Daryl Cagle Daryl Cagle, 2/12/2008 [Archive]

Oh! The Mail on My Cartoon...

From: John Evans

Subject: Why

So you characterize me as a "Monkey" because I don't like someone's political beliefs. How disgusting of you.

Typical Liberal Democrat - It's ok to insult someone as long as they are not a Minority. It's still an insult and you should apologize.

You are a racist, just because we are conservative and not agree with you, you make us into Monkeys????

What's wrong with you, where is your open mind, where is your compasion and caring for others?


(Phone number deleted)

Why don't you call my number and call me a Monkey to my face, don't you believe in what you do?

I wouldn't say the conservative character in my cartoon is a "monkey" - I'd say he is "evolutionally challenged." --Daryl

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