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What Makes Democrats Unhappy

What Makes Democrats Unhappy?

Making Sense By Michael Reagan

A new poll reveals that 62 percent of all Republicans say they're happy while only 50 percent of Democrats make the same claim, meaning that the other 50 percent are less than happy.

Moreover fully seven percent of Democrats admit to being downright unhappy, where only 3 percent of Republicans put themselves in that category.

There has to be a reason for this. Over at, my friend Phil Brennan says Democrats cannot be happy until they create a Utopian society which will never happen because there is no such place as Utopia and never will be.

I have a slightly different reason for why happiness is so elusive for Democrats: they can only be happy when they are either taking or giving away other people's money, and once they do that they become unhappy until they find new ways to spend or collect taxpayer funds.

They are unhappy because they believe that happiness can only be achieved through government programs and government action. They don't believe that people can do anything for themselves -- they need the nanny state to look after all their needs and wants. Unlike Republicans who take care of their own problems, Democrats want somebody else to take care of theirs, and they are not happy until someone does. And the happiness lasts only until they need something else.

If Republicans need a job they go out and find one, or keep trying until they do. Finding it keeps them happy. Democrats think somebody else -- meaning the government - should find or even create jobs for them, and they aren't happy until they are handed a job on a silver platter. And then they become unhappy when the job doesn't satisfy them and they go looking for someone in the government or the courts to make their job more pleasing.

Democrats are happy when they can send somebody a government check or get one. They think everybody should get a government check, and when everybody doesn't get a government check, they are unhappy.

For Democrats, happiness is like drug addiction. They feed that addiction by getting money from the government they should earn by themselves, getting jobs they should find for themselves, and creating or benefiting from countless government programs designed to do things for them they should do for themselves. But they are never satisfied. They will always have needs.

They get high this way, but like somebody addicted to crack cocaine, or heroin or some other addictive substance, once they've gotten all they can get their hands on they come down from the high and get depressed. As a result they have to go looking for some other way to get government to do more and more things for them, they can and should do for themselves.

That means finding new ways of getting high such as finding new programs to milk and until they do, they remain unhappy.

Democrat politicians thrive on convincing people or themselves that they are unhappy and will be until they find ways of getting what the Democrats tell them they need.

As a result, whatever makes other people unhappy makes Democrat politicians happy.

Democrats want people to be unhappy because it gives them an opportunity to peddle some pie-in-the-sky scheme that allegedly will make them happy. And because they know that the happiness their new idea creates is only temporary and will only lead to more unhappiness when it vanishes, they have always to keep looking for new ways to convince the public that they are unhappy and need government help to find happiness.

Democrats have convinced the black community that blacks should be unhappy and can achieve happiness only when Democrats find ways to make them happy. But they never make blacks happy because they keep finding reasons why blacks should be unhappy. A happy black means an unhappy Democrat because they think blacks have no right to be happy and must remain on the Democrat welfare plantation.

Democrats are unhappy because they do not believe that it makes people happy when they achieve something solely by their own efforts. They cannot accept the idea that anybody can make his or her own way on their own without some kind of government help.

Mike Reagan, the eldest son of President Ronald Reagan, is heard on more than 200 talk radio stations nationally as part of the Radio America Network. Comments to mereagan@hotmail.comfor Mike.

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