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Three New Cartoonists

We just added three new cartoonists to

the site. Actually, they are three old cartoonists who are coming

back after some time away.

The first is Brian Duffy of the Des Moines

Register. Brian is one of only two cartoonists whose color cartoons

appear every day on the front page of a large metropolitcan daily

newspaper (the other is
TARGET="_blank">Corky Trinidad
of the Honolulu Star-Bulletin).

Welcome back, Brian!
TARGET="_blank">Click to see more of Brian's work


Next is Jonathan Shapiro, the mega award-winning

cartoonist from South Africa who draws under the name "Zapiro."

Jonathan was the winner of the Cartoonists Rights Network's courage

in Editorial Cartoonists Award for drawing in the face of threats

to his safety.
TARGET="_blank">Click to see more of Zapiro's work


And next is

Sepideh Amjarooz, a rare woman editorial cartoonist from Iran

(where our web site is blocked by the government). Sepideh has

a charming style which is very different that what our Western

eyes expect. She didn't update her cartoons for a while, and

we dropped her slot, then she wrote to say, "put me back

up!" and that's what we're doing.
TARGET="_blank">Click to see more of Sepideh's work

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