump's Inspiring Warsaw Speech
7/3/2017 Why Democrats Voted Against Bills to Protect Americans
6/26/2017 Canada's Gone 'Covfefe' on Terrorism
6/19/2017 The Painful Reality of 'Love Trumps Hate'
6/9/2017 Comey the Leaking Caped Crusader Exonerates Trump
6/6/2017 Are Anti-Trump Leftists Also Anti-American?
5/30/2017 It's Time for Democrats to Get Real
5/21/2017 Intelligence Leaks and a Duplicitous Press
5/14/2017 Falling for the Lies
5/8/2017 Cleaning Up Democrats' Health Care Mess
5/1/2017 Protesters are Environmental Hypocrites
4/24/2017 Damage in the Wake of 'No Drama Obama'
4/16/2017 The Destruction of the West by Globalists
4/13/2017 Easter: A Time to Search and a Time to Lose
4/10/2017 Susan Rice and the Land of Mythomania
3/26/2017 Susan Stamper Brown on Vacation
3/20/2017 The Fight For America Has Only Just Begun
3/12/2017 Democrats, Psychological Projection and Russia
3/5/2017 Bullies With a Russian Fetish
2/27/2017 Liberalism's Fake Sense of Morality
2/20/2017 Jane Roe is Finally Home
2/13/2017 Has This Good Girl Gone Bad?
2/6/2017 Leftists are Fake Feminists
1/30/2017 Leftists' Heads Explode in Response To Keeping America Safe
1/23/2017 Post-Election Temper-Tantrums Continue
1/16/2017 When the Press Loses Credibility
1/9/2017 Latest Shooting: One More Slips Through?
1/2/2017 Suggestions For Liberals in 2017
12/26/2016 Obama Bids Israel an 'Unhappy Hanukkah'
12/20/2016 Michelle Obama's 'Hopelessnes' Shows it Sucks to be a Liberal
12/15/2016 Russia Freak-out is What Happens When Democrats Lose
12/12/2016 It's Time to Chill About Global Warming
12/5/2016 Ohio State Stabbing and the Rise of Immigrant- Related Terrorism
11/28/2016 Recount All You Want, but Mob Rule Will Not Prevail
11/20/2016 Don't Let the Election Ruin Thanksgiving
11/14/2016 Anti-Trump Riots and America's Lost Generation
10/31/2016 Corruption is the Cornerstone of the Clinton Campaign
10/24/2016 A Dangerous Time for an Obama Third Term
10/17/2016 Judgmental Evangelicals: What Hypocrisy Smells Like
10/10/2016 2016 Election Choices: Guaranteed Disaster or Risky River Landing
10/3/2016 Tilting Elections: How Democrats Win
9/26/2016 Hillary's Deplorables Mass Media
9/19/2016 12 Hours of Terror: Just Another Weekend in Leftist-run America
9/12/2016 Wells Fargo is a Bank, Not a Center for Political Activism
8/29/2016 Media Bias II: Hillary's Health
8/22/2016 Media Bias in Baton Rouge
8/16/2016 The Democratic Party's Got Religion?!?
8/9/2016 With Hillary, Where There's Smoke There's Fire
8/2/2016 Abortion, the DNC and Christians
7/26/2016 A Time for Choosing in 2016
7/18/2016 In Wake of Baton Rouge, Like Lives, All Words Matter
7/13/2016 Divisive Obama Ruined His Dallas Memorial Speech
7/11/2016 Never Hillary
7/5/2016 Despite Terrorism, Peace On Earth Is Not Dead
6/27/2016 Brexit: Globalism is at the Gate
6/20/2016 Orlando Massacre: Love Still Wins
6/12/2016 Censorship Is More Dangerous Than Hate Speech
6/6/2016 Where's the Stimulus Funding for Infrastructure?
5/27/2016 Memorial Day 2016: Remembering Afghanistan
5/23/2016 Going Back to Move Forward
5/15/2016 Liberalism: The Wolf on a Sled Dog Team
5/9/2016 So-long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Goodnight GOP
5/2/2016 Calling All Anti- Capitalists and Ivory Tower Educators
4/25/2016 Gender Chaos in an XX-XY World
4/18/2016 Political Correctness and the Wussification of the Military
4/10/2016 You Might Be a Liberal If...
