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Americans 1 CBS 0

Americans 1, CBS 0

Making Sense By Michael Reagan

Score one for the Gipper -- thanks to millions of outraged Americans the Hollywood liberal elite lost big when CBS threw in the towel and dumped onto Showtime its smear job on my dad, Ronald Reagan. If what just happened here is any indication, the only viewers it will attract will be Barbra Streisand and her loony pals curious to see what a terrible job her husband whatshisname did playing the former president.

They just don't get it. They think that everybody agrees with them that, because my dad was a conservative -- to them the most hateful thing anyone can be -- he was a fumbling ignorant failure as president. Conservatives, in their twisted minds, are sworn enemies of progress and everything else that's good and decent in Hollywood's view, you know, good things like abortion and gay Boy Scout scoutmasters and Communist dictators such as their hero Fidel Castro.

They found out how wrong they were. Most Americans remember that on my dad's watch the economy skyrocketed, taxes plunged, the Evil Empire began its descent into helplessness that brought it crashing down, and the American people rediscovered their native greatness. It really was "morning in America," and it was Ronald Reagan who was there to show us the dawn.

This is anathema to the Hollywood crowd who live in a fantasy world where monsters like Fidel Castro are greatly admired heroes and Marxist slavery is the only sensible political system. And the elitist liberals at CBS fall right in line with this leftist garbage, and, as they did in this instance, allowed Hollywood the liberty of creating an attack vehicle against my dad and my family and then claiming it was an historical documentary that portrays the Reagans as they really are.

They had the gall to call it a love story when what it turned out to be was a hate crime.

And as loud as CBS president Les Moonves -- a great Clinton and Castro chum, by the way - whines about how unfair and inaccurate the end result turned out to be, he was there from the very beginning, knew what it was all about and the extreme liberalism of those he hired to create it, and backed their sorry production to the hilt. He only "discovered" that it was a piece of junk after the American people rose up and cried "enough of this garbage."

Ronald Reagan's greatest crime to Hollywood and the elite media is that even though he came out of Hollywood he wasn't like them. And they are right. He was one of us, a decent, hardworking American who came from a humble background and clawed his way up the ladder by his own efforts.

Moreover, as I have written, he is as big hearted a man as ever rose to become President of the United States. He has what Hollywood and the leftwing media scorn -- a bedrock respect for his fellow Americans. He was a product of the great heartland of America -- that vast area the elites of the East and West coasts dismiss as "Flyover Country."

Well, Flyover Country rose up and reminded its detractors that we Americans have a lot of fight left in us. Hollywood, CBS and all those snobs in the elite media who look down their noses at us had better remember that old American cry of defiance: "Don't Tread on Us."

We've just seen the sun rise; it's morning in America again.

Mike Reagan, the eldest son of President Ronald Reagan, is heard on more than 200 talk radio stations nationally as part of the Premiere Radio Network. Comments to mereagan@hotmail.comfor Mike.

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