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Cagle FAQ

We get the same questions in the email

box every day and I thought I would take some time out to respond

to some of the most frequent ones.

You say you update the cartoons "every

day" but I see lots of the same cartoons are up now that

were there yesterday. What's up with that?

The fact that we update the cartoons everyday

doesn't mean that each cartoonist draws a new cartoon every day.

Most editorial cartoonists draw between three and five cartoons

per week, some draw once a week. Some draw six times a week.

Some draw local cartoons some days, that they don't send to us.

Some take vacations. On the busiest days of the week we update

the site with 100 new cartoons per day ­ there are 175 cartoonist

slots on the site.

Why can't you set up your site so that

I don't have to look at those same cartoons that I saw yesterday?

I want to see only the new cartoons.

Look at our RSS feeds which feature only

the newly updated cartoons at the top of each page.

Where are your RSS feeds?

Go to our
TARGET="_blank">daily updating cartoons pages
and click on

the orange button to the left of any cartoonist's name, or scroll

to the bottom to click on the RSS feeds for batches of artists.

We can't include all of the cartoons in one RSS feed because

the pages are too long with 100 new cartoons on busy days.

Why don't you make the cartoons in your

RSS feeds full sized? I have to click on each cartoon to be able

to read it.

That's so that you have to look at an ad

and we don't go broke.

I have a great idea for a cartoon! Want

to hear it?


I have lots of great ideas for cartoons,

but I can't draw. Can you tell me which editorial cartoonist

I should contact to draw my cartoons?

I don't know any editorial cartoonists

who work with gag writers.

I would like to have a cartoon logo

drawn for my business and I like your style. Could you do that

for me? I can't afford to pay any more than $50.


I have to write a paper about an editorial

cartoon and I picked yours. Can you tell me what it means? Please

tell me right away because my paper is due tomorrow.

Sorry, I get too many requests like this.

I have to let the cartoons speak for themselves. Besides, you're

supposed to be following the news and the meaning of the cartoon

should be obvious to you ­ if it is not, then it wasn't a

good cartoon.

Would you like to: Enlarge your penis?

Get cheap drugs? Refinance? Help us move millions of dollars

from a foreign dignitary's bank account?

No. No. No. No.

May I run your cartoon in my blog?

If you are on Myspace.com, yes, go to any

cartoon on

TARGET="_blank">caglepost.com's cartoon ticker

, click on the thumbnail image

for any cartoon, then click on the Myspace.com link to put the

cartoon on Myspace.com. If you are not on Myspace.com, you can post

any of our caglecartoons.com cartoons on your blog for a nominal

fee, just visit Politicalcartoons.com. We may do a Facebook application

in the future.

May I use your cartoon for my class

at school?

Yes. In fact, "in-classroom"

use is one of the "Fair Use" exceptions to the copyright

law. You can use any copyrighted materials you want in the classroom

without asking.

May I post your cartoon on my high school

class web site? Or in my school newspaper? Or on posters at school?

No, unless you want to pay the nominal

fee on politicalcartoons.com ($3 for school use). These school

uses are not "in-classroom."

Why don't you let us use your cartoons

for free in schools?

We tried that, but we found that letting

people download free, high-resolution cartoons on Politicalcartoons.com

was a bandwidth hole. Suddenly everybody was saying they wanted

cartoons for schools and our bandwidth went through the roof.

When we put a $3 fee up for schools the bandwidth bleeding stopped.

I have to write a paper on the career

I want to go into and I chose cartooning. Please tell me:

1) How much money do you make?

2) How much education was required for you to get your job?

3) How much time does it take you to draw a cartoon?

4) How did you get into this business?

1) Cartoonists make anything between $0

per year and $50,000,000 per year ­ just like actors, musicians

and basketball players. And, like actors, musicians and basketball

players, most cartoonists make closer to $0 than $50,000,000.

2) No education is required, only quality

of work and some business acumen ­ but that is true of most

careers. Education is very important and it is unusual for anyone

to be successful without a good education.

3) All my life. Some cartoonists brag about

drawing quickly; I think this diminishes the value of their work

in the eyes of their editors and readers. Good cartoonists think

about their work all the time and spend a lit of time working

to improve.

4) I started as a general illustrator,

and then worked as a cartoon illustrator, then I worked as a

toy inventor, I did a syndicated cartoon, then editorial cartoons.

I drew other people's characters in other people's styles, working

on projects for others before my career got to the point that

I could draw as I wanted.

Why don't you have any conservative

cartoonists on your site?

We have a lot, but conservatives, like

you conservatives notice the cartoons you disagree with more

than the others. It is an optical illusion for you.

When are you going to stop bashing President


Be patient. It won't be long.

I can't cancel my newsletter subscription!

What do I do to make it stop?

Most people who can't cancel are replying

to the email with a note asking to cancel ­ we don't get

these replies. To cancel you have to click on the unsubscribe

link in the newsletter, or go to our
TARGET="_blank">newsletter subscriptions page
and follow

the instructions. Another problem is with people who have the

newsletter forwarded from another email address ­ there is

no way for us to know that, and clicking on the unsubscribe link

won't make any change to a different email address. If you are

flummoxed, email us.

I tried to subscribe to your newsletters,

but I don't get anything! What's wrong?

You probably have an email account with

a company like Earthlink, which does "whitelisting"

­ that is, these providers send an email reply to us, asking

us to confirm that we are a real person who wants to send an

email. This is a method of preventing spam. We don't respond

to the "whitelisting" replies. Your only solution is

to try subscribing from another free email service, like Yahoo,

Google or Hotmail, which doesn't do "whitelisting."

You might have a spam filter - take a look

at your blocked emails and approve us as a sender.

I was getting your newsletters, but

they suddenly stopped. What's wrong?

If we get the email bounced back from your

email address a couple of times, your subscription is automatically

cancelled. You may have had technical problems with your email,

or you may have had a full mailbox. You need to go to our
HREF="http://list.cagle.com/" TARGET="_blank">newsletter subscription

page and resubscribe.

Another problem is spam filters. You might

have a new spam filter, or a new setting on your spam filter

- take a look at your blocked emails and approve us as a sender.

I was getting your newsletters fine

for a while, and now I don't see the images in the newsletter

­ they are all broken image links? What's wrong?

Some email services, like Hotmail, will

occasionally ask you to approve images from senders and will

block the images in an email from displaying until you approve

the images from us, or any other sender. This is to prevent users

from accidentally seeing pornography in a spam email. Just approve

us for image display in your email program.

I want you to syndicate my cartoons.

Will you look at my samples?

No, sorry. We get too many requests from

aspiring cartoonists and just don't have the resources to deal

with unsolicited submissions. Also, we have had bad experiences

with angry amateur cartoonists who won't take "no"

for an answer and now we are skittish.

Your site is slow!

No it's not! The problem is on your end,

or in between you and our server ­ Microsoft serves the Cagle.MSNBC.com

site ­ it is like getting electricity from the utility. We

can blast as much bandwidth as all of MSNBC.com. Our cartoons

are bandwidth heavy compared to other sites that are mostly text,

so our pages will naturally take longer to load.

But, if you're complaining about Polticalcartoons.com

or Caglepost.com, we serve those sites outside of MSNBC.com,

and yes, sometimes we have too much traffic. We're upgrading

from two servers to four and we should be speedy all the time

with our new load balancing. We're working on it and we apologize

for any hassles.

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