4/4/2016 Declaration of Genocide is a Big, Fat, Juicy Nothing Burger
3/28/2016 Brussels Attacks: Why America Needs Ted Cruz
3/21/2016 Let's Get Back to True North
3/14/2016 Unresolved Anger is Destroying America
3/7/2016 Why This Conservative Won't Back Trump
2/29/2016 For Democrats, Immigration Is About Winning Elections
2/21/2016 Socialism: Worshipping the God of Government
2/15/2016 Scalia's Death and God's Judgment
2/8/2016 Bernie and Hillary's Miserable World
2/1/2016 Why This Female Cannot Support Donald Trump
1/25/2016 Will We Choose Freedom in 2016?
1/18/2016 Obama and Iran: Strange Bedfellows
1/10/2016 Nightmares Are Dreams, Too
1/4/2016 Suggestions For Liberals in 2016
12/28/2015 Establishment Republicans Cannot Be Trusted
12/21/2015 Do You See What I See?
12/14/2015 Be Good for Goodness' Sake?
12/7/2015 Gun Control and No Fly Lists Won't Fix This
11/29/2015 The Greatest Environmental Threat To The Planet? Liberals
11/20/2015 Giving Thanks
11/16/2015 ISIS Is Contained, President Obama?
11/9/2015 The War On Girls' Privacy
11/2/2015 Mainstream Media's Bias
10/26/2015 Why We Must Hold Fast To The First Amendment
10/19/2015 The Inmates Are Running The Asylum
10/12/2015 Pushing Back America's Darkness by Speaking Out
10/2/2015 Obama’s Response to Oregon Shooting: Take Away Our Guns
9/28/2015 Today's Soft-On-Crime, Anti-Cop Democrats
9/21/2015 Obama's Progressive Overreach on Clock Kid
9/13/2015 Lawlessness and the Faith of Kim Davis
9/3/2015 Obama's Alaska Global Warming Field Trip
9/1/2015 The Bible and Immigration
8/25/2015 EPA: The Cure's Usually Worse Than the 'Disease'
8/18/2015 Sorry Donald, Substance Trumps Style
8/11/2015 Obama Opposes Legislation to Fix the VA
8/4/2015 Debbie Wasserman Schultz's Unanswered Question
7/26/2015 Gun Control: Eating Steak with Teaspoons
7/21/2015 Lamborghinis, Concentration Camps and Fetus Parts
7/13/2015 Conservatism and Hope
7/7/2015 Love Didn't Win
6/30/2015 Communism Racism and the Sins of our Parents
6/22/2015 Whatever Happened to Common Sense Regarding Climate Change?
6/16/2015 Let's Ditch the Political Correctness
6/8/2015 Jenner's 'Vanity Affair'
6/2/2015 Who's Responsible for the Moral Decline?
5/25/2015 The Left's Dumb and Dumber Wars
5/19/2015 An Open Letter to President Obama
5/12/2015 How's That Coexistence Working Out for You?
5/5/2015 What if SCOTUS Rules in Favor of Gay Marriage?
4/28/2015 Where Was God During the Nepal Earthquake?
4/22/2015 Some Suggestions For My Democrat Friends
4/21/2015 I Am a Democrat[ic] Party Defector
5/5/2014 Editor's note on Susan Stamper Brown
4/6/2014 R-S-P-E-C-T, R-I-S-P-E-C-T, Whatever...
3/30/2014 Obamacare: A Tangled Web of Lies and Loss
3/24/2014 A Case for Voter ID
3/16/2014 A Warning to Conservatives
3/10/2014 IRS Scandal: Nothing to See Here...
3/2/2014 Defense Cuts Reveal Out-of-Whack Priorities
2/23/2014 Obama and the Unsettled Science of Global Warming
2/17/2014 A President Gone Wild
2/9/2014 If I Were the Devil
2/2/2014 Do Liberals Really Want to Fix Things
1/27/2014 The War Against Children
1/19/2014 Benghazi Report: We've Been Lied To
1/13/2014 Welfare State Dream Is Really A Nightmare
1/5/2014 Why Do You Vote the Way You Vote?
