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Remembering Two Mothers

Remembering Two Mothers

Today is the 30th anniversary of the Supreme Court's Roe V. Wade decision, an occasion which many Americans recall in different ways. For me, I have good reasons to honor my mothers today -- both of them.

I honor my birth mother, Irene Flaugher for giving birth to me, and I honor Jane Wyman for adopting me.

Irene had fallen in love with a married man back in 1944 when he was in the service in Arizona and she came to visit him. Shortly after, he was sent overseas. Before he left he gave my mother $400 and told her to go to California where she gave birth to me on March 18, 1945. Before that she had found a young couple who were looking to adopt a baby, Ronald Reagan and Jane Wyman, because their daughter Maureen wanted to have a brother.

Irene Flaugher could have had me aborted. It would have been more convenient, but she made the choice to give birth to me and see that I would be adopted and have a good home. After all, aborting me was in line with the mentality of the times. She was her mother's tenth child and back then her mother Ducie, would have been appalled had she known that one of her daughters got pregnant. Irene never was able to tell her she had a grandson -- that I even existed.

Every year about this time, when we talk about the abortion issue, I wonder how many parents are still acting the way my birth mother's parents were acting in that time back in the 40s when parents would kick their daughters out of the house and tell them never to come home because they had brought shame upon their family by getting pregnant out of wedlock.

I wonder how many daughters today fear being chased out of the home by their pro-life parents, and are having abortions because they are afraid to tell their parents they are pregnant. I know it happens all the time -- I hear about it constantly from my listeners.

I think about this every year about this time -- that while we profess to be Christians and pro-life, and that God sent his son to forgive us for our sins yet we, God's children, are so often unwilling to forgive our own children for their sins.

As parents we can't tell our daughters that if they ever get pregnant they can't come home. We have to open up communications with them so that if they do get in trouble they'll come home and share with us so that maybe their child will be as lucky as Irene's child was -- to be able to be put up for adoption and, taken in by a family who is going to love that child and raise that child as I was raised.

I look at 40 million abortions since Roe v. Wade and I'm appalled. I could have been an aborted child. Irene had the intestinal fortitude to say no, I'm going to put my child up for adoption.

Irene gave me a chance at life. Without her, you're not reading this column. Without her, I don't do talk radio. Without her Jane Wyman doesn't have a son. Without her, Ronald Reagan wouldn't have me as his son. And Maureen wouldn't have had that brother she wanted.

Rest in peace, Mom.

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