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12/13/2015 Court Rulings Support Trump's Muslim Ban
8/26/2015 A Defense of Trump's Immigration Plan
3/16/2015 The World of Sonia Sotomayor
7/7/2014 From Right-Wing Hit Man to Powerful Liberal
5/4/2014 Does Immigration Contribute to Stagnant Wages?
12/16/2013 The Moral Case for Rejecting Immigration Expansion
12/11/2013 Joe Biden's Ancestors Illegal Immigrants?
8/12/2013 Was Barack Obama Ever a 'Constitutional Law Professor'?
7/22/2013 Reflections on Detroit's Bankruptcy From a Former Detroiter
7/16/2013 End the Filibuster Once and For All
6/19/2013 NSA Leaks Threaten Constitutional Self-Government
6/11/2013 Where is Paul Krugman on Immigration?
6/4/2013 How Banning Three Useful Words Undermines Immigration Reform
4/21/2013 Death Penalty and the Central Park Five
4/11/2013 Rutgers Abuse Cover-up Continues
4/9/2013 Immigration Amnesty a Formula For Permanent Dysfunction
3/14/2013 Judging By Our Priorities Weapons Are More Important Than Schools
3/10/2013 Why Immigration Amnesty Should and Will Fail
3/5/2013 Obama's Fiscal Cliff Tax Deal Led Us Into Sequestration
1/24/2013 Joe Biden for President in 2016?
1/20/2013 Can Obama Overcome These NRA Shibboleths?
1/6/2013 Chuck Hagel the Right Choice for Secretary of Defense
12/3/2012 Obama and Democrats Should Support STEM Jobs Act
11/23/2012 Fear Not the Fiscal Cliff!
11/12/2012 The Republican War Against Scientific Methodology
10/31/2012 Mitt Romney and Hurricane Sandy
10/29/2012 Could Hurricane Sandy Wreak Havoc on Election Day?
10/23/2012 2012: Year of the Low Information Voter
9/26/2012 Romney Caught In a Rich Man's Illusion of Taxes
9/17/2012 Desperate and Losing Romney Makes Unforced Errors
9/3/2012 Why Romney Should and Will Lose
7/23/2012 Penn State Plea Bargain Exposes NCAA Spinelessness
7/18/2012 Voting Should Be Mandatory
7/8/2012 Too Many Harvard Lawyers Setting National Policy?
6/28/2012 Chief Justice Roberts Emerges As Decisive Swing Vote
6/25/2012 Supreme Court Paves the Way for Increased Illegal Immigration
6/18/2012 Obama's Flawed Dream Act Lite
6/8/2012 Who Voted For Scott Walker? Obama Supporters
6/7/2012 Causes and Cures for Political Gridlock
5/25/2012 Secret Service Director Mark Sullivan Should Be Fired
5/16/2012 What To Make Of Romney The Bully
4/30/2012 In Defense of Arizona's Immigration Law
4/16/2012 Where Are Romney's Tax Returns?
4/9/2012 Obama's Supreme Court Hyperbole
3/19/2012 Is Mitt Romney a Conehead?
2/16/2012 Why the Jeremy Lin Phenomenon?
2/13/2012 Is Santorum the Jeremy Lin of Politics?
1/29/2012 Are the Super Rich Different From Us? Yes, They Pay Lower Taxes
1/19/2012 Can We All Pay Taxes at the Romney Rate?
1/15/2012 Why Deficits and the National Debt Matter
1/9/2012 Impressions of Rick Santorum
1/2/2012 What Does Tax Reform Mean?
12/26/2011 The Developing Third Party in the 2012 Presidential Election
12/19/2011 More Thoughts on Supreme Court and Arizona Immigration Law
12/12/2011 Why Are Colleges and Universities Forcing Students into Debt?
12/5/2011 The Young Abandon Newspapers To Their Peril
11/30/2011 Our Binary Choice on Immigration Policy
11/22/2011 Should Illegal Aliens Be Represented in Congress? Louisiana Says No
11/14/2011 Environmental Groups Silent on Population Growth and Immigration
11/7/2011 Mitt Romney, Political Weathervane, Now Supports a Flat Tax!
10/31/2011 Remembering Reagan's Pragmatic Compromises on Taxation
10/20/2011 Immigration and Population Growth
10/13/2011 A Visit to the Flight 93 National Memorial
10/7/2011 Blame Wall Street, Not China, for Job Losses
9/30/2011 Obama's Better and Worse Proposals to Increase Taxes
9/27/2011 Is Philadelphia the Most Corrupt Big City in America?
9/19/2011 America's Path to Permanent War
9/11/2011 Case For English As Our Official Language
9/2/2011 On Jobs, Obama Should Channel FDR
8/26/2011 Obama's Welcome Mat For Illegal Immigrants
8/23/2011 Defend the Electoral College
8/19/2011 Illegal Immigrants Get Legal Asylum Status by Lying

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