12/30/2013 Suggestions for Liberals in 2014
12/23/2013 Free Speech, Duck Hunting and Double-Standards
12/16/2013 Climate Change and Environmental Socialism
12/9/2013 The Misery of the Liberal Mind
12/1/2013 Liberals' Hunger Games
11/22/2013 An Argument for Giving Thanks
11/18/2013 Obama's Obamacare Fix is Sugar-Coated Manure
11/10/2013 The Climate is Changing (It's Fall!)
11/5/2013 Liberal 'Do-Good' Policies Fall Short on Doing Good
10/27/2013 Obamacare Boomerangs on Democrats Up For Reelection
10/21/2013 The Worst Is Yet To Come
10/14/2013 Obama's Uncivil America
10/8/2013 Reasonable People Compromise
9/30/2013 ObamaCare and the Arrogance of Liberalism
5/30/2013 Susan Stamper Brown on Temporary Leave
5/21/2013 Truth Floats Despite Tyranny on the Potomac
5/15/2013 It's Harvest Time in Washington
5/8/2013 Benghazi: Are We A Nation Run By Fools?
5/4/2013 This Is What Intolerance Smells Like
4/23/2013 Is Assimilation Possible?
4/16/2013 Where Was God During the Boston Marathon?
4/9/2013 Political Correctness and Fascism
4/1/2013 Bureaucratic Incompetence
3/25/2013 Concentration Camps, Abortion Clinics, and Selective Ignorance
3/18/2013 Obama Must Convince Israel He is Trustworthy
3/11/2013 To Everything There Is A Season
3/4/2013 Gansta' Government and the GOP
2/25/2013 There Once Was a Place Called America
2/19/2013 So, Who Really Does Care?
2/11/2013 Obama's Gone Jack Bauer on us
2/5/2013 Yes, Progressives, God Made Farmers
1/29/2013 All the Presidents' Women
1/22/2013 Obama's Definition of 'Liberty'
1/15/2013 Progressives' Ridiculous Gun Control Argument
1/7/2013 The EPA's Mercury Problem
12/26/2012 Will 2013 Be the Year We Slow the Moral Decline?
12/17/2012 Sandy Hook and the Second Amendment
12/12/2012 Helping Charities and Voluntary Wealth Redistribution
12/5/2012 Secular Humanists Bid All 'A Merry un-Christmas'
11/27/2012 Union Vultures on the Prowl
11/20/2012 Unholy Trio: Gun Control, the UN and Obama
11/14/2012 Who Benefits When Top Military Brass Fall
11/7/2012 We Reap What We Sow
10/30/2012 Obama's 'Soulless' Responses to Benghazi and Fort Hood
10/23/2012 Time to Lead from the Middle
10/16/2012 To Tell the Truth
10/9/2012 7.8 Percent Unemployment Is Nothing to Brag About
10/2/2012 Time For Blacks to Leave the Democratic Party
9/24/2012 Makers, Takers and the '47 Percent'
9/17/2012 No More 'Mr Nice Guy' Foreign Policy
9/10/2012 Ground Zero Changes No One Should Believe In
9/4/2012 Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Who's the Coolest Prez of All?
8/27/2012 America's Greatness
8/22/2012 Obama Must Waive Renewable Fuels Standard Now
8/13/2012 Mud-slinging The Left's One-Trick Pony
8/5/2012 The Democratic Party's Declaration of Dependence
7/30/2012 The Futility of Gun Control
7/23/2012 Boycotting Chick-fil-A Solves Nothing
7/17/2012 Obama's Foreign Policy Communicating Wrong Message Globally
7/10/2012 Heat Wave Is No Reason For Alarm
7/3/2012 Obamacare: Lies, Mistruths, Falsehoods and Fabrications
6/26/2012 Time to Clean Up the Obamacare Mess
6/6/2012 Obama Administration Over-Regulating Farms Out Of Business
5/29/2012 A Case For Governor Scott Walker
5/22/2012 Obama Meets the French Version of Himself
5/15/2012 Time to Declare a War on Stupid
5/8/2012 Obamacare's Medicare Scam
4/30/2012 Anti-Bullying Advocate Advocates Bullying With His Actions
4/24/2012 Dumbing Down the American Dream
4/16/2012 Is Progressivism the New Communism?
