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My Cartoon Error

Cartoons about Israel and the Palestinians always brings in the mail, with questions like those from the reader below. After I drew and sent out this cartoon I was shocked to realize my error - I had drawn two sets of ears on each dog - both human ears and doggy ears. Yipes! I'm just so used to drawing ears on human heads, and my drawing hand was running on automatic, I didn't even think that I was giving out surplus ears. Oooh! Sometimes my cartoons about the Middle East are so wrooong!

From: Jake Barlow

Subject: regarding your Carter/Hamas cartoon

Question, Daryl: When was the last time you were in Israel, and/or the occupied territories? And as a follow up, do you have a well informed opinion on what the situation truly is in the region of Palestine from an eye-witness account, or do you form your opinions based on what you read in the papers?

Second question: How do you justify the cartoon you drew of Carter being a dog pissing on Israel? Who were you personally showing solidarity with, and why? Or are you simply a hack who was trying to capitalize on well-worn bigotries that the US media has been reinforcing through propaganda? Follow up: Why are you so disingenuous?



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