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Not So Fast

Not So Fast

Making Sense By Michael Reagan

The media is at it again, anointing a Democratic presidential candidate as a surefire frontrunner in a general election they proclaim will be tighter than a miser in a bargain basement -- exactly the way they first assured us that John Kerry was way out in front in the primary race before a single vote was cast.

Then, almost overnight, they dumped Kerry and gazed with awe at Howard Dean who the media star gazers told us was headed for certain victory. "Can Dean be stopped?" they asked in chorus before suggesting that he was unstoppable. But once Kerry won in Iowa and New Hampshire and Dean performed his shrieking act, Kerry was once again the media darling.

With Kerry now truly unstoppable the media has all but handed him the presidency, albeit in a squeaker of an election. And because the primary season is all but over, they'll give him an extension of his near monopoly of round-the clock coverage by focusing on the new most burning question of the day: who will he chose as his running mate? Other than that, their man Kerry has all but been installed in the White House thanks to the burning anger they tell us the voters feel towards George W. Bush. Just today, Tim Russert explained that Ohio is a hotbed of Bush hatred and suggested that as Ohio goes, so goes the nation.

Not so fast, boys and girls. I know it's an inconvenience, but there's a little matter of an election to be disposed of -- the voters do have a little something to say about who'll occupy the White House for the next four years and it is not going to be John Kerry.

Dick Morris wrote today that in picking Kerry the Democrats have committed suicide. I disagree -- they committed suicide long ago when they failed to support the President on the war and have campaigned against everything he has tried to do. This election is going to be the record of George W. Bush against Kerry's record of voting one way and campaigning another way.

The end result is going to be either America and all of the Middle East are going to win, or Kerry and the Islamicists are going to win. That's what the battle is all about.

Look at what happened just this week -- the Iraqis have voted to come up with a constitution -- that's unheard of in the Middle East. The Democrats are so blinded by hatred they can't recognize all the good things that are going on in that region -- the good news about Libya, the fact that we are finding nuclear capabilities in Iran -- something that Hussein prevented us from learning and then showed the Iranians the price he paid for his resistance.

All of this is due to the strong stand President Bush has taken against terror.

Contrast that with Kerry's stands. This is a man who once symbolically threw his medals away; now he wants to throw the hopes of freedom of the world away.

The Kerry campaign is just Ted Kennedy's way of finally getting into the White House -- a place he could never get into by winning an election. Just watch this campaign -- who's out front? Ted Kennedy? He's driving the Kerry campaign. For Kerry's sake I hope he doesn't also let Kennedy be his driver.

More bad news for Kerry: California is now in play. Over 60 percent of the voters backed a Republican governor's plan to rescue the state from a fiscal disaster yesterday and turned thumbs down on the Democrat legislature's plan to lower the threshold by which they can raise taxes. California is now up for grabs.

What kind of America would John Kerry give us? An unabashed lover of the French, his policies would make us another France -- the one described by Jean-Francois Revel in his new book "Anti-Americanism": "It would be nice if the French would learn to see themselves as they really are: saddled with a government that is incapable of instilling respect for the law and knows how to say one thing only, 'tax and spend'; with an intelligentsia that is ever blinder to the world; and citizens who grow ever idler, convinced that they can earn more by doing less."

Mike Reagan, the eldest son of President Ronald Reagan, is heard on more than 200 talk radio stations nationally as part of the Radio America Network. Comments to mereagan@hotmail.comfor Mike.

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