4/9/2012 Women Hoodwinked by the Democrat Spin Machine
4/3/2012 The Obama Doctrine of Placate and Cave
3/27/2012 Trayvon Martin's Death Signals Deeper Problems
3/20/2012 Sharia and the Constitution: An Incompatible Duo
3/12/2012 Voter ID Laws Protect Electoral Process
3/4/2012 Energy Secretary Chu Should Resign
2/27/2012 Obama Owes The Military An Apology
2/21/2012 Who Is Policing the Food Police?
2/14/2012 Obama the Almighty Conjures up the Female Vote
2/7/2012 The Obama Administration's Switch to the Super PAC Dark Side
1/31/2012 The Danger of the Obama Administration's Loose Lips
1/24/2012 Voter's Best Choice Revealed with the Restatement of the Obvious
1/16/2012 Over-Regulation Is Choking the Life Out Of Business
1/10/2012 Marching Behind Europe Toward Cliff's Edge
1/3/2012 New EPA Regulations Are Harmful to
12/27/2011 America's Strength Is Found In Her Families
12/19/2011 Merry Christmas, Welcome Home and Job Well Done
12/13/2011 Plan B Drug Debate Is Not About Birth Control
12/6/2011 Tim Tebow and the Culture of Pseudo Political Correctness
11/30/2011 We Are Not "The 99 Percent"
11/22/2011 Fannie and Freddie To The Rescue?
11/16/2011 Obama's Energy Plan: Chevy Volt
11/8/2011 Liberals Want the Pentagon's 'Pot of Gold'
10/31/2011 More Agents but Less Secure Northern Borders
10/24/2011 Is Collectivism Moral?
10/18/2011 Meddling in Africa
10/10/2011 Young Americans Want Traditional Values
10/4/2011 Mourning in America
9/26/2011 Social Injustice
9/19/2011 Shedding the Light on LightSquared
9/12/2011 Why the Rush To Pass the American Jobs Act
9/5/2011 Never Forget September 11 2001
8/29/2011 Labor Day 2011 and Obama's Job-Killing Policies
8/22/2011 Word "Illegal" Near Extinction in Obama Administration
8/15/2011 America's Judeo-Christian Roots are Bigger Than Texas
8/8/2011 Obama and Democrats are in Denial
8/1/2011 Obama's New Cafe Standards are Unaffordable
7/25/2011 Breivik's Fear and Prejudice
7/19/2011 Budget Debate Straight Talk
7/11/2011 Perception and Persuasion versus Truth
7/5/2011 The “Drop and Roll” Effect of Obamacare
6/28/2011 Leading From Behind
6/21/2011 A Pink Slip for Attorney General Holder
6/14/2011 Media Scrutiny of Palin Unbalanced
6/7/2011 Was Weiner Living Above the Bill He Cosponsored?
5/31/2011 Is Afghanistan Worth the Fight?
5/24/2011 Obama’s Israel Foreign Policy is ‘Codifying Insanity’
5/17/2011 Common’s ‘Poetry’ Should Be Uncommon
5/10/2011 Obama Campaign is Swimming in Questionable Donor Funds
5/2/2011 Obama Standing on Bush’s Shoulders
4/27/2011 Acceptance of “New Normal” is Unacceptable
4/20/2011 Environmental Justice: Coming to a Law Near You
4/13/2011 Relatively Modest Inflation?
4/6/2011 So You Want to Discuss Medicare?
3/29/2011 New Gitmo Policy is Executive Branch Temper Tantrum
3/22/2011 Obama’s Lap-doggish Libyan Foreign Policy
3/14/2011 Gas Prices: Facts Don’t Support Administration’s Claims
3/8/2011 Holder Reveals His True Colors
3/1/2011 First Things First: Deficit then DOMA
2/22/2011 An “Assault on Unions?
2/15/2011 Chains of Political Correctness Must Be Broken
2/9/2011 Best Foreign Policy : Peace Through Strength
2/1/2011 Time to “Drill Baby Drill”
1/26/2011 ‘Hu’s’ He Trying To Kid?
1/18/2011 Welcome to Washington, Dr. Berwick
1/11/2011 The Absence of Civility, Conscience and Sensibility
1/4/2011 111th Congress: “So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Good Bye”
12/28/2010 New Year, Same Fight
12/21/2010 Sleep in Heavenly Peace
12/14/2010 Gratitude Begins Where My Sense of Entitlement Ends

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