Rick Jensen, 5/26/2016 [Archive]

What Coverage of Trump and Hillary Looks Like

By Rick Jensen

Donald Trump sued Deutsche Bank to wipe out $40 million in personal loans he borrowed to build Trump International Hotel & Tower in Chicago, arguing the financial collapse was an unexpected "force majeure," or act of God, meaning of course he didn't have to repay the loan.

(Okay, try to get outraged. Can't bring yourself to do it? No kidding.)

There's more. This was soon after Trump said he was hoping for an economic downturn so he could pick up some real estate cheap!

(At what point are we supposed to get outraged by this consistent behavior of his?)

Hillary uses a campaign staffer to make sure only 1 percent of all the money she promised to statewide Democratic parties stays in those states. The rest of her "Values" funds goes back to her and the national committee that supports her.

(Can you feel the Bern? No?)

There's more! Hillary actually promised this money would go to the state campaigns!

(Yes, and it all depends on what the meaning of the word "go" is. Been there, seen that, bought the blue dress.)

Trump allegedly paid the mortgage of a women who has been telling the media how Hillary led the campaign to cover up Bill's sexual abuse of her and other women.

(Bill Clinton, Bill Cosby... what's new?)

There's more! Roger Stone says Trump helped out with the fundraiser and Trump denies it!Who do you believe?

(All of them. So what?)

Clinton "Bestie," Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe, is being investigated for illegal campaign finances.

(Boring. Happens all the time. The FBI is investigating his pal Hillary, and the State Department now reports that she did break the law with her email server.Show me a Hillary voter who cares.)

These illegal campaign charges link McAuliffe to a wealthy Chinese national!

(Please. The Clintons invented illegal campaign financing by Chinese nationals.)

Trump just got punk'd by Kim Jong Un as his envoy said he would never meet with Trump!

(All Trump said is that he would meet with him... and that Un is a maniac)

There's more!This means Trump is unworthy of international relations!

(Trump is probably unworthy of a driver's license. Clinton's husband already helped North Korea get nukes and no one can give Iran more nuke capability than Obama did.)

Hillary's team shut down the Nevada State Convention, blocking Sanders supporters from entering the hotel, enacting a bogus rule to ignore the winning convention vote for Bernie, counting only the earlier vote supporting Hillary.

(Hillary raises the money and gives it to the DNC, so she makes the rules.)

There's more! There was fighting and cursing! State troopers in brown uniforms lined up in front of the stage to keep Bernie Sanders supporters from rushing the stage and attacking Hillary's supporters in the party leadership!

(Yes, and if the Democratic Party tries that stunt at the national convention in Philly, all hell will break loose.And THAT will be a news story.People getting beaten up in Vegas is not news... even if it's Democrats pounding each other at a state convention.)

Trump said he raised $6 million for veterans and he really only raised $4.5 million. He lied!

(Um.... Not even close to any of either candidate's biggest lies.Big whoop.)

Business analyst and investigative writer, Charles Ortel, famous for revealing weasel business practices at General Electric, is also taking deep analytical dives into the Clinton Foundation and calling it "charity fraud."

(The Clintons are crooked. Her supporters over the age of 40 all know that. So?)

So, this is what a couple weeks' worth of news coverage of Trump and Hillary looks like. Aside from partisans defending their candidate, my responses don't seem too far from those of many people I talk to on both sides.

We know they're both dishonest people, using whatever system and connections they have at the disposal for their own benefit.

So far, it's pretty boring.

Are you ready for them to step it up and get really nasty